Episcopal Church
of the Resurrection
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Annual Meeting
One service only at 9:30 am

All members and friends of the parish are invited to attend our Annual Meeting this Sunday, January 22.  There will be one worship service only beginning at 9:30 am.  The Annual Meeting will be held in the Nave immediately following the service.

The Hospitality Committee will host a potluck in the Undercroft following the meeting.  Meat, beverages and a special cake will be provided. Parishioners are asked to bring side dishes, salads, rolls and additional desserts to share.
First Communion
For Youngsters Ready to Receive Communion

Fr. David will hold a 30 minute class to prepare our youngsters to receive communion next Sunday, January 29. This will be held in the front of the church immediately following the first service at 9 am.  

Baptism is the entrance rite for Christians of ALL ages and communion is at the discretion of the parents, Children may receive when they have a good understanding of what communion truly means. Please contact Fr. David to let him know which day will work for your family. Fr. David is also available to meet with individual families at a different time if this date does not work with your schedule.
The Whistling Season
At 7 pm in the Undercroft

The Finding Faith Through Fiction Book Club will meet next time on Monday, February 6 at 7 pm in the Undercroft to discuss the book The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig.  

Novelist Ivan Doig revisits the American west in the early twentieth century, bringing to life the eccentric individuals and idiosyncratic institutions that made it thrive. 
From Fr. David
As we prepare for our Annual Meeting this coming Sunday, let me write a few words of thanks to all who have given so much of their life to the Church of the Resurrection.  T ogether we make this church the Body of Christ.   I am proud how much your efforts have made a difference in the lives of school children, those needing prayers, those who receive food and personal care items, people who receive a blessing bag, and generally all in our community who know we are here.  However, w e can still identify even more ways to be visible and present to the unchurched and those seeking a spiritual home in our community.
Evangelism hasn't been a word attributed much to the Episcopal Church but it is very pertainable to who we are.  The mega-churches, which provide entertainment and a limited spiritual relationship with God, are decreasing in interest.  People are looking more for a church that offers a spiritual focus on family and an intimate relationship with Christ.  How we interpret that and make our church the kind that reaches out and finds unique ways to invite those who are "seeking" is really our mission.
Too often there are programs, seminars and other events that can get people fired up to want to make a difference in how we "sell" church, only to return from such events and lose interest because selling the message just doesn't happen.   Evangelism is not a program, seminar or event.  It is a means to invite people to Christ.   In definition: Evangelism is the  practice  of  spreading  the  Christian  gospel.
Christ has called all who believe in him and want to follow him to be an evangelist for the gospel.  Although your minister wears a collar and is professionally called to evangelize, every Christian is called to do the same.    Evangelism is what we do when we invite others to be part of our parish family.  How we do that can and will make a difference for this parish and for the lives of those who find interest in who we are as a church and what we have to offer them.
Our diocese will be providing some very important opportunities to learn about evangelism.  T here will be an Evangelism Workshop on February 18 to prepare churches for evangelism and raise awareness for a call to be part of the "Jesus Movement", coined by our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry.   This event is focused on the Laity and Clergy alike, because "It Takes a Congregation" for evangelism to work.   Click here  for more information and to register. 
We will also be blessed to meet Presiding Bishop Michael Curry this spring when he comes to visit Kansas City and our Diocese.  Additional information will be forthcoming.
There is so much The Church of the Resurrection has to offer to those who are seeking a new and meaningful parish family.  Help identify the best ways to invite and receive people into this spiritual experience we call the Eucharist every Sunday.. blessings to all.