Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Episcopal Church 
26 July 2020
O God, the protector of all who trust in you, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy: Increase and multiply upon us your mercy; that, with you as our ruler and guide, we may so pass through things temporal, that we lose not the things eternal; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
~~Collect for Eigth Sunday after Pentecost

Worship With Us at Trinity Church

All are invited to join our services online while the church buildings are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are now holding an 8 AM service of Morning Prayer in the Memorial Garden, weather permitting.

Sunday, July 26:  5th Sunday after Pentecost

Morning Prayer in the Memorial Garden, 8 AM 
Drew Smith, Officiating and Preaching

Morning Prayer Via Zoom, Live at 10 AM:
Frank Kirkpatrick, Officiating and Preaching 

This is a Standing Meeting. The log-in and password are the same every week.
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Meeting ID: 810 5750 5696

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Meeting ID: 810 5750 5696
Password: 780651
Thursday , July 23 
Noon Prayer Via Zoom, Live at 12 PM:  
Valerie Pogue, Officiating 
This is a Standing Meeting.  
The log-in and password will remain the same through September 10.
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Meeting ID: 597 938 892
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Meeting ID: 597 938 892
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A few weeks ago, we had a Sunday Forum after our 10 a.m. Zoom service, on the topic of Racism and its effects on our lives. There was no presenter, and the only agenda was for us to listen to one another. Several people spoke of the pain they experience when they realize that their family members, their own children, their friends are at risk of being targeted and harmed every time they leave the safety of home. Others expressed the belief that radical change is needed in the way police work in this country, in order for anything to get better here for people of color. A list of books and articles was compiled during the discussion, for those who would like to deepen their understanding of the lived experience of racism. It was a powerful hour of sharing, supporting, loving, and weeping together about the second deadly pandemic, racism.

Your Vestry is determined to keep Trinity working on racism. We recognize that the racism in our society is not a problem that can be fixed in a short time; it will require a long-term commitment to gain understanding, identify areas where we can effect change, and do the work individually and as a parish that will make change happen.
On Tuesday, the Vestry authorized formation of a Task Force on Racial Justice. The first job of the Task Force is to explore more fully what resources ECCT offers through its Season of Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation initiative, which was declared by the 2018 ECCT Convention. Those resources and others will guide the definition of next steps.

If you feel the Holy Spirit tapping you on the shoulder, maybe it's because this effort needs your input! We will be expanding the task force in the next few months, as well as welcoming guidance from our new Rector, Rev. Dee Littlepage, when she arrives in mid-September. Stay tuned for more information!

The Search Committee for our new Director of Music Ministries has had its kickoff meeting. This search, like everything else these days, is made more complicated by COVID-19. The committee has an ambitious schedule of meetings and interviews, and hopes to be ready to hold final interviews and organ auditions shortly after Rev. Dee arrives. Please keep them in your prayers as they do this important and demanding work. The members of the committee are Linda MacGougan, chair, Enid Oberholtzer, Susan Post, George Chien, Leslyn Clark, Walton Brown Foster, Boo Morton, and Jane Mogor.
Martha Freimuth and Tom Oberholtzer

A Message from the Merrills
Dear Trinity Family:
It has been such unique and formative experience to serve as Organist and Director of Music Ministries at Trinity Church. I have been blessed by my work with the choristers, the Trinity Choir, Trinity Academy, and the clergy. I reflect often on the many beautiful liturgies and musical offerings we have created together and will hold those memories in my heart.
Allison and I are grateful for your warm welcome in 2017 and your good wishes now as we leave for our next adventure. We have made several friendships while at Trinity that are sure to last our whole lives. We will keep all of you in our prayers and hearts wherever we go.
Jack and Allison
Pollinator in the Garden.  Photo Credit:  Anne Green.

From Our Wardens:
Protocols for Morning Prayer in the Garden
The Sunday morning schedule will be as follows:
  • Morning Prayer will be said at 8:00 am in the Memorial Garden.
  • Morning Prayer will be broadcast at 10:00 am via Zoom.
  • You may participate in either the 8:00 am in person worship or the 10:00 am Zoom, or both.
Here is a summary of the mechanics of Sunday morning:
  • Masks are required to be worn by the congregation.  A limited supply of masks will be available for those who do not have one.
  • Entrance and exit to the Memorial Garden will be through the Sigourney Street garden gate only.
  • Upon entrance, an Usher will ask you if you have registered for the 8:00 am service. 
  • IMPORTANT: Please sign-in using the book by the garden gate entrance.
  • Chairs are set up with 6 ft distance between.  Please sit in one of the open spaces, keeping 6 feet between you and others not of your household.
  • Restrooms in the Narthex are available if needed.
  • Single use Bulletins will be provided. Please take your bulletin home with you.
  • There will be no congregational singing.
  • An Offering plate will be provided on the steps going up to the church inside the Memorial Garden; plates will not be passed.
  • Please remain seated after the postlude for a brief ceremony honoring Jackson Merrill.
  • There is no coffee hour. 
If you are not feeling well, running a fever, coughing, etc., you should not attend church until you are well and have completed a 14-day self- quarantine. The same is true for those who have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. If you have, you must complete a 14-day self- quarantine before attending church.  Those in vulnerable populations should carefully consider whether or not to attend Sunday public worship.
For those who cannot come to church, webcasts and Zoom offerings will continue.
A 10:00 am Zoom Morning Prayer service continues on Sunday.
Noonday Prayer continues via Zoom on Thursdays.
In order to appropriately plan for seating at the 8:00 AM service, please RSVP to Barbara Roos at or call her at 860-527-8133 ext. 204.
Martha Freimuth and Tom Oberholtzer

Sunday, July 19th.  Morning Prayer in the Garden and by Zoom.

Do You Have a Bicycle to Donate?
Diaa Albunni, the youngest member of Trinity's Syrian refugee family, is in need of a bicycle.  Now 13 years old, he has outgrown the bicycle originally donated to him by a kind parishioner.  We are looking now for a 24-inch bike.  If you have one, used but in good shape, that you can donate for Diaa, please call Anne Rapkin at or 860-521-5992.

Assistance Available to Apply for Food Benefits and Husky Medical Benefits
With the end this week of the $600 federal weekly unemployment compensation pandemic supplement, more and more people are in need of assistance to buy food or pay their health insurance premiums.  If you would like to have assistance filing an application for food benefits or Husky, please contact Anne Rapkin at
or 860-521-5992.   
You and I will be on the telephone together as I complete your on-line application form.  If the benefits agency requests a phone interview, I can be present on speaker phone to help you answer the interviewer's questions. 

For all Trinity Parishioners: 
Learn How to Assist Others in Completing Benefits Application
It is anticipated that, unless Congress promptly renews the weekly unemployment compensation pandemic supplement, there will be even greater need for food and medical assistance among our community's households.  Therefore, I invite everyone in the parish to join me for a "Zoomed" training session on how to help members of our parish complete on-line application forms.  Completing an on-line application can be (though is not always) time-consuming, but it is not difficult. 
I will prepare this training session if people want to participate in it.  Therefore, if you are would like to participate, please let me know ASAP by phone or e-mail, at the number/address noted above.  This is important work, and I hope very much that you will want to join in.                                                
Anne Rapkin

Giving Statements Mailed

Given the circumstances that we have been challenged with this year, we hope you have a chance to unplug this summer and enjoy some rest and re-creation. So, a reminder: If you're going away, please keep your pledge up to date. You can check your balance on the statement that has been mailed. You will receive both your annual pledge statement and your Capital Campaign statement (if applicable) in one envelope. Please allow several days for the post office to make deliveries. Questions? Contact Barbara Roos at or 860-527-8133 ext. 204. Thank you!

Bible Study via Zoom,
Tuesdays at 5:15 PM

Dear Everyone ~
Thank you to all who responded!
We meet on Tuesdays, at 5:15 pm. There is room for more at our Trinity Bible study through Zoom! 
We will meet on Tuesday, June 2 at 5:15 pm. There is room for more at our Trinity Bible study through Zoom!
We will use a cool approach created by folks at Yale specifically for parishes, and requiring no previous academic study. You can check it out at . (Please do! It's pretty interesting.) Each meeting starts with a conversational introduction to the subject from two faculty members, then offers discussion questions, and options for further reading. I find the curriculum both accessible and flexible. We can do as much or as little as we like with each session. It's up to us to use it in a way that works for us.
To enroll please send me an email or call me, Roy McAlpine, at, or by phone at (860) 338-4525.

Jack Merrill with Choir School.  All Saints. 2019.

Prayer Requests
Although we are not physically in the church, we can continue to take prayer requests and put them in our Sunday leaflet. Please contact Barbara Roos at with any names you would like added.


Transition to Eternal Life
Jill Barrett, beloved member of our parish, departed from this life on July 22, 2020.
We extend sympathy to the Barrett family and pray for the repose of Jill's soul, now in the nearer presence of our Lord.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jill's family and all who knew and loved her. Together with them we mourn her death and give thanks for her life among us.
A link to Jill's obituary is here.
A special service to honor Jill will be held at a later date at the boathouse at Riverfront Recapture. A private prayer service will be held on Sunday, July 26, at 1 p.m. and live streamed.
Father of all, we pray to you for Jill, and for all those whom
we love but see no longer. Grant to them eternal rest. Let
light perpetual shine upon them. May her soul and the souls
of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Book of Common Prayer

Weekly Calendar
Sunday, July 26th   - Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
           8:00 A.M. Morning Prayer - Memorial Garden
                             Farewell to Jackson and Allison Merrill
         10:00 A.M. Morning Prayer- via Zoom

Monday, July 27th
Tuesday, July 28th
     9:00 A.M. Memorial Garden open till 11:00 am
     5:15 P.M. Bible Study - via Zoom
Wednesday, July 29th  
       7:00 P.M. Campus Re-gathering Task Force - via Zoom
Thursday, July 30th
     9:00 A.M. Memorial Garden open till 11:00 am
         12:00 Noon Noonday Prayer - via Zoom
Friday, July 31st    
Saturday, August 1st
Sunday, August 2nd  - Nineth Sunday after Pentecost
         8:00 A.M. Morning Prayer - Memorial Garden
       10:00 A.M. - Morning Prayer via Zoom


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