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TONIGHT AT 7:00 PM Weight Loss Myths
Hosted by Dr. Tess Garcia

Join parishioner Dr. Tess Garcia tonight at 7:00 pm in the Undercroft for a presentation on the Myths of Weight Loss.

Over the past 50 years as the weight of the population has increased, the main advice given to patients by doctors has remained the same: Eat Less and Move More.

However the weight of the population continues to rise. This leads the doctors giving that advice to assume nobody is following their recommendation.  But, as everyone who is trying to lose weight knows, that's not what's happening. Overweight people are trying to cut their calories and those successful in doing so often see the same result. Their weight starts dropping until about 6 months, then it plateaus and starts sneaking back up . . . even while maintaining the low-calorie diet. Some will cut their calories even more and start dropping weight again - until they reach the next plateau. Most will eventually give up and return to their original weight (or sometimes more than their original weight) until the next time they try to eat low-cal . . . and get the same results.

What's going on here?!?   It's called the Basal Metabolic Rate.      Learn more tonight!
Blessing of the Animals
Invite Others!

We will honor the Feast of St. Francis with a fellowship of a Blessing of the Animals, remembering God's creation and our stewardship to protect and provide for  it,  starting at 10:00 am in the church parking lot tomorrow (or in the Undercroft if raining.)

Any pet is appropriate for blessings, from spiders to horses and all creatures in between.  Even a child's "stuffed pet" is welcome for blessings.  This event will also recognize the loss of a pet companion who is remembered and missed.

Furry Kids' Refuge, a local no-kill rescue organization, will be on hand to help us celebrate the day.  In support of this organization, attendees are encouraged to donate an item from their "wish list" ( click here to see).

St Francis, who founded the Catholic Church's Franciscan order, lived in Italy during the late 12th
and 13th centuries. He is remembered for his generosity to the poor and his willingness to  minister to the lepers. He is remembered for his love for animals and nature.   St Francis died at  Portiuncula, Italy on October 4, 1226.   Pope Gregory IX pronounced St Francis a saint in 1228. The pope also laid the foundation stone  for the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi, Italy. The church, also known as Basilica of San Francesco  d'Assisi, is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

All pets and animals are welcome to include our children's stuffed pet varieties. Pet  refreshments will be available and gifts will be provided.   SPREAD THE WORD, BRING A FRIEND
AND SHARE THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!  (Click here for bulletin to share )
We will be collecting new and gently used crew socks during October to put in our Blessing Bags and to give to those in need.

Warm socks are one of the most valued items for the needy as the weather gets colder.

Please bring your contributions to Church!
Monday, October 7 at 7 pm

The Finding Faith through Fiction Book Club will meet next on Monday, October 7 at 7:00 pm.

This month's read is The Lake House by Kate Morton:

After a particularly troubling case, Sadie Sparrow is sent on an enforced break from her job with the Metropolitan Police. Sadie retreats to her beloved grandfather's cottage but soon finds herself at a loose end. Until one day, she stumbles upon an abandoned house surrounded by overgrown gardens and dense woods, and learns the story of a baby boy who disappeared without a trace.
Thank you to our Remodeling Crew!

A tremendous thank you to Jr. Warden Les Woodward along with Bill Carle and Rich & Gabe Conn who continue to work on renovations and repairs to the church building and grounds. I f it weren't for these folks, and the many others who have contributed to helping our  renovation efforts, we would have had to spend a huge sum of money to accomplish what has  already been done. 

In the lower level, t he hallway and doors have been re painted, hardware cleaned and polished, and new LED lighting installed.  New flo oring for the classrooms will be installed soon followed by  ceiling tile replacement and cabinet finishing in the Undercroft.

In other developments, the large commercial refrigerator in the kitchen decided to quit working this week.  We are working to get it repaired instead of having to replace it .

Finally, we will soon have the large ash tree located next to the nave on the east side of the church  trimmed in order to prevent limbs from falling during future storms and possibly damaging the building.
Program sheets available in the Narthex

There are many ways to serve Christ's church through our outreach programs and internal parish programs. Please take a program sheet from the round table in the Narthex and identify if there are ministries and programs that speak to you. The program leader and vestry liaisons are listed with each program for you to inquire about how to get involved. Being involved is about stewardship. 

The gifts and talents that God has bestowed on us are meant to be shared with others. When we exercise our gifts and talents, we give back to God. May God continue to bless you as you bless others.
Fr. David Lynch _
Cursillo and Cursillistas
Dear friends, 

Two weeks ago I attended a spiritual renewal conference with members of parishes throughout our Diocese and the Diocese of Kansas called Cursillo. This  2½ day event was spent being renewed in my faith through fellowship, presentations and music. In short Cursillo is defined as a movement and characterized as follows:

Cursillo is a movement of the church. Its purpose is to help those in the church understand their individual callings to be Christian Leaders. The leadership may be exercised in work situations, in the family and social life, in leisure activities, and within the Church environment. Leadership, in Cursillo, does not mean power over others, but influence on others; all of us need to be aware that we can exert a positive influence on those around us.   I have shared what Cursillo is in several previous newsletters and I would encourage you to check out their website:   http://episcopalcursilloministry.org/
The next Cursillo retreat will take place sometime in 2020. I will be providing information when it comes out for those interested to access and pursue.

I share this to alert other Cursillistas in our parish that I would like to form a Ultreya group that could meet several times a year in fellowship.  I suggest on a quarterly basis.  This will give us a fellowship time to remember our experiences, share in worship and song.
If you attended and participated in Cursillo a long time ago, note that Cursillo has grown in more wonderful ways and may be something you would enjoy experiencing with your fellow 
Cursillistas.  Watch for a notice for a Ultreya for Resurrection.  I will also post other local Ultreyas around our community to participate in as any may desire.      

Fr. David +
Classes presented after the 10:30 am service

Classes will continue on October 6 to learn more about the Episcopal Church, its tradition and history. Everyone is welcome.

Classes are presented in the Children's Sunday School room after the 10:30 service (12:00 pm). Sessions last approximately an hour and half until 1:30 pm.
Sept. 15                                  Introductions and Church History
Sept 29                                   Holy Scriptures / Holy Sacraments (cancelled will make-up)
Oct. 6                                      Book of Common Prayer/Episcopal Tradition
Oct 13                                     Liturgy and Worship and Music
Oct 20                                     Prayer and Meditation
Oct 27                                     Church Structure and Wrap Up
These classes are intended for all to participate.  Children ages 16 and above will be eligible for Confirmation following these classes.   Adults seeking to be confirmed or received will be eligible following these classes   Questions will be encouraged and discussion expected.   Hand out materials will be provided and taking notes is encouraged.  Refreshments will be provided
Confirmation/Reception is on  November 2, 2019 at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Raytown at 4:00 pm.
Myths of Weight Loss tonight, Friday, October 4 at 7:00 pm in the Undercroft.

Blessing of the Animals  on Saturday, October 5 at 10:00 am.

Lunch Bunch will gather for lunch on Thursday, October 10 at the Honeyed Fig Cafe (formerly Nana's Cafe) at 2650 SW Missouri Hwy 7 in Blue Springs.

Outdoor Clean-up Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 12 from 9:00 am to Noon

Fall Cookout at the Biggs' home on Saturday, October 19 at 5:30 pm. Sign-up in the Narthex.  If possible, please bring a lawn chair, flashlight, blanket and a skewer.

Trunk or Treat from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 26 in the church parking lot.

Fire Extinguisher Training will take place on Sunday, October 27 in the parking lot following the 10:30 service.
Necessity Pantry:     CANNED GOODS ARE NEEDED, including veggies such as corn, green beans and peas as well as fruits.  Monetary gifts are also gratefully accepted.  The pantry is still looking for volunteers on the 2nd Tuesday (4-6 pm) and the 3rd Saturday (10 am - noon) of each month.  Call Pat Carle to help.
Put This on Your Calendar

Save Best Choice labels and Boxtops for Education:
Please clip and save Best Choice brand UPC labels and the Boxtops for Education for Resurrection.  Collection containers are located in the Narthex.

Bible Study every Wednesday afternoon at 1 pm in the Undercroft.