January 26, 2022
Weekly World News Update
U.S. Grapples With Putin's Ukraine Threats; Biden's First Year; Assessing Taliban Talks in Oslo; Division in Honduras Ahead of Inauguration; Burkina Faso Latest In Wave of Coups; UAE, U.S. Intercept More Houthi Missiles; Pakistan's First Female Supreme Court Judge
U.S., Europe Grapple With Putin's Ukraine Threats

"The Day After Russia Attacks: What War in Ukraine Would Look Like and How America Should Respond" Alexander Vindman and Dominic Cruz Bustillos -- Foreign Affairs, January 21, 2022

"Putin Has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It" Fiona Hill -- New York Times, January 24, 2022

"The West Fell Into Putin's Trap" Caroline de Gruyter -- Foreign Policy, January 24, 2022

"How the Central Asian States Can Protect Themselves From Russia" Andrew D'Anieri -- The Diplomat, January 24, 2022

"How Will Europe Cope If Russia Shuts Off Its Gas?" The Economist, January 24, 2022

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Biden's First Year
"Biden's First Year: A Tale of Two Presidencies" Jonathan Lemire -- Politico, January 19, 2022

"Is Biden's Foreign Policy Grade A Material?" Foreign Policy, January 20, 2022

"Americans Assess President Biden's First Year in Office" Sam Cabral -- BBC News, January 21, 2022

"An Overview of Biden's First Regulatory Year" Bridget Dooling -- Brookings Institution, January 20, 2022

Assessing Talks With Taliban in Oslo
"Afghanistan: How the Taliban Stand to Benefit From Norway Talks" Shamil Shams and Masood Saifullah -- Deutsche Welle, January 25, 2022

"Threatened and Beaten, Afghan Women Defy Taliban With Protests" David Zucchino and Yaqoob Akbary -- New York Times, January 24, 2022

"Norway Defends Hosting Talks with Afghan Taliban" Ayaz Gul -- Voice of America, January 25, 2022
Division in Honduras Ahead of Inauguration
"New Honduran Leader Loses Grip on Congress, Sapping Hope for Change" Anatoly Kurmanaev -- New York Times, January 21, 2022

"Honduras Congress Splits, Threatens New President's Plans" Marlon González -- ABC News, January 23, 2022

Burkina Faso Latest in Wave of Coups
"Burkina Faso's Military Seizes Power in a Coup, Detains President, and Dissolves Government" Sam Mednick, Stephanie Busari, and Niamh Kennedy -- CNN, January 24, 2022

"Burkina Faso Coup: Why Soldiers Have Overthrown President Kaboré" Beverly Ochieng -- BBC News, January 25, 2022

"With Burkina Faso's President Ousted, West Africa Faces 'Coup Bloc'" Danielle Paquette -- Washington Post, January 25, 2022

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UAE, U.S. Intercept More Houthi Missiles
Pakistan's First Female Supreme Court Judge
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