March 15, 2023

Weekly World News Update

Ukraine-Russia War; Saudi-Iran Relations; Honduras Seeks Ties With China; NATO Woes

Over the last many years, WACA has been proud to share a weekly publication of world news updates enjoyed by Council members and friends across the country, including by many Academic WorldQuest participants in preparation for the national competition. As we prepare for this year's national competition in late April, we wanted to be sure you knew that we'll be ending the publication of the Weekly World News Update with the March 29 edition. Recent editions of the Update will still be used for this year's competition, and we're excited to circle back in the months ahead with plans for Academic WorldQuest in 2024 and beyond.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out these and other news digest publications to stay informed about global affairs and a wide range of international issues and topics:

Ukraine-Russia War: Battle in Bakhmut

North of Bakhmut, Another Key Battle Tests Ukraine’s Defences” Mike Collett-White, Reuters – March 15, 2023

Russian Advance Stalls in Ukraine’s Bakhmut, Think Tank Says” Karl Ritter, Associated Press/ABC News – March 12, 2023

The Danger of Downplaying the Ukrainian Battlefield Toll” Branko Marcetic, Responsible Statecraft – March 15, 2023

Saudi-Iran Relations Renewed

Why Iran and Saudi Arabia Making Nice Is a Very Big Deal” Jonathan Guyer, Vox News – March 10, 2023

Saudi-Iran Reconciliation: Is Arab-Israeli Alliance Against Tehran Ending?” Ameer Makhoul, Middle East Eye – March 15, 2023

With Saudi-Iran Diplomacy, Is China Pushing the US Aside in the Middle East?” Simon Henderson, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy – March 13, 2023

Honduras Spurs Taiwan, Seeks Ties With China

Taiwan Is About to Lose Another Ally to China” Rachel Cheung, Vice News – March 15, 2023

Taiwan Ally Honduras Seeks Diplomatic Switch to China” Joel Guinto, BBC News – March 15, 2023

Honduras to Seek Official Ties With China, Deepening Taiwan’s Isolation” NBC News – March 14, 2023

Sweden's NATO Membership Delayed Further

Hungary to Delay Vote on NATO Membership for Sweden” Associated Press – March 14, 2023

Turkey’s Blockade ‘Makes NATO Weaker’” Alexandra von Nahmen, Deutsche Welle – March 10, 2023

Hungary Ruling Party Seeks New Delay in Nordic NATO Ratifications” Reuters – March 14, 2023

Weekly World News Update is a collection of sources to help readers better understand what is happening around the world and the policy implications of these developments. Any opinions expressed in the above articles are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the World Affairs Councils of America, which takes no institutional positions on matters of policy.