Family Ministry News
Children's Faith Formation
begins this Sunday at 10am in the classrooms!

22 September, 2019
The Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
We are thrilled to announce a reinvigorated Children’s Church and Sunday School. We have a core group of enthusiastic teachers who would benefit tremendously from knowing possible attendance! We happily welcome more teachers (see the sign up Link below).

This year we are trying something new. As a way to help our teachers plan for each Sunday school class we are asking four help. Please use this SignupGenius link to sign up your children for the Sunday that you will be attending Faith Formation.

We appreciate that schedules change but knowing attendance in advance will allow our volunteer teachers to prepare for your child's formation the best way possible.

We look forward to a great year of fun, fellowship and learning in the coming year!

-Suzanne Cabot
Vestry Liaison to Family Ministries
What we are learning this week
As we begin a new year, it makes sense to start at the beginning and the book of Genesis.

This week we will look at the story of the Garden of Eden.
After God created the world, God created the first human, God named him Adam.

Adam gives names to all of the animals, and then is given a partner, a woman whom he names Eve. Their home is a garden called Eden. They are told by God that they may eat any of the fruit from the garden except the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but Adam and Eve disobey God by eating the forbidden fruit. God sends them out of the Garden of Eden.

The Bible is like a book of chapters, with different stories about God and us. This is the beginning of our story. When God created the world, all was “good.” But we turned against God. Today’s story is the story of the first time we failed God. There’s not much cheer at the end of this story, but it is only the first chapter: how we messed up. Stick around it gets really good!

Last weekend we kicked off our Church School year with our very own Children's Chapel service in the Parish Hall. 

Come and join us for this special teaching time on the first and third Sundays in the Parish Hall, we gather together at 10am.

Many thanks to Lyla Cabot (Pictured above) for her assistance
in demonstrating the hand movements during Children's Creed.