November 27, 2019
Weekly World News Update
Netanyahu Indicted; Struggles in MENA; NATO: Macron vs. Merkel; Hong Kong Votes; A Balancing Act in East Asia; Popular Unrest in Iran; A Changing World; and Is Russia Banned from the 2020 Olympics?
Quote of the Week
" I’ve given my life for this country, I fought for this country, was wounded for this country (...) I deeply respect the justice system in Israel. But you have to be blind not to see that something bad is happening to police investigators and the prosecution. We’re seeing an attempted coup by the police with false accusations."
-- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a Thursday, Nov. 21 televised speech following his indictment on the basis of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.
Netanyahu Indicted
" Netanyahu Unleashes Populist Fury Over Indictments as Party Members Back Away" Steve Hendrix and Ruth English -- The Washington Post, November 27, 2019

Israel’s Netanyahu Facing Fight of His Political Life” Barbara Usher -- BBC, November 22, 2019

Netanyahu Can Ask for Immunity from Prosecution - But It Won’t Come Easy” Lahav Harkov -- The Jerusalem Post, November 22, 2019
Leadership and Struggle in the MENA Region
" Egypt's President Stomps on the Press" Jonathan Guyer -- The American Prospect, November 26, 2019

" A Failure of Leadership in the Muslin World" James Durso -- RealClear World, November 25, 2019

" Algeria Faces the Unknown - Finally" Robert Zaretsky -- Foreign Affairs, November 26, 2019

" Germany's Quiet Leadership on the Libyan War" René Wildangel and Tarek Megerisi -- European Council on Foreign Relations, November 20, 2019
NATO: Macron vs. Merkel
Merkel and Macron Publicly Clash Over NATO” Steven Erlanger -- New York Times, November 23, 2019

NATO to Macron: We’ll Get Back to You” David Herszenhorn -- Politico, November 21, 2019

Germany Rouses from Defense Slumber After Macron Presses NATO Button” Derek Scally -- The Irish Times, November 22, 2019

" NATO Needs a German Voice Now" Judy Dempsey -- Carnegie Europe, November 26, 2019
Democracy Wins in Hong Kong
" Hong Kongers Break Beijing's Delusions of Victory" James Palmer -- Foreign Policy, November 25, 2019

China Issues Stern Response to Landslide Victory of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Forces” Yuliya Talmazan; Leou Chen; Jasmine Leung -- NBC News, November 25, 2019

Hong Kong Democrats Score Historic Victory Amid Ongoing Protests” Casey Quackenbush -- Al Jazeera, November 25, 2019

Hong Kong Elections: Pro-Democracy Camp Wins 17 Out of 18 Districts While City Leader Says She Will Reflect on the Result” Jeffie Lam; Sum Lok-Kei; Ng Kang-Chung -- South China Morning Post, November 25, 2019

" Hong Kong Unrest Prompts Expats to Pack Their Bags" Coco Liu -- Nikkei Asian Review, November 27, 2019
Japan-South Korea: A Balancing Act
Was Seoul’s Decision on GSOMIA Strategic?” Kuni Miyake -- The Japan Times, November 25, 2019 

FM Kang Says S. Korea, Japan Agree to Coordinate on Moon-Abe Summit Next Month” Yonhap -- The Korea Herald, November 24, 2019

Japan and South Korea: Headaches and Headlines” Duncan Bartlett -- The Diplomat, November 20, 2019

Fault Lines in the U.S.-ROK Alliance: Shared Defense but Diverging Values?” Olivia Schieber -- American Enterprise Institute, November 21, 2019
Popular Unrest in Iran
In Iran, ‘Rage Is Escalating’ as Economic Stress Reaches New Level” Erin Cunningham -- The Washington Post, November 22, 2019

Iran Net Outage First to Effectively Isolate a Whole Nation” Frank Bajak -- Associated Press, November 21, 2019

As Petrol Prices Soar, the Iranian Regime Is Feeling the Squeeze from Sanctions” Con Coughlin -- The National, November 21, 2019
A Changing World
Online Disinformation and Emerging Tech: Are Democracies at Risk?” Brad Allenby -- Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, November 21, 2019

Climate Change Reassessment Prompts Call for a ‘More Sober’ Discourse” Institute of Physics, November 21, 2019 

" What Happens When the Language of Democracy Is Hijacked?" Chris Zappone -- The Sydney Morning Herald, November 25, 2019

" The Revolution in Military Affairs" Jacek Bartosiak -- Geopolitical Futures, November 25, 2019

Putin’s New Gadget Ban: Another Warning Sign for Russia” Zak Doffman -- Forbes, November 22, 2019
2020 Olympics: Is Russia Banned from Tokyo?
" Possible New Doping Sanctions Loom for Russia" Charles Maynes -- Voice of America, November 27, 2019