Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Episcopal Church 
7 JUne 2020
Almighty and everlasting God, you have given to us your servants grace, by the confession of a true faith, to acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity, and in the power of your divine Majesty to worship the Unity: Keep us steadfast in this faith and worship, and bring us at last to see you in your one and eternal glory, O Father; who with the Son and the Holy Spirit live and reign, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

~~Collect for Trinity Sunday

Worship With Us at Trinity Church

All are invited to join our services online while the church buildings are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sunday, June 7:  Trinity Sunday

Eucharist Via Zoom, Live at 10 AM: 
Father Norman MacLeod, preaching and celebrating 
Log-in and Call-in information will be sent out Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning. 
Thursday , June 11   
Noon Prayer Via Zoom, Live at 12 PM:  
Father Norman MacLeod, Officiating 
Log-in and Call-in information will be sent out Thursday Morning.     
Annual Meeting, 2019.

Save the Date - Sunday, June 7
You are invited to Trinity Church's 2019-2020 Annual Meeting which will take place following the Virtual Eucharist on Sunday, June 7. Please mark your calendars and participate in this very meaningful yearly event in the life of the parish. Please find the Annual Report on our wbsite (here). If you would like a copy of the Annual Report mailed to you, please contact Barbara Roos at

We Cannot Be Silent:
Statement from the Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut
Dear Companions in Christ,
As we continue to live into all of the challenges that the global COVID-19 pandemic has added to our lives, we find our emotions are heightened and our resilience is being tested. The Church Pension Fund in their presentation on  The Emotional Life-Cycle of a Disaster  highlights that we are in the stage when feelings of sadness, grief, despair, and disillusionment consume our lives. In this difficult time, we are also witnessing that those who are marginalized and oppressed in our society are being further pushed to the margins as social, economic, political, and racial divisions become exacerbated.
Racism and the resulting violence against people of color perpetrated by those who have power in our nation and state has led recently to the tragic and inexcusable deaths of George Floyd in Minnesota, Jose Soto in Connecticut, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. Such violence is unacceptable and contrary to the will of God and the promise of justice and freedom central to our country's ideals. We must not let the realities of COVID-19 distract us from speaking out against, and working to dismantle, the forces of racism and white supremacy that continue to infect our lives and our nation. It is that very inaction and silence that feed into the legacy of white supremacy. Silence is complicity and we must not participate in the forces of evil that divide us.
Read the full Bishops' Statement here.

From the Interim 
A Statement from the Interim Priest-in-Charge
of Trinity Church

The video of the callous and brutal murder by a Minneapolis police officer of George Floyd, with his pain, terror and pleading so obvious to see, calls up the images of lynchings as well as bringing to mind the deaths at police hands of so many other African Americans. With the people of Trinity Episcopal Church, and my sisters and brothers throughout our church in every state, I hope and pray that this horrific act and the massive heartfelt demonstrations which have followed will bring forth a spirit of justice and reconciliation. We hope and pray it will bring real change to our fractured nation. We must do all in our power that police officers and all of us will become aware of the racism staining our country from even before its birth, our national original sin. I hope we will do all in our power to make a reality of the ideal that all people are created equal. Now is the time. We commit ourselves in the wake of this horrific death to a "new birth of freedom," in the words of Abraham Lincoln: freedom from discrimination, freedom for people of color to walk the streets, drive their cars, do their shopping without the fear that injury or death may fall on them, or their children, because of the color of their skin. An assault on the life and dignity of any human being is an attack on us all, a betrayal of our common humanity.

In the words this week of the Episcopal Bishops of Connecticut, "The injustice against people of color we have seen in recent weeks is not tolerable. It is contrary to the will of God and our Christian witness. We must speak up. We must work for change. And we must repent for the ways we are complicit in the ongoing violence in our society. We do this work together. We do this work for God. And we do this work so that all God's people may know safety, hope, and love."

The Rev. Norman MacLeod

Interim Priest-in-Charge

Trinity Episcopal Church

120 Sigourney Street

Hartford, Connecticut

Spiritual Communion, Pentecost, 2020.

The Warden's Corner
You have probably heard that as the incidence of COVID-19 cases and the number of people hospitalized with the virus declines, Governor Lamont has raised the limits on worship gatherings, allowing up to 100 people indoors and up to 150 at outdoor events, provided that the appropriate safety and social distancing measures are employed.
This is indeed good news for our state. It is important, though, to understand the challenge of providing a safe enough environment to responsibly call our congregation back to in-person worship. We have formed a Task Force on Re-Gathering, whose purpose is to get a deep understanding of what measures we must take before we can once again worship together in person, and to make recommendations to the Vestry about how and when to begin re-opening each area of our campus.
Members of the Task Force are Suzanne Blancaflor, George Chien, Martha Freimuth, Peter Green, Tom Oberholtzer, Barbara Roos, Casey Rousseau, and Kathie Wilson. We expect to call on other members of the parish and the community in order to expand our knowledge, and to gather feedback on various aspects of re-opening and re-gathering. In addition, we will be following guidelines established by the Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, as well as those of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the office of Governor Lamont.
It is important for the Task Force to understand at the outset how the members of Trinity Church are thinking and feeling about returning to in-person worship. To that end, we are putting together a very brief survey that will be distributed via email and, for those in our parish who are not electronically connected, via the U.S. Postal Service. We expect to distribute it within the next week. It is very important that we hear from you, so that we can address your concerns. Our work will be guided by what we learn from your responses. Please be on the lookout for your survey, and please respond as quickly as you can.  
Alan Rice and Martha Freimuth
The Labyrinth in the Memorial Garden is cleaned. Thanks to Enid Oberholtzer and Erica Weinstock for their hard work.

 Bible Study via Zoom,
Tuesdays at 5:15 PM

Dear Everyone ~
Thank you to all who responded!
We meet on Tuesdays, at 5:15 pm. There is room for more at our Trinity Bible study through Zoom! 
We will meet on Tuesday, June 2 at 5:15 pm. There is room for more at our Trinity Bible study through Zoom!
We will use a cool approach created by folks at Yale specifically for parishes, and requiring no previous academic study. You can check it out at . (Please do! It's pretty interesting.) Each meeting starts with a conversational introduction to the subject from two faculty members, then offers discussion questions, and options for further reading. I find the curriculum both accessible and flexible. We can do as much or as little as we like with each session. It's up to us to use it in a way that works for us.
To enroll please send me an email or call me, Roy McAlpine, at, or by phone at (860) 338-4525.

Prayer Requests
Although we are not physically in the church, we can continue to take prayer requests and put them in our Sunday leaflet. Please contact Barbara Roos at with any names you would like added.

The Day of Pentecost, 2020.

Virtual Cystic Fibrosis Walk and Challenge:
May 16th-June 5th     Walk, Run or Cycle
Final Week: 945 miles so far! Goal: 650

Kate and Drew Smith's virtual CF walk, run or cycle event is well under way. We invite anyone to join us to keep busy during this difficult time. This is meant for fun and it's free. Email me your miles: they add up quickly. Here are the details:
Our granddaughter, Sarah, was born with Cystic Fibrosis; she is now 10 years old and doing well. She and her family are sheltering at home in Illinois, as Sarah is a high risk person. Team Strolling for Sarah does an annual walk (about 3 miles or one hour) to support the Great Strides program which raises research dollars for this genetic lung disease. The exciting news is a new drug, Trikafta, which Sarah will be able to take when she is 12. It will treat some of the causes for her illness and not just the symptoms. Research is important!
This year, instead of our walk in Whickham Park, Team Strolling for Sarah will be doing a "virtual walk", each on our own, anytime between Saturday May 16th and June 5th. We thought it would be fun to see how far we could walk over a 3 week period, so we're going to walk or run more than once. Now we've added cycling. Join in our efforts to see how many miles we all can cover. Send us your information and let us know how far you walked, ran or cycled and maybe send us an electronic photo. Together can we reach 650 miles? The great thing about a virtual walk, is that you can do it any time you like and your walk can also be as short or long as you want! We'll keep you posted on our website below. This is meant to be a fun, free event.
Why through June 5th (6/5) ? Way back in 1965, a little girl overheard her parents talking about the disease. She thought they said "65 roses" instead of cystic fibrosis, which is a mouthful. So the rose has been a symbol of our cause and 6/5 is always the day that the national Cystic Fibrosis Foundation holds its annual celebration. The bake and plant sale has been canceled.

Visit our website : for more information. Any questions? My email is: or call 860-519-1591.

Thanks so much, Kate and Drew Smith
Virtual Summer at Camp Washington
Dear Camp Washington Families,

Today is the day! We are making history! Camp Washington 2020 - The Home Edition registrations are now open! We have four weeks of amazing activities with some of the 2020 staff planned for campers to learn from and have fun with. We even have a few special guest appearances and activities you can do together as a family.

As a reminder, registration for these four weeks of awesomeness begins today and closes in just TWO weeks, on June 19. This allows us time to get videos uploaded to our private You Tube channel, mail out supplies for those who need them for certain activities, and just work out the glitches prior to "opening day" on July 14.

We hope you and your campers will join us for one or more weeks of super fun (yet modified) Camp Washington activities! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hope to "see" you this summer!

Kris Martin, Camp Director
Victor Troiano, Head Counselor
Katie Earley, Upper Camp Program Director
Janette Birtha, Lower Camp Program Director

Register for Week One (July 14-17)  Here.

Register for Week Two  (July 21-24) Here.

Register for Week Three (July 28-31) Here.

Register for Week Four (August 4-7) Here.

Free Summer Camp for Kids
Summer is nearly here, and Charter Oak Cultural Center is so happy to be able to offer a wide variety of FREE virtual summer camps for children ages 6-18. We are offering classes in music, art, dance, creative writing, and more!
Virtual summer camps will allow us to offer the same fun, high-quality arts education while also safely social distancing. Camp classes will be daily 90-minute sessions that run for one week, Monday to Friday. Classes will be taught by Charter Oak's wonderful staff of teaching artists, and will take place through the online video chat service Zoom. Zoom links to classes will be provided when registration is confirmed.
The full schedule of camp classes is included in the attached registration sheet below.  

Please Wear Your Mask at Trinity Church
General Israel Putnam dons his mask at Bushnell Park
Shouldn't you do the same?
All visitors, friends, members, guests, and workers on the Trinity Campus or in any of our buildings are reminded to please cover their faces while at Trinity.  While worship services are taking place viritually for the time being, the church office and buildings are staffed and work is proceeding on several fronts, indoors and out.  For the health and safety of all, and in keeping with the guidance of our bishops and the state of Connecticut, we ask you to keep your mouth and nose covered while you are with us.  While a simple cloth mask, scarf, bandana or what-have-you may not protect YOU from virus, it will definitely protect OTHERS from any contagion that you may unknowingly be carrying.  Let's continue to love one another from a safe distance.
Weekly Calendar

Sunday, June 7th   - Trinity Sunday
       10:00 A.M. Spiritual Eucharist with hymns- via Zoom
Annual Meeting directly after service -
Monday, June 8th
Tuesday, June 9th
       8:00 P.M. RSCM Course - via Zoom
Wednesday, June 10th
Thursday, June 11th
       12:00 Noon Noonday Prayer - via Zoom
     7:00 P.M. Campus Re-opening Task Force - via Zoom
Friday, June 12th  
Saturday, June 13th
Sunday, June 14th - Second Sunday after Pentecost
       10:00 A.M. - Morning Prayer- via Zoom


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