January 8, 2020
A Global Turning Point; U.S.-Iran Escalation; Iran-Ukraine Tragedy in the Air; Australia Burning; Asia Monitor; Al-Shabab Attack; Spain Elects; and Looking Ahead in 2020
" We aim to get rid of America from the region."
-- Brigadier-General Esmail Ghaani vowed at the Tues. funeral of his predecessor Qassem Soleimani.
A Global Turning Point
" Impacts of the U.S. Killing of Qassem Soleimani" Matthew Bunn; Morgan Kaplan; Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall; Gen. Joseph Votel; Tarek Masoud; Gen. Vincent Brooks; Gary Samore; Martin Malin; William Tobey; Amb. Wendy Sherman; Amb. Paula Dobriansky; Rami Khouri -- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School, January 3, 2020

An Extraordinarily Dangerous Moment” Ben Rhodes -- The Atlantic, January 5, 2020

'Imminent Threat’? Trump Killed Soleimani Because Iran Is Weak” Farideh Farhi -- Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, January 6, 2020

How the Soleimani Assassination Could Pave the Way for a New Deal With Iran” Robert Satloff -- The Washington Post, January 3, 2020

Soleimani Is No Anti-Imperialist Hero” Malak Chabkoun -- Al Jazeera, January 5, 2020

Stampede at Soleimani’s Funeral Kills Dozens” Katherine Ahn and Afshar Sigarchi -- Voice of America, January 7, 2020
U.S.-Iran Escalation

Trump’s Iran Policy Is Brain-Dead” Stephen Walt -- Foreign Policy, January 3, 2020

Why a U.S.-Iran War Isn’t Going to Happen” James Holmes -- The National Interest, January 4, 2020 

Conflict With Iran Could Be Inevitable After Killing of General” Maximilian Popp -- Der Spiegel, January 3, 2020

U.S. Won’t Grant Iran Foreign Minister Visa for UN Visit” Matthew Lee -- Associated Press, January 8, 2020
Iran-Ukraine Tragedy in the Air
Iran Plane Crash: Ukraine Refuses to Rule Out Boeing 737 Was Shot Down By Missile Near Tehran Killing 176” Gareth Davies and Josh White -- The Telegraph, January 8, 2020
Australia Burning
What Australia Could Look Like in 2050” Owen Cameron -- The Sydney Morning Herald, January 7, 2020

How Long Will Australia Be Livable?” Bianca Nogrady -- The Atlantic, January 7, 2020

'Armageddon Is Here’: Australian Readers Share Their Wildfire Experiences” Isabella Kwai and Tiffany May -- New York Times, January 8, 2020

Asia Monitor
Chinese State Media Seizes on U.S. Killing of Iranian Commander to Paint Beijing as a Force for Stability” Simone McCarthy -- South China Morning Post, January 7, 2020
The Half-Century Miracle of Asian Resurgence” Ramesh Thakur -- The Japan Times, January 5, 2020

Is India Still a Democracy?” Kapil Komireddi -- New Statesman America, January 6, 2020
Al-Shabab Attack
Mogadishu Bombing Took the Lives of the ‘Best and the Brightest'” Abdi Latif Dahir -- New York Times, January 6, 2020

Spain Elects
Spain Gets a New PM, But What Can He Push Through Parliament?” José Manuel Romero -- El Pais, January 7, 2020
Spain’s New Culture War” José Ignacio Torreblanca -- European Council on Foreign Relations, January 7, 2020
Looking Ahead in 2020
Top Ten Foreign Policy Trends in 2020” Mark Leonard and Jeremy Shapiro -- European Council on Foreign Relations, January 3, 2020

What to Worry About: Six Top Risks to Watch for in 2020” Robert Manning -- The Hill, January 1, 2020

Can Latin America Avoid Another Lost Decade” José Antonio Ocampo -- Project Syndicate, January 3, 2020