July 20, 2022
Weekly World News Update
Biden to Announce on Climate; European Heatwave; Putin Heads to Iran; Report Card on Biden's Middle East Trip; Sri Lanka Gets New President; Ghana's Marburg Outbreak
Biden to Announce on Climate After Manchin Dooms Effort in Congress

Photo CNN
Heat Waves and Wildfires Roil Europe
Paul Kirby, BBC July 20, 2022

July 19, 2022

"Record Heat Wave Deepens Europe's Energy Crisis" Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post – July 19, 2022

"Is it Too Late to Stop Extreme Heatwaves?" The Inside Story Podcast – July 18, 2022

Photo Getty
Putin Heads to Iran; Talks Include Turkey's Erodogan
"Jerusalem Warily Eyes Putin's Tehran Visit- Analysis" Lahav Harkov, The Jerusalem Post – July 19, 2020

Photo AP
Report Card on Biden's Middle East Trip
"Biden Was Guided By Interests, Not Values in the Middle East” Alexander Ward and Quint Forgey, Politico – July 18, 2022

“Don’t Be Fooled: Biden’s Trip Was No Boon to the Arab People” Rami G. Khouri, Responsible Statecraft – July 19, 2022

“Biden’s Hollow Middle East Trip” Scott Ritter, Energy Intelligence – July 18, 2022

Photo CNN
Sri Lanka Gets New President; Crisis Unabated

Akhil Bery, Council on Foreign Relations – July 20, 2022

“Behind the Crisis in Sri Lanka” Neil Devotta U.S. News – July 20, 2022

Ghana Faces Outbreak of Deadly Marburg Virus
Ghana Declares First-Ever Outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease World Health Organization – July 18, 2022

What is the Marburg Virus and How Can It Be Avoided? BBC News – July 19, 2022

Why Marburg Virus Is an Increasing Threat in Africa Jason Gale, Bloomberg – July 19, 2022

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