February 3, 2021
"Vladimir the Poisoner;" Military Coup in Myanmar; U.S.-China: Confrontation or Cooperation?; Power and Pandemic in East Asia; Europe's Many Battle Fronts; Iran Nuclear Deal or No Deal; Combatting the Climate Crisis
Quote of the Week
“The main thing in this whole trial isn’t what happens to me. Locking me up isn’t difficult. What matters most is why this is happening. This is happening to intimidate large numbers of people. They’re imprisoning one person to frighten millions.” 

-- Opposition figure Alexey Navalny condemning Russia's political and legal system in a court hearing Tuesday.
"Vladimir the Poisoner"
"Navalny vs Putin: What Next?" Peter Dickinson -- Atlantic Council, January 28, 2021

Russia Dismisses International Criticism of Navalny Verdict” Colm Quinn -- Foreign Policy, February 3, 2021  

Might Versus Right: Putin’s Bunker and the Protests Outside” Andrei Kolesnikov -- Carnegie Moscow Center, February 2, 2021  

"Russians Protest Navalny’s Arrest" CFR The President's Inbox Podcast, February 2, 2021

Belarus Protests Echo in Russia: Will Putin Repeat Lukashenka’s Mistake?” Vladislav Davidzon -- Atlantic Council, February 1, 2021
Military Coup in Myanmar
Myanmar’s Coup Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone” Salil Tripathi -- Foreign Policy, February 1, 2021 

"Myanmar’s Military Reverts to Its Old Strong-Arm Behaviour — and the Country Takes a Major Step Backwards" Adam Simpson; Nicholas Farrelly -- The Conversation, February 1, 2021

Myanmar’s Military Seizes Power” Gregory Poling; Simon Tran Hudes -- Center for Strategic and International Studies, February 1, 2021  

Myanmar Coup: Aung San Suu Kyi Charged With Breaching Import-Export Laws” Tan Hui Yee -- The Straits Times, February 3, 2021 

Myanmar Coup Tests Biden's Efforts to Counter China in Asia” Bloomberg, AFP-JIJI, February 1, 2021 
U.S.-China: Confrontation or Cooperation?
To Counter China’s Rise, the U.S. Should Focus on Xi” Anonymous -- Politico, January 28, 2021

New Biden Era of Confrontation in the South China Sea” Richard Haydarian -- Asia Times, January 29, 2021

Power and the Pandemic in East Asia
Will East Asia Win the Pandemic?” Lee Jong-Wha – Project Syndicate, February 3, 2021  

"WHO Team Heads to China Bat Lab at the Center of Coronavirus Conspiracies" James Griffiths; Sandi Sidhu -- CNN, February 3, 2021

"Japan Plans to Extend Its State of Emergency as Covid-19 Cases Rise and Olympics Loom" Julia Hollingsworth; Junko Ogura -- CNN, February 2, 2021

South Korea Wants Pandemic Winners to Share Profits With Hard-Hit Firms” Sam Kim -- The Japan Times, February 3, 2021  
Europe's Many Battle Fronts
How Europe Fell Behind on Vaccines” Jillian Deutsch; Sarah Wheaton -- Politico, January 27, 2021 

EU and UK Fighting Over Scarce Vaccines” Benjamin Mueller; Matina Stevis-Gridneff -- New York Times, January 29, 2021  

In Its Fight With AstraZeneca, the EU Slips Off Its Mask” Con Coughlin -- The National, January 31, 2021 

The Empires Strike Back at Europe” Joschka Fischer -- Project Syndicate, February 1, 2021   

Turkey, Europe, and the Eastern Mediterranean: Charting a Way Out of the Current Deadlock” Galip Dalay – Brookings Institution, January 28, 2021 
Iran Nuclear Deal or No Deal
Biden is Running Out of Time to Save the Iran Nuclear Deal” Fred Kaplan -- Slate, January 29, 2021

Iran’s Demographics and the Quest for Nuclear Weapons” Michael Rubin -- 1945, January 29, 2021 

Netanyahu’s New Campaign Against the Iran Deal is a Risky Gambit” Daniel Kurtzer; Aaron Miller; Steven Simon -- Responsible Statecraft, January 28, 2021  
Combatting the Climate Crisis
"Biden: ‘We Can’t Wait Any Longer’ to Address Climate Crisis"  Matthew Daly; Ellen Knickmeyer -- January 28, 2021

"Envisioning a Green New Deal: A Global Comparison" Andrew Chatzky; Anshu Siripurapu -- Council on Foreign Relations, February 1, 2021