January 9, 2019
Weekly World News Update
Trump Border Speech; U.S.-China Trade Talks; Kim Travels to China; The Race to Space; Pompeo Reassures in the Middle East; Latin American Politics; World Bank Resignation; EU Diplomatic Shift and the Euro 20 Years On
Quotes of the Week
All human beings long for a better and more prosperous life, and the challenge of migration cannot be met with a mindset of violence and indifference, nor by offering merely partial solutions.
-- Pope Francis, in an hour-long speech to diplomats at the Holy See on Monday.

It is obvious there is no security crisis at our southern border justifying a wall or the government shutdown. There is, however, a looming near-term crisis resulting from the shutdown—and a more distant crisis stemming from the failure to enact a comprehensive immigration policy.
-- CFR President Richard Haass in a tweet on Monday.
Whipping Up the Border Crisis
The Crisis at the Border” Editorial Board -- National Review, January 8, 2019

" Which Side of the Wall of Decency Are You On?" Richard Cohen -- Real Clear Politics, January 8, 2019
U.S.-China Trade Talks Resume
Let the U.S. and China Trade Punches, Then Let the Dust Settle” Christine Loh -- South China Morning Post, January 9, 2019

Seven Issues to Decide Success of U.S.-China Trade Talks Miao Han; Yuan Gao; Shuping Niu -- Bloomberg, January 6, 2019

" Why Haven't U.S. Exports of Manufactures Kept Pace With China's Growth?" Brad Setser -- Council on Foreign Relations, January 8, 2019

“ U.S.-China Trade Talks End. Now High-Level Talks Can Begin .” Keith Bradsher -- New York Times, January 9, 2019
Kim Jong Un’s China Trip
Kim Jong Un's China Visit Shows Trump He's 'Not the Only Game in Town '” Alexander Smith -- NBC News, January 9, 2019

" In Visiting China, Kim Jong Un Makes Good on New Year’s Speech" Jung Pak -- Lawfare Blog, January 9, 2019

" Stakes Grow for Possible Trump-Kim Summit" Kelsey Davenport -- Arms Control Association, January/February Issue

Kim Jong Un Leaves Beijing After Brief Visit” Voice of America, January 9, 2019
The New Space Race
Fly Me to the Moon” James Lewis -- CSIS, January 3, 2019

" Will China’s Moon Landing Launch a New Space Race?" Wendy Cobb -- The Conversation, January 4, 2019

Astronaut: What China's Moon Landing Means for U.S. ” Leroy Chiao -- CNN, January 8, 2019

" Why China Is the Country to Watch in Space" Nicole Mortillaro -- CBC News, January 8, 2019
Pompeo’s Placation Tour

Er d o g a n' s Tu r k e y I s N o Amer i c an All y ” Michael Rubin -- National Interest, January 8, 2019

" History Proves Syria's Strategic Importance Should Not Be Underestimated" Michael Young -- The National, January 9, 2019

Latin American Leadership
" The Radical Agenda of Brazil’s New President" The Economist, January 3, 2019

" Bolsonaro vs. Maduro: The Next Clash in Latin America?" Jorge Castañeda -- New York Times, January 8, 2019
World Bank's Kim Resigns
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim Is Resigning ” Natasha Frost -- Quartz, January 7, 2019

U.S. Snubs EU Mission
The Euro 20 Years On
An Unhappy 20th Birthday for the Eur o ” Desmond Lachman -- American Enterprise Institute, January 4, 2019

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