Family Ministry News
20 January, 2019
The Sundays After the Epiphany
We are in a time after Epiphany in which we recognize and celebrate several things all connected with the beginnings of Jesus' work of revealing God to humanity.
The Feast of Epiphany (Jan 6th) refers first to the coming of the Magi to Jesus. Here we celebrate the revelation of Jesus Christ to the whole world. This is a celebration of the mystery of promise. These leaders of nations bring their symbolic gifts and offer them to the lowly, but indeed holy, child. (Matthew 2)
Last week, the First Sunday After Epiphany, we recalled the baptism of our Lord by John the Baptizer. This is the day when Jesus became known to all, not when he was born but when he was baptized and proclaimed by God as “My Son, the Beloved.” (Luke 3.22)
This Sunday, the Second Sunday After Epiphany, we will hear of Jesus’ first miracle, which is told in John’s Gospel, at the wedding in Cana. John says, “This the first of the signs by which Jesus revealed his glory and led his disciples to believe in him” (John 2:11). 
The common theme of all these events is Jesus showing God to us. In this way, this time between has a deeper meaning than Christmas, for instead of simply celebrating the birth of Jesus, it teaches the whole purpose of the incarnation: the manifestation of God in Jesus beginning with his birth (and recognition by the Magi) and with his baptism and ministry (White, James, Introduction to Christian Worship). 
During these weeks that follow the Epiphany, I invite you to listen out for Jesus’ mighty signs (miracles) and teachings as he lives out this manifestation of God. As we hear these stories, let us take to heart those works and teachings of Jesus as we move towards the Season of Lent, just a few weeks away.