June 3, 2020
Protest Power: We Can't Tolerate Intolerance; U.S. Global Leadership Wanes; Pandem(ic)onium; Hong Kong Fights On; Europe: In Other News...; and War & Peace in the Middle East

It’s not OK that in the middle of a pandemic we have to be out here risking our lives. But I have to protest for my life and fight for my life all the time.”
-- Atlanta protester Spence Ingram, in a quoted Friday after marching with other protesters to the Georgia state Capitol.

" We need to dominate the battle space.
-- Defense Secretary Mark Esper, on President Trump's call with governors to explain that about 70,000 National Guard troops had been activated in 29 states but most states using them had fewer than 200 of them deployed.

" America is not a battleground. Our fellow citizens are not the enemy.” 
-- General (ret.) Martin Dempsey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Barack Obama, in a Monday tweet.
Protest Power: We Can't Tolerate Intolerance
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U.S. Global Leadership Wanes
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Hong Kong Fights On
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Europe: In Other News...
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War & Peace in the Middle East
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