Family Ministry News
This Sunday - 24 February, 2019
Sundays After Epiphany
In the classrooms of
the Sunday School at St Barnabas
This Sunday: Popcorn Theology
for our children
VeggieTales presents:
A Snoodles Tale
After returning home from what was supposed to be a Danish-immersion camp, Larry the Cucumber meets up with Bob the Tomato for a series of sketches dealing with self-esteem, along with a Silly Song segment. In the first, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly," Scooter the Carrot and Larry investigate the appearances of a flashy, disco-dancing gourd in the dark streets of London. The title segment follows the morality tale of a winged creature called a Snoodle, who learns his true self-worth during a mountaintop journey.  -IMDb