July 13, 2022
Weekly World News Update
The Atlantic's Digital Archives; Breaking: Sri Lanka; Biden Heads to the Middle East; Japan's PM Assassination; Jan. 6 Hearings; Russia's War of Terror in Ukraine; Putin Closing Pipeline; Leaked Uber Files
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Breaking: Sri Lanka in Turmoil; President Rajapaksa Flees to Maldives
Sri Lanka in Crisis After President Flees” Rob Picheta, Aditi Sangal and Adrienne Vogt, CNN – July 13, 2022

What’s Happening in Sri Lanka and What Comes Next” Associated Press – July 13, 2022

Sri Lanka PM Tells Military to Do Whatever Necessary to Restore Order” Alys Davies, BBC News – July 13, 2022

Maldives Government Faces Backlash for Accepting Sri Lankan President” Ahmed Naish, Al Jazeera – July 13, 2022

Photo Reuters
Biden Heads to the Middle East
Why I’m Going to Saudi Arabia” Joe Biden, The Washington Post – July 9, 2022

The United States Doesn’t Need to Recommit to the Middle East” Jon Hoffman, Foreign Policy – July 11, 2022

Biden Visits Saudi Arabia This Week. What to Expect From Oil Negotiations.” Sabrina Escobar, Barron’s – July 11, 2022

Meanwhile, at Home... Fallout From January 6 Hearings
Japan After PM Shinzo Abe Assassination
Will Abe’s Legacy Be Constitutional Revision?” Sheila A. Smith, Council on Foreign Relations – July 11, 2022

How Shinzo Abe Changed Japan” Tobias Harris, Center for American Progress – July 11, 2022

Assassination of Kingmaker Abe Will Consolidate Prime Minister Kishida’s Power” Kosuke Takahashi, The Diplomat – July 12, 2022

Kishida Vows to ‘Build on Abe’s Accomplishments’ After Election Win” Kentaro Iwamoto, Nikkei Asia – July 11, 2022

Photo AP
Russia's War of Terror Grinds On, Killing the Innocent
Russia’s War Against Ukraine Has Turned Into Terrorism” Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic – July 13, 2022

Russia Steps Up Missile Attacks, Killing Dozens Across Ukraine” Asami Terajima, Kyiv Indpendent – July 11, 2022

The Ukraine War is About to Enter a Dangerous New Phase” Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times – July 12, 2022

Russia ‘Doesn’t Have the Courage’ to Admit Defeat, Says Zelenskiy” Samantha Lock, The Guardian – July 12, 2022
Russia Set to Close Europe Gas Pipeline

Fearing Russian Gas Cutoff, Germans Prepare for Cold Winter” Sabine Kinkartz, Deutsche Welle – July 10, 2022

Scandalous Uber Files Leaked
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