February 6, 2019
Weekly World News Update
U.S. Downgraded; INF and Troops Withdrawals; Trump and Kim Meet Again; Power Struggle in Venezuela; Elections in El Salvador; Brexit Uncertainty; Pope Francis Makes Big Statements; U.S. Shutdown Global Effects
Quote of the Week
Challenges to democracy in the United States have outsized effects beyond American borders. Other nations watch what is happening in the United States and take cues from its leaders’ behavior. The ongoing deterioration of American democracy will accelerate the decline of democracy around the world.
-- Freedom House President Michael Abramowitz, speaking on Monday in regards to the latest annual edition of Freedom in the World 2019.
Freedom House Downgrades U.S.
" Democracy in Retreat: Freedom in the World 2019" Freedom House, February 4, 2019
Trump Pulls Out of INF
U.S. Troop Withdrawals Debate
" Trump Is Stumbling His Way to a Vainglorious Middle East Retreat" David Ignatius -- RealClearPolitics, February 6, 2019

" ‘Tired’ Taliban Fights on as U.S. Is Desperate to Leave Afghanistan" Bill Roggio -- Long War Journal, February 4, 2019

" Senate Rebukes Trump Over Troop Withdrawals From Syria and Afghanistan" Catie Edmondson -- New York Times, January 31, 2019
Trump-Kim Showdown Part II 
Vietnam, and the Reasons It Might Host Second Trump-Kim Summit” Josh Doyle -- Al Jazeera, February 5, 2019

Is Kim Jong un Really Ready to Make a Deal?” Eric Talmadge -- The Associated Press, February 6, 2019
Japan's Stakes in Trump-Kim Talks” Mercy Kuo -- The Japan Times, February 5, 2019
Are Sanctions Against North Korea Working? The Trump-Kim Summit May Depend on It” Victoria Kim -- Los Angeles Times, February 3, 2019
Venezuela’s Power Struggle 
Venezuela and Great Power Competitio n” Frederick Kempe -- Atlantic Council, February 2, 2019
Recognizing Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s Leader Isn’t a Coup. It’s an Embrace of Democracy” Irwin Cotler and Brandon Silver -- Foreign Policy, February 6, 2019
Hope Rises in Venezuela’s Hunger-Driven Political Crisis” Magnus Boding Hansen -- IRIN, February 4, 2019
Mexico’s New Neutrality in the Venezuela Crisis” Falko Ernst -- International Crisis Group, February 1, 2019
Will El Salvador’s New President Help? 
Can El Salvador’s New President Fix What’s Driving Citizens Out?” Anna-Catherine Brigida -- Foreign Policy, February 4, 2019

Brexit Uncertainty
What Would a No-Deal Brexit Look Like?” Andrew Chatzky -- Council on Foreign Relations, January 31, 2019

UK Access to Future European Defence-Research Funds: Another Brexit Uncertainty?” Lucie Béraud-Sudreau -- International Institute for Strategic Studies, January 31, 2019

Brexit News: UK Economy at Risk of Going Into Reverse After Leaving European Union, Analysts Warn” Jonathan Prynn and Nicholas Cecil -- Evening Standard, February 5, 2019
Pope Francis Makes Waves

" Pope Francis Confirms Catholic Clergy Members Abused Nuns" Max Rosenthal and Michelle Boorstein -- Washington Post, February 5, 2019

U.S. Shutdown Hurt More Than Just Americans 
What Effect Did the U.S. Shutdown Have on Foreign Aid?” Samuel Oakford -- IRIN, January 31, 2019

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