Weekly Newsletter Friday, July 31, 2020
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Worship Together
Join us on Sunday Morning at 10 am
It's Communion Sunday!
(prepare to join us with bread and juice)

Arrive early (9:55) to chat with your friends!
BIG Surprise This Week
Summer in the Scriptures
with Rev. Kim DuBreuil
Gospel of Luke 10-19

Gospel of Luke 19-24
From Pastor Kim
This weekend, the eastern Florida coast is anticipating Hurricane Isaias; a Category 1 to 2 storm as of 7/31.

Our church is in prayer for you and our neighbors
during this difficult time!
If you need pastoral counseling please contact Pastor Kim at:

Covid-19 Update
As of July 31, 2020
There are positive 883 cases in the zip code where our church is located!
Keep those suffering from illness and loss in our community in your prayers!

Current Positive Cases in Florida = 465,030
Total Positive Cases by County
Lee = 15,137
Hospitalization = 969
Deaths = 295
Collier = 9,416
Hospitalizations = 654
Deaths = 122

Due to the number of people with the coronavirus in our community
our in person worship will NOT relaunch on August 9th, stay tuned...

Lee County Public Schools pushed back their reopen date to August 31.
And New Horizon's will not return to our campus until September.
Study Together
Summer in the Scriptures
Reading the Four Gospels by September
It's not to late to start reading your Bible!
First Bonita is reading one chapter a day from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. We are now in the Gospel of Luke . Click on the button below to connect to the Summer in the Scriptures Florida web page.
Pray Together
Join our Prayer Team
Wednesday's at 6:30pm
Friday's at 9:30am
Contact our Prayer Team Coordinator, Debbie Lane to send us your joys and concerns: aflasunlover@comcast.net
Serve Together
First Bonita is a Church that Serves!
Who is this masked servant?
Last Weeks Answer: Julie Kampmann

In an effort to stay connected it has been fun to see what you are doing. Not everyone is on social media, so this is a great way for us to see one another.

Send Pastor Kim your picture in a face mask; or other ways that you are practicing social distancing. pastor@fumcbonita.org
Volunteer's Needed and Other Stuff...

  • Greeters for Sunday morning when we relaunch church, contact Pastor Kim.

  • Counter's needed for one hour a week, or you have Accounting skills, please contact Kelly Vest if you can assist her.

  • Musical Instruments to donate to the church, contact David Sawtelle. (We looking for violins, violas, and cellos).

  • Your Favorite Recipes: Email them to our Church Cookbook Coordinator, RuthAnne Baird.