Episcopal Church
of the Resurrection
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Blue Springs, Missouri  64015
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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Message from Fr. Lynch +
We are having an experience most of us never anticipated. We are keeping away from each other to protect health and life. Contrary to the close community which has been a hallmark of Christianity, we are faced with holding on to our strong sense of connectedness while we can't be together. This will be easier for some than for others - but it is something the Holy Spirit can overcome.

Some of us are tech savvy and have access to the online universe. Others of us do not. Therefore; building on the good-old germ-free qualities of the telephone, and making advantage of those with cabin fever who "have to do something to help," we are creating a network of Callers & Helpers, that in addition to our "on-line" computer resources, will keep our parish community connected the old-fashioned way. Callers will reach out to parish members who don't use the Internet to pass along church news and to share an un-isolating "hello." Helpers will get out of their seclusion (briefly) to buy groceries or see that a critical errand is completed on behalf of our vulnerable and incapacitated members. Information about signing up to help or asking for help is here in this newsletter.

At a time when some reliable things in our society may give way, let's give each other the security of praying for our congregation every day. Do things on purpose to stay connected to each other. Call, write, participate in groups online. By holding on to each other, our Christian community won't be a victim of this chaos-causing virus - it will be what keeps giving Life! I can't wait until we can gather together for worship again. 

First things first
  • NO gatherings, meetings, or groups to be held at the Church of the Resurrection until further notice. Even if your group is smaller than 10 people, you should not meet at the church. We are observing social distancing for the love of one another and the common good. All of us are expected to behave as if we have the virus and are trying not to infect others. If you see someone at church or in the parking lot, please observe proper distancing of 6 ft. between individuals.
  • Many of you are offering help and we expect to hear of those who need help. Join our "Helpers" network by calling the parish office and leaving your name and best way to contact you.
  • If you need help (or if your Resurrection family member needs help), contact the parish office immediately. There is no shame or stigma to ask for or receive help and love from your parish family. It is our joy to share it with you when we can. 
  • There will be NO live, in-person worship services offered for the foreseeable future.
  • In case of emergency or pastoral need, Fr. David's mobile phone number is in the Parish Directory. 
  • Use the new 2020 Parish Directory. This is your best resource for contacting church members and leadership.  Some people have not picked up the most recent directory from church and those will be mailed out soon.  We will mail a directory to you if you have lost your copy. and are a member.  E-mail Fr. David at (rector@episcopal-bluesprings.org), call the office at 816-228-4420 or drop a note in the mail with your request.
Parish news
  • Immediately following the live-streamed worship service, we will offer a drive-through Holy Eucharist that will be available from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm in the church parking lot. Please enter the parking lot from the east entrance (the one closest to Mo Hwy 7) and exit to the west.
  • SOLES 4 SOULS is still going on. There are bins with lids by the front door of the church where you can deposit footwear for this ministry.
Technology helps
We know there are folks that don't want to participate in social media, including Facebook.

However, you can use Facebook without receiving unwanted information or sharing anything with others.  We hope you will consider doing so in order to view our on-line church services.   We will be using Facebook to broadcast our services from the parish and to provide audio and video communications when necessary.   We encourage you to create a Facebook account so you can view and hear our communications. 
To create a Facebook account:  
NOTE (from Fr. David):    You don't have to use your personal identification to set-up an account. You can use your pet's name and picture. You can also control all your activity on face book. If you don't want to communicate with others, or be communicated with by others, don't accept any requests to join your page, or join others' page. You can enjoy logging into other pages, like our parish facebook page.   If you have a family or friend that uses face book and that you trust, and can help you set one up, that can be your best option.
God of the present moment,
God who in Jesus stills the storm
and soothes the frantic heart;
bring hope and courage to all
who wait or work in uncertainty
Bring hope that you will make them the equal
of whatever lies ahead.
Bring them courage to endure what cannot be avoided,
for your will is health and wholeness;  
you are God, and we need you. Amen.
- From Episcopal Relief & Development, adapted from New Zealand Prayer Book
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