June 15, 2022
Weekly World News Update
Russian Forces Move on Severodonetsk; French Parliamentary Elections Challenge Macron's Majority; Sadr's MPs Resign in Iraq; Summit for Americas Concludes; Brazil's Elections Already on Washington's Radar; COVID Outbreak in Beijing; European Court Ground UK Flight; Biden's Saudi Arabia Trip
Russian Forces Move on Severodonetsk
"Why War Fails: Russia's Invasion of Ukraine and Limits of Military Power" Lawrence Freedman – Foreign Affairs, June 13, 2022

"Ukraine Battle Intensifies as Western Backers Mull New Military Aid" Missy Ryan and Emily Rauhala – Washington Post, June 14, 2022
"Zelenskyy Says the Battle for Severodonetsk Is Taking a ‘Terrifying’ Toll on Ukraine" Samantha Lock, Richard Luscombe, Leonie Chao-Fong and Jamie Grierson – The Guardian, June 13, 2022

French Parliamentary Elections Challenge Macron's Majority

"France Votes in Parliament Elections with Fate of Macron’s Ideas at Stake" Angeliqie Chrisafis – The Guardian, June 12, 2022
"Macron’s Centrists Hold Tiny Edge Over Left After Vote" Tassilo Hummel – The Sydney Morning Herald, June 13, 2022

Sadr's MPs Resign in Iraq
"Efforts to Form a New Government in Iraq Descend Into Chaos" Jane Arraf – The New York Times, June 13, 2022

"Iraq Once Again Leaps Into the Void But Not Before Political Elites Secure Funding" Yesar Al-Maliki – Middle East Institute, June 14, 2022

"Iraq: Withdrawal of Sadr's MPs Confusing and Confounding, Says Opponents" Suadad al-Salhy – Middle East Eye, June 13, 2022
Summit for the Americas Concludes
"The Summit of the Americas: A Measure of U.S. Decline" William Neuman – The Atlantic, June 13, 2022

"A Region Divided: What Did the Summit of the Americas Accomplish?" Council on Foreign Relations, June 10, 2022

"3 Key Takeaways from Biden's Summit of the Americas" Kevin Liptak – CNN, June 10, 2022
Brazil's Elections Already on Washington's Radar
"Bolsonaro’s New Ally in Questioning Brazil’s Elections: The Military" Jack Nicas – The New York Times, June 12, 2022

"Brazil’s Election: A Looming Crisis for Washington" Nicholas Zimmerman and Roberto Simon – America’s Quarterly, June 13, 2022

COVID Outbreak in Beijing
European Court Grounds UK Flight
Biden's Saudi Arabia Trip
"The Keys to the Kingdom" Richard Haass – Project Syndicate, June 14, 2022
White House Confirms Biden Will Travel to Saudi Arabia” Tom Howell Jr. – Washington Times, June 14, 2022

"Biden Needs the Saudis. Do They Need Him?" Colm Quinn – Foreign Policy, June 15, 2022
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