July 14, 2021
G20 Tax Revolution; Angela Merkel Meets with Biden; Patria y Vida: The Cuban Protests; South African Protests; Elections Around the World; and EU Involvement in Mozambique
Quote of the Week
"There is no turning back. We are putting an end to the race to the bottom and the digital giants will now pay their fair share of taxes. It's a once-in-a-century tax revolution."

-- French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said in encouragement of the G20 agreement on the global minimum tax.
G20 Tax Revolution

G20 Backs Carbon Pricing, ‘Raising Stakes’ Among Emerging Economies” Chloe Farand -- Climate Change News, July 12, 2021 

G20 Hails Cooperation, But Eased U.S.-China Tensions Not in Sight” Miya Tanaka -- The Japan Times, July 11, 2021 
Angela Merkel Meets with Biden
Harris to Host Merkel Before Chancellor's Talks with Biden” Alexandra Jaffe -- Associated Press, July 14, 2021 

From Bush to Biden: Angela Merkel’s American Presidents” Emily Schultheis -- Politico EU, July 14, 2021 

Legacy and Policy Mix as Merkel Takes a Bow in Washington” Melissa Eddy -- The New York Times, July 14, 2021 
Patria y Vida: The Cuban Protests
"Cubans, Broken by Pandemic and Fueled by Social Media, Confront Their Police State" Anthony Faiola -- The Washington Post, July 12, 2021 

"The Hip-Hop Song That's Driving Cuba's Unprecedented Protests" Bill Chappell -- NPR, July 13, 2021 

'Freedom!’ Thousands of Cubans take to the Streets to Demand the End of Dictatorship” Adriana Brasileiro; Nora Gámez Torrez -- Miami Herald, July 11, 2021 

"'The White House is Finally Paying Attention’: Cuba’s Protests Force Biden’s Hand" Sabrina Rodriguez; Nahal Toosi -- Politico, July 12, 2021 

"Cuba Doesn’t Know How to Handle the New Protests" James Bloodworth -- Foreign Policy, July 13, 2021
South African Protests
"Worst Violence in Years Spreads in South Africa as Grievances Boil Over" Alexander Winning; Wendell Roelf -- Reuters, July 13, 2021 

"South African Military Is Called in to Quell Violence" John Eligon -- The New York Times, July 12, 2021

"Stores Close Across South Africa as Violent Riots Intensify" Roxanne Henderson; Prinesha Naidoo -- Bloomberg, July 12, 2021 

Elections Around the World
"Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed Gets His Pyrrhic Victory" James Jeffrey -- Al Jazeera, July 11, 2021

Anti-Elite Party Earns Tight Win in Bulgarian Elections” Veselin Toshkov -- Associated Press, July 12, 2021 

"Moldova Election: Pro-EU Party Headed to Victory" Deutsche Welle, July 12, 2021 
EU Involvement in Mozambique
EU to Train Mozambique Army Against IS-Linked Jihadists” Tancrede Chambraud -- Africanews, July 13, 2021 

The South African Development Community and the Mozambique Insurgency” Gurjit Singh -- Observer Research Foundation, July 13, 2021