June 17, 2020
Historic Clash on Chinese-Indian Border; Crises Ripple Through Asia; A Lonely State; Fighting for Change; and Struggle, Conflict, War
Quote of the Week
The sovereignty and integrity of India is supreme, and nobody can stop us in defending that. India wants peace, but if provoked India is capable of giving a befitting reply."

-- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a Wednesday morning televised speech addressing the border clash with China.
Historic Clash on Chinese-Indian Border
India and China Have Their First Deadly Clashes in 45 Years” The Economist, June 16, 2020 
Why Are India and China Fighting?” James Palmer and Ravi Agrawal -- Foreign Policy, June 16, 2020 
Can India and China Still Back Down?” Joshua Keating -- Slate, June 16, 2020 

Chinese Intrusion in Ladakh Has Created a Challenge That Must Be Met” Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury -- The Indian Express, June 17, 2020 
Crises Ripple Through Asia
China’s Indian Ocean Ambitions” Joshua White -- Brookings, June 2020 

The Shape of Asia’s New Cold War” Yoon Young-Kwan -- The Japan Times, June 15, 2020

In Xi Jinping’s Effort to Make China No. 1, He’s Forgotten the Basics” Peter Hartcher -- The Sydney Morning Herald, June 16, 2020 
Why Is North Korea Starting a Crisis Now?” Salvatore Babones -- The National Interest, June 16, 2020 
Why North Korea Just Blew Up Its De Facto Embassy With South Korea” Rick Noack -- The Washington Post, June 16, 2020 
A Lonely State
U.S. Leads a Coalition of One Against China” Ted Galen Carpenter -- The American Conservative, June 16, 2020 
How Coronavirus Is Poisoning U.S.-China Relations, One Accusation at a Time” Yanzhong Huang -- South China Morning Post, June 17, 2020 
The Trump Factor: Asian Allies Question America’s Reliability” Kathrin Hille; Edward White; Primrose Riordan; John Reed -- Financial Times, June 15, 2020 

Sino-U.S. Ties at a Crossroads” Maleeha Lodhi -- Dawn, June 15, 2020 
Transatlantic Blues as Pompeo Holds EU Talks” David Herszenhorn and Jacopo Barigazzi -- Politico, June 16, 2020 
The U.S. and Canada Have Little Differences, but Today, They Are Adding Up Fast” Sean Speer -- National Post, June 13, 2020 
Fighting for Change
'Because of Sex...’” David Leonhardt -- New York Times, June 16, 2020 

A New Civil Rights Movement Is a Foreign Policy Win” Chris Murphy -- Foreign Affairs, June 12, 2020 
The Protesters Are Upholding America’s Moral Authority Abroad” Peter Beinart -- The Atlantic, June 12, 2020 
She Raised the Pride Flag in Egypt. The Price Was Torture, Exile, and Her Life.” Miriam Berger -- The Washington Post, June 16, 2020 
Struggle, Conflict, War
Guyana’s Final Hurdle” Wazim Mowla -- Global Americans, June 11, 2020 

Why Libya Continues to Burn Nine Years After Gaddafi’s Ouster” Daniel Davis -- The National Interest, June 15, 2020 
Our Syria Policy Broken” Daniel DePetris -- RealClear World, June 16, 2020 
How COVID-19 Could Increase the Risk of War” David Kampf -- World Politics Review, June 16, 2020 
TOMORROW - The Hon. Robert Gates on the Exercise of Power

The Honorable Robert Gates, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, will discuss "Exercise of Power: American Failures, Successes, and a New Path Forward in the Post-Cold War World." Register here.
Vulnerability Amplified - A Special WAC Pride Month Event
Join the World Affairs Councils of America, WorldOregon, World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, and World Affairs Council of Seattle for a special Pride Month program on Tuesday, June 23, at 3:00 PM ET, spotlighting the groundbreaking work of OutRight Action International. OutRight recently released a pioneering report, “ Vulnerability Amplified: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on LGBTIQ People,” documenting the effects of the pandemic on LGBTIQ people.

While the COVID-19 pandemic leaves no country and no individual unaffected, drawing on almost 60 rapid research interviews conducted with LGBTIQ people in all regions of the world, the report overwhelmingly shows that the challenges faced by LGBTIQ people as a result of the virus and surrounding containment measures are specific and amplified compared to the broader population. Register here for the event to learn about OutRight’s research and response to COVID-19 and their 30-year history working for human rights for LGBTIQ people globally.

Featured speakers: 

  • Jessica Stern, Executive Director, OutRight Action International
  • Neish McLean, Caribbean Program Officer, OutRight Action International
  • Luiza Drummond Veado, United Nations Program Officer, OutRight Action International