October 13, 2021
Tensions Escalate Over Taiwan... and Beyond; The EU Versus the Polish Constitution; Skyrocketing Gas Prices; WHO Recommends Malaria Vaccine for Children; Global Methane Agreement; Evergrande's Third Round of Missed Payments
Tensions Escalate Over Taiwan... and Beyond
"China and Taiwan: Why the War of Words Is Unlikely to Lead to Military Conflict (For Now, At Least)" Owen Greene and Christoph Bluth -- The Conversation, October 12, 2021

"China's Military Holds Beach Landing Drills About 100 Miles From Taiwan" Wall Street Journal Video, October 13, 2021

"How Are People Feeling in the 'Most Dangerous Place on Earth'?" Shelley Rigger; Lev Nachman; Chit Wai John Mok; Nathan Kar Ming Chan -- Brookings, October 13, 2021

Photo and Story by Bloomberg
The EU Versus the Polish Constitution
"Explained: What Bombshell Polish Court Ruling Means for EU" Simon Van Dorpe -- Politico, October 8, 2021

"Polexit: Will Poland Follow the UK and Leave the European Union?" Martin Hannan -- The National, October 11, 2021

"Polish Court Rules EU Laws Incompatible With Its Constitution" Jon Henley -- Guardian, October 7, 2021

"'Polexit': Is Poland About to Quit the European Union?" Henry Ridgwell -- VOA, October 11, 2021

Photo by Associated Press
Skyrocketing Gas Prices
"Suddenly We Are in the Middle of a Global Energy Crisis. What Happened?" Lurion De Mello -- The Conversation, October 12, 2021

"Gas Prices Skyrocket as the Global Energy Crisis Worsens" Matt Egan -- CNN Business, October 12, 2021

"Moscow EU's Envoy Urges Europe to Fix Ties to Avoid Gas Shortages" Henry Foy and Sam Fleming -- Financial Times, October 10, 2021

WHO Recommends Malaria Vaccine for Children
Global Methane Agreement
"Methane Agreement: A Rare Bright Spot in the Climate Fight" Colm Quinn -- Foreign Policy, October 12, 2021

"More Countries Join Global Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions" Sara Schonhardt -- Scientific American, October 12, 2021

"Cutting Methane Emissions Most Impactful Way to Limit Climate Change" Kevin O'Sullivan -- The Irish Times, October 7, 2021

"Where the U.S. Stands Going Into COP26" Danielle Arostegui -- Environmental Defense Fund, October 12, 2021

Photo by Matthew Brown/AP and Story by New York Times
Evergrande's Third Round of Missed Payments
"Evergrande on Countdown to Default After More Missed Payments" Narayanan Soma Sundaram -- Nikkei Asia, October 12, 2021

"What Is China Evergrande, and Why Is Its Crisis Worrying Markets?" Erin Mendell -- Wall Street Journal, October 8, 2021

"Washington is Getting China Wrong" Michael Shuman -- The Atlantic, October 11, 2021