January 15, 2020
Iran Update; Is U.S. Foreign Policy Faltering?; Europe Watch; China Check-In; Taiwan Votes and the World Watches; African Snapshot; and the Environment Is Heating Up
" This is something that happens when you have conflict and war. Innocents bear the brunt of it and it is a reminder why all of us need to work so hard on deescalation."
-- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in a televised interview regarding the Ukrainian plane shot down by missiles over Iran, which resulted in the death of Canadians and other nationals.
Iran Update

Iran’s President Calls for Special Court on Downed Plane” Mujib Mashal -- New York Times, January 14, 2020

A Guide to Getting Real on Iran” Aaron Stein -- War on the Rocks, January 10, 2020

Obama Should Never Have Appeased Iran” Mario Loyola -- The Atlantic, January 12, 2020
Is U.S. Foreign Policy Faltering?
Neither Neocon Nor Isolationist” Rich Lowry -- National Review, January 10, 2020

Trump’s Napoleon Moment” Robert Zaretsky -- Foreign Affairs, January 9, 2020

Why Is the United States So Bad at Foreign Policy?” Stephen Walt -- Foreign Policy, January 13, 2020

Europe Watch
Iran Nuclear Deal: European Powers Trigger Dispute Mechanism” Jonathan Marcus -- BBC, January 14, 2020

Europe’s Dangerous Irrelevance in Washington and the Middle East” Judy Dempsey -- Carnegie Europe, January 7, 2020

Brexit Could Spell the End of Globalization, and the Global Prosperity That Came With It” William Hauk -- The Conversation, January 13, 2020
China Check-In
Trading Places: Europe and China in 2020” Andrew Small -- European Council on Foreign Relations, January 13, 2020

The Importance of Being China” Richard Javad Heydarian -- The National Interest, January 12, 2020

A Delicate Truce in the U.S.-Chinese Trade War” Weijian Shan -- Foreign Affairs, January 13, 2020

Taiwan Votes and the World Watches
The End of Xi Jinping’s Taiwan Dream” Ishaan Tharoor -- The Washington Post, January 14, 2020

A Stunner in Taiwan” Gary Schmitt -- The American Interest, January 13, 2020

For Taiwan’s Voters, Election Is About More Than Beijing and Washington” Lawrence Chung and Sarah Zheng -- South China Morning Post, January 10, 2020

Voters Have Chance to Shape Future” Mike Chang -- Taipei Times, January 8, 2020
African Snapshot
What to Watch in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020” Judd Devermont; Marielle Harries; William Bellamy; Emilia Columbo; Mvemba Phezo Dizolele; Richard Downie; Jon Temin -- Center for Strategic & International Studies, January 10, 2020

Could Fragile Cease-Fire Lead to Peace in Libya?” Metin Gurcan -- Al-Monitor, January 13, 2020

In Liberia, Weah Faces Growing Protests Over a Sinking Economy” Andrew Green -- World Politics Review, January 10, 2020

Cameroon Grants ‘Special Status’ to Restive Regions. They Don’t Feel Special” R. Maxwell Bone and Akem Kelvin Nkwain -- African Arguments, January 13, 2020

South Africa’s Leaders Are Facing Impending Disaster” Stephen Rakowski -- The National, January 13, 2020
The Environment Is Heating Up

Phivolcs Explains Science Behind Taal Volcano Eruption” Alexandria San Juan -- Manila Bulletin, January 15, 2020

2019 Was a Record Year for Ocean Temperatures, Data Show” Kendra Pierre-Louis -- New York Times, January 13, 2020

Don’t Let Australia’s Crisis Go to Waste” Daniel Moss -- Bloomberg, January 9, 2020