July 7, 2021
Residential Schools in Canada; Haitian President Assassinated; G7 Minimum Corporate Tax Goes Global; A Century of the CCP; Brazilians Are Protesting; and Northern Ireland and Scotland
Quote of the Week
While we can't change the past, we must be resolute in confronting these truths in order to chart a new and better path forward. Together, we have a long way to go to make things right with Indigenous Peoples.” 

-- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in his Canada Day message regarding the horrific findings at the site of former residential schools. 
Residential Schools in Canada
Haitian President Assassinated

"Live Updates: Haiti's President Assassinated" Lauren Said-Moorhouse; Nick Thompson; Sheena McKenzie; Hannah Strange -- CNN, July 7, 2021

G7 Minimum Corporate Tax Goes Global
"The Taxman Cometh" Nicholas Shaxson -- Foreign Affairs, July 7, 2021

Global Tax Deal Reached Despite Vocal Opposition” Bjarke Smith-Meyer; Mark Scott -- Politico, July 1, 2021  

"Why the Global Minimum Tax Deal Is a Win for Silicon Valley" Lydia You -- Barron's, July 3, 2021 

"Biden’s Global Minimum Tax: A Cartel to Raise Taxes and End Competition" Andreas Hellmann -- National Review, July 6, 2021 

A Century of the CCP
Brazilians Are Protesting

Bill Cutting Indigenous Land Rights Advances in Brazil’s Congress” Anthony Boadle -- The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer, June 30, 2021
Northern Ireland and Scotland
Boris Bridge: Northern Ireland-Scotland Link Like ‘Raising the Titanic’” Eimear McGove -- Belfast Telegraph, July 5, 2021 

How Scotland is Becoming Newly Polarised Over the Europe Question” Rory Scothorne -- New Statesman, July 2, 2021 

“Scotland’s Complicated Quest for Independence” Antonia Colibasan -- Geopolitical Futures, June 30, 2021 

“The Whole Thing’s Falling Apart.” Northern Ireland’s Unhappy Birthday” Tom Rowley -- The Economist, July 6, 2021