February 11, 2016

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

1433 NW R.D. Mize Rd.; Blue Springs, MO     816-228-4220

This Sunday

First Sunday in Lent
8:00 am:  Rite I
10:30 am:  Rite II

Child Care 10 am to Noon
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Prayer Requests

Resurrection parishioners can request prayer be offered by sending requests to the Pastoral Care committee via email at  ECORPrayers@att.net
Bible Study


Weekly Bible Study
every Wednesday at 1:00 pm

Join us every Wednesday at 1 pm for bible study using the Synthesis CE handout as a discussion guide.  We read and discuss the upcoming Sunday scripture lessons.
  Please join Fr. Lynch for fellowship and learning!

Parish Directory Update
It's time to update our directory!  If you have any updates to your information in the Parish Directory dated July 2015 (Green Book) - please send the information to Elaine Gilligan

Blue Springs Ecumenical Lenten Worship every Wednesday at 6 pm during Lent - more info soon
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"Hazardous Saints" Lenten Adult Forum begins this Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9:15 am

Hazardous Saints
Beginning this Sunday at 9:15 am, we begin a series of engaging sessions where we will explore the lives of six Christian "saints" who risked all for the sake of the gospel.

Like Jesus, in whose footsteps they followed, each of the persons being featured: Barnabas, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Cranmer, Sojourner Truth, Dorothy Day, and Oscar Romero, were change agents in their time. They made the powerful uncomfortable while making a difference in the lives of those around them. This program helps us to consider how we, too, can reflect the love of Christ in creative and intentional ways.
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Pastoral Care  Needs

O ne encyclopedia's definition of Pastoral Care is "a term applied where Christians offer help and caring to others in their church or wider community. Pastoral care can be listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending."   Pastoral Care
Too often we think of pastoral care as just visiting the home bound or the ill and infirm. We regularly visit folks in nursing facilities, in hospitals or in their homes. We sometimes fail to realize that everyone is in need of pastoral care at one time or another. As loving and caring Christians, we should all keep our "antennae" out to sense the need for pastoral care in others.
We encourage and invite you to notify the church office when you or a member of your family is hospitalized, rehabbing at home or in a facility, or just in need of some pastoral conversation. 
Please contact the church office by email at:
or by phone at 816-228-4220.
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Lent Madness: Who will win the Golden Halo?Lent Madness

Lent Madness began in 2010 as the brainchild of the Rev. Tim Schenck in seeking a fun, engaging way for people to learn about the men and women comprising the Church's Calendar of Saints.  Combining his love of sports with his passion for the lives of the saints, Lent Madness was born. Play the game on-line and see who will win the Golden Halo!
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Praying of the Rosary and Stations of the Cross during Lent
Stations of the Cross

Join us tomorrow and every Friday during Lent beginning at 11:30 am with the praying of the rosary followed by Stations of the Cross at noon.   Please bring your rosary if you have one (a few will be provided.)