November 23, 2022
Weekly World News Update
World Cup Woes; Ukraine-Russia; COP27 Concludes; VP Harris Visits the Philippines; Malaysia Election Concerns; Bolsonaro Challenges Election Results
Quote of the Week
Opening of World Cup Shines a Spotlight on Issues in the Middle East
Gulf Rivalries and the Qatar World Cup” Simon Henderson, Washington Institute for Near East Policy – November 17, 2022

Why the World Cup Belongs in the Middle East” Abdullah Al-Arian, The New York Times – November 21, 2022 

The Qatar World Cup Exposes Soccer’s Shame” Tom McTague, The Atlantic – November 19, 2022

Everything Wrong With the Qatar World Cup” Miguel Delaney, Independent – November 22, 2022

‘Woman, Life, Freedom’: Iranian Fans Protest Against Regime at World Cup” Mohammed Rasool, Vice News – November 21, 2022
Photo: Guardian
Ukraine-Russia: Dark Winter of Uncertainty Ahead

Power Outages in Ukrainian Cities, Moldova After New Strikes” John Leicester & Sam Medniick, Associated Press – November 23, 2022

A Missile Falls on NATO Territory. What Next?” Alexander Baunov, Carnegie Politika – November 16, 2022

Should Ukraine Give Peace Talks a Chance?” Eric Levitz, Intelligencer – November 22, 2022

Photo: AP
COP27 Climate Summit Ends on a High Note
The Unexpected Breakthroughs of COP27” Olivia Lazard, Carnegie Europe – November 22, 2022

The Big Success and Bigger Failure of COP27” Atlantic Council – November 21, 2022

How Vulnerable Countries Finally Got a Fund For Climate Damage” Sara Schonhardt & Karl Mathiesen, Politico – November 21, 2022

Photo: Getty
Vice-President Kamala Harris Visits the Philippines

Explainer - Why U.S. Seeks Closer Security Cooperation With the Philippines” David Brunnstrom & Karen Lena, Reuters – November 20, 2022

Photo: AP
Post-Elections: What's Next for Malaysia?
Malaysia Election: Why Isn’t There a Government Yet?” Jonathan Head, BBC News – November 21, 2022

Malaysia’s Election: More Turmoil Ahead?” Joshua Kurlantzick, Council on Foreign Relations – November 21, 2022

Ahead of GE15, Will It Be Back to the Future for Malaysian Politics?” James Chin, The Diplomat – November 17, 2022
Photo: Getty
Bolsonaro Challenges Brazil's Elections
Brazil’s Post-Bolsonaro “Normality Dividend”” Brian Winter, America’s Quarterly – November 23, 2022

After Victory For Democracy, What Is Brazil’s Road Ahead?” Valerie Wirtschafter, Brookings – November 9, 2022

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Challenges Election Loss, Files Petition Demanding Votes Be Annulled” Julia Vargas Jones & Heather Chen, CNN – November 22, 2022
Photo: AFP
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