Episcopal Church
of the Resurrection
1433 NW R.D. Mize Road
Blue Springs, Missouri  64015
(816) 228-4220
Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany
Saturday, February 2, 2019
Prayer Request                                                               
Stewardship Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Throughout our life time we are all given opportunities to make differences in our own lives and the lives of others. As humans we do that by our actions, thoughts and sharing our gifts. For non-profits, institutions and organizations we just want to indulge, we vary our giving proportionally to everything by acting from our emotions, likes and dislikes and most of all the need for commitment and obligation. Many feel when churches ask for financial commitment it comes out as being made to feel obligatory, which often carries with it a sense of guilt and forced commitment. For many whom give proportionally based on their financial situations and for those who give from their conscience, the giving is not always felt the same.
Each year when the stewardship campaign is raised in newsletters, sermons and pledge cards, people are asked to consider prayerfully how important it is for each of us to give according to all the feelings, emotions, obligations and commitments we may all feel and share.
Well, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, this dance has been going on since the days St. Paul walked through country side visiting all the new and growing gatherings of people who would be called Christians, and convincing them of their commitments to provide for the church.
The focus and message has not changed. People are asked to participate and everyone makes a decision based on their senses and feelings of belonging, contributing and preparing for the future.
Let me tell you how proud and thankful I am of and for all of you who make your decisions to commit and obligate yourselves with your gifts, talents and yes, your money to plan for the future of this great family parish we celebrate as the Church of the Resurrection. You must already know and trust that what you have contributed to this parish has and is going to the life of Christ in our community and within the walls of our beautiful church. I give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ everyday; for you; for the work being done on your behalf and by you; and for the vision to be for the kingdom of God, greater today than we were yesterday, and planning to be even better in our spiritual and practical service to God tomorrow.
May you feel God's gratitude in your commitments to the service asked of us not just in any given stewardship campaign, but in a fashion that does not differentiate from October's - December's yearly campaign, but exists every week of the year. Stewardship truly is a year-long event that inspires us to give to God all that is required; ...your love.
May God truly bless you in all your senses that include Love....
My most sincere thanks, Fr. David +

One service only at 9:30 am 
Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 10  following one service that will begin at 9:30 am.  A pot-luck brunch will follow the meeting.  Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share.

Nominations for Vestry are now closed.  Four candidates have expressed their interest to serve:  Gabe Conn, Dr. Tess Garcia, David Henson and Elaine Marshall. 

We will hold a Ministry Fair during the fellowship after the Annual Meeting in the undercroft. All ministries are asked to prepare a poster presentation to advertise their ministry and to promote participation and raise awareness for the whole parish. More information will be forthcoming.

What_s Happeninng
Weekly Bible Study
Join us every Wednesday at 1:00 pm and the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7:00 pm for Bible Study.

Say "good bye" to the Lingrel family
A framed picture of Resurrection will be given to the Lingrel's as a gift from the parish when they leave later this winter. The picture is in the narthex for everyone to sign on the back along with a card.

"Souper" Bowl Party Tomorrow
Join us on February 3 to watch the big game at the Simpsons!   Arla and Bob have opened their beautiful home for a football celebration. A flyer and sign-up sheet are in the narthex.  Please bring a can of soup or other item for the Necessity Pantry.

Evening Eucharist Service begins February 17
The new Evening Eucharist Service will begin Sunday, February 17 at 5:30 pm. The service will be followed by a bread and soup fellowship reception. 

Save items for our Summer Garage Sale
We are planning a large Church Garage Sale for this summer. Please save your items now for donation later this year!
Monday, February 4 at 7 pm 
Holy Fools

Finding Faith through Fiction Book Club 
will meet next on  Monday, February 4 at 7 pm in the undercroft at the Church.  This month's  reading is Holy Fools  by Joanne Harris (she also wrote Chocolat!)

In the year 1605, a young widow, pregnant and alone, seeks sanctuary at the small Abbey of Sainte Marie-de-la-mer on the island of Noirs Moustiers off the Brittany coast. After the birth of her daughter, she takes up the veil, and a new name, Soeur Auguste. But the peace she has found in re-mote isolation is shattered five years later by the events that follow the death of her kind benefactress, the Reverend Mother.

Important events and dates

Sunday, February 3:  Souper Bowl party at the Simpsons (sign-up)
Monday, February 4:  Finding Faith Through Fiction Book Club at 7:00 pm
Tuesday, February 5:  LunchBunch at Bean Counter Cafe at 11:30 am; 
Sunday, February 10:  Annual Meeting (one service only at 9:30 am)
Sunday, February 17:  New evening Eucharist service at 5:30 pm