July 21, 2021
Europe's Floods Signal Worsening Climate Trends; Digital Dangers: International Spyware and Hacks; U.S. Blames China for Microsoft Hack; Afghanistan's Future: China and Russia; Cuban and South African Protests; Peru's New President
Quote of the Week
"Democratic institutions have to be nurtured. If these institutions are under permanent attack and put into question, democracy will not work.” 

-- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday while accepting her Doctor of Humane Letters from Johns Hopkins University.
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Europe's Floods Signal Worsening Climate Trends

Angela Merkel Calls for Climate Change Action as She Surveys Deadly German Flood Damage” Claudio Lavanga; Isobel van Hagen -- NBC, July 18, 2021  

"Flood Disaster Could Become a Major Issue in German Election" Anna Clauß; Lukas Eberle; Christoph Hickmann; Martin Knobbe; Timo Lehmann; Julia Merlot; Gabriel Rinaldi; Jonas Schaible -- Der Spiegel, July 16, 2021 

Note: Visit Oxfam International and NOAA. for background on natural disasters and extreme events
Digital Dangers: International Spyware and Hacks
Private Israeli Spyware Used to Hack Cellphones of Journalists, Activists Worldwide” Dana Priest; Craig Timberg; Souad Mekhennet -- The Washington Post, July 18, 2021 

Edward Snowden Calls for Spyware Trade Ban Amid Pegasus Revelations” David Pegg; Paul Lewis -- The Guardian, July 19, 2021 

U.S. Charges 4 Chinese Nationals in Hacking Campaign Masood Farivar -- Voice of America, July 19, 2021 
Afghanistan’s Future: China and Russia 
China Criticized the Afghan War. Now It Worries About the Withdrawal” Steven Lee Myers -- The New York Times, July 17, 2021 

What Is China’s Relationship With Afghanistan, and How Will It Change Once the U.S. Is Gone?” Kinling Lo -- South China Morning Post, July 18, 2021 

China and Russia Vow Aid to Afghanistan as Extremist Threat Rises” Yohei Shikawa; Tsukasa Hadano -- Nikkei Asia, July 17, 2021 

Russia-China Advance Asian Roadmap for Afghanistan” Pepe Escobar -- Asia Times, July 15, 2021 

Russia Talks Up ‘Positive’ Role for Taliban, Sees Path to Power” Henry Meyer -- Bloomberg, July 20, 2021 

"Letting Go With a Win and Moving on from Afghanistan" Michael Miklaucic -- The Hill, July 20, 2021
Cuban and South African Protests
Cuba’s Uprising and the Social Change that Caught the Dictatorship by Surprise” Ian Vásquez -- The Cato Institute, July 16, 2021 

Biden Takes Steps to Review Cuba Policy After Protests” Rebecca Beitsch; Rafael Bernal -- The Hill, July 20, 2021 

South Africa Sees the Best of Times and the Worst of Times” John Campbell -- Council on Foreign Relations, July 15, 2021  

"South Africa’s Twin Crises Are Feeding Each Other" Patrick Egwu -- Foreign Policy, July 20, 2021
Peru's New President
"In Peru, a Rural Schoolteacher Rises from Obscurity to the Presidency" Anthony Faiola; Lucien Chauvin -- The Washington Post, July 20, 2021 

Peru’s Democracy Is at a Breaking Point” Gabriela Camacho -- Foreign Policy, July 15, 2021

"Leftist Castillo Faces Divided Nation as Next President of Peru" Maria Cervantes; Jim Wyss -- Bloomberg, July 19, 2021