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TRUNK OR TREAT Trunk or Treat
Saturday, Oct. 26 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Join us in the church parking lot with your car trunk decorated for Halloween.  Feel free to dress for the occasion and bring some candy to hand-out.  There will be a gift card giveaway for the BEST decorated trunk. 

Contact Sarah States with any questions.  Let's grow our church community with this FUN outreach event!  Please invite your family, friends and neighbors.
This is the final Sunday for collecting new and gently used crew socks to put in our Blessing Bags and to give to those in need.

Warm socks are one of the most valued items for the needy as the weather gets colder.

Please bring your contributions to Church!
This year's theme is "Shining Our Light"
Shining our Light
This year's stewardship theme is "Shining Our Light."  That theme, taken from the fifth chapter of Matthew's Gospel, speaks to us as individuals and as a community of faith.  Individually, each of us is called to make sure we are letting God's light shine through our work, our friendships, our service and our giving. We are called to be light bearers. It is a powerful calling.

As a faith community, the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection must shine the light of Christ through our worship, welcoming, pastoral care and ministry to the wider community. How we use our time, talents, and treasure determines how brightly we are shining our light.

Through November you will hear from Fr. David and fellow parishioners. They will invite you to bless this parish with the gift of your generosity. 
This Sunday, October 27 following the 10:30 service

Fire Extinguisher As we continue our goals of being prepared as a safe church, our Emergency and Safety Planning Team will host a class presented by Firefighter Jason Conn. In the class we will learn about the different types of extinguishers and the importance of how to use them. This will also involve using fire extinguishers to actually extinguish fire in a controlled setting in the church parking lot.

Please plan on attending this important event.

Saturday, November 2 at St. Matthew's in Raytown
Confirmation and Reception
We will celebrate the rites of Confirmation and related affirmations with other parishes from the diocese at a service on Saturday, November 2, at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Raytown.

The parish is requested to participate by attending and jointly celebrating with our members who will be involved in this wonderful reception into the Episcopal tradition. 

Please pray for those who will be participating as we raise up: Angela and Cobina Lartson, John and Sarah States, and Jim and Nancy Newman. Car pooling can be arranged from our parish parking lot. 
On All Saint's Sunday, November 3
Rembering the Faithful Departed
We will remember our loved ones and friends who have entered into eternal life on Sunday November 3.

Please share names on the slips of paper provided in the pews, send them directly to Fr. David at the Church office, or click here to submit a name.
A message from Father David +

Fr. Lynch _
Reflecting on a news article and broadcast on NPR recently, we continue to hear about how churches are declining in number and in the number of people choosing not to participate in Christian traditions, or any organized religion for that matter.
I would like to share with you an article written by the Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of Kansas, the Rev. Canon Torey Lightcap.  In the recent publication of the "Harvest", the diocesan seasonal news letter, Canon Lightcap enlightens all of us to put into perspective what these numbers and data can really mean for practicing Christians in this era of wondering where there is real truth. I encourage all of us to digest what he is sharing with us in his writing.  My thanks to Torey+ for his permission to reprint his letter:
"In what has become an annual Eeyore Moment, the Research & Statistics arm of the Episcopal Church recently released the latest attendance numbers. You may want to sit down for this.   Over the ten-year period 2008-18, overall attendance in congregations was down about one-fourth, at -24.7%. That's slightly lower than for the Diocese of Kansas, at -29.9%, and a bit higher than the one for Province Seven, at -22.9%.

What do you make of those figures? Do they cause despair, self-pity, alarm? Turn you into Episcopal Eeyore? Make you want to run and hide like Winnie the Pooh from the Heffalump? Or do you figure to double down, and like the old cart horse in Animal Farm, vow to simply work harder every time the news gets worse? I'm only asking because maybe I did all of those things myself when I saw the numbers. Any one of those reactions seems perfectly normal. But give yourself a minute. Take a walk, get a cup of coffee, clear your head, say a prayer. Perhaps these numbers are not about Henny Penny at all. Perhaps this is simply a call for us to come to our senses.

First, consider the theology that often comes bundled with this news, and how so very often, it's just terrible theology that you might have to set aside for a more mature perspective. It's an attempt to theologize loss, which is human nature; but that doesn't mean it's true. For example, you don't have to believe that God is causing people to leave and that that's somehow a sanctioned testing of the church. In the same way, you don't have to give air to those who (sometimes gleefully) report this as divine punishment for being apostate.
Second, realize there are many ways to understand the reporting of numbers. If you are skilled, you can tease the true elements of a narrative from a column of numbers, but in and of themselves they will ever only tell a portion of the whole story. Perhaps we need new metrics. Even one meaningful encounter can turn a life to God, but not all stories can or should be quantified. Despairing over things that can be counted is easy; by contrast, tales of transformation and deep soul-work and real evangelism are harder to tally, but that doesn't make them any less important or joyous to behold!          

Third, trust Scripture for guidance. Today I find myself in John 15, where Jesus commends many things to his closest followers on the night preceding his death. Using a metaphor with which they are familiar, he reminds them that branches must be pruned to remain productive and healthy - that every fruit-bearing branch has to be pruned "to make it bear more fruit."It's easy to obsess on the pruning part and in the process forget about why it needs to happen, or indeed what shape that fruit may take.           

Fourth, remember, as Paul says so eloquently, that we don't grieve "as those who have no hope." We profess through creeds our belief in the resurrection. After years of repeating those words, perhaps it's time to ask in faith whether that was one time only and just for Jesus, or if a sense of resurrection and of a time beyond this temporary moment is also possible. May we pray for the vision to take us there. I am staked firmly to this vision both for myself and for "that wonderful and sacred mystery" known as the Church.         

Fifth and finally, we have each other, and apart from the power of God no greater tool exists for ministry. Together we have incalculable creativity, spirit, and love. We are deeply bound and obligated to one another in ways only God understands.

So do not despair. Look around you. Everything we need we have already been given, and this is cause for great joy. Thanks be to God!"

The Reverend Canon Torey Lightcap
Canon to the Ordinary; The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas
Classes presented after the 10:30 am service

Classes continue to learn more about the Episcopal Church, its tradition and history. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Classes are presented in the Children's Sunday School room after the 10:30 service (12:00 pm). Sessions last approximately an hour and half until 1:30 pm.
Sept. 15                                  Introductions and Church History
Sept 29                                   Holy Scriptures / Holy Sacraments (cancelled will make-up)
Oct. 6                                      Book of Common Prayer/Episcopal Tradition
Oct 13                                     Liturgy and Worship and Music
Oct 20                                     Prayer and Meditation
Oct 27                                     Church Structure and Wrap Up
Program sheets available in the Narthex

There are many ways to serve Christ's church through our outreach programs and internal parish programs. Please take a program sheet from the round table in the Narthex and identify if there are ministries and programs that speak to you. The program leader and vestry liaisons are listed with each program for you to inquire about how to get involved. Being involved is about stewardship. 

The gifts and talents that God has bestowed on us are meant to be shared with others. When we exercise our gifts and talents, we give back to God. May God continue to bless you as you bless others.

Trunk or Treat from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 26 in the church parking lot.

Fire Extinguisher Training on Sunday, October 27 in the parking lot following the 10:30 service.

Finding Faith through Fiction Book Club meets Monday, November 4 at 7:00 pm.  This month's read is The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson.

Lunch Bunch will meet on Thursday, November 7 at 11:30 am at Sam's Southern Eatery, 800 SW Clark in Blue Springs.
Necessity Pantry:     The pantry is looking for volunteers on the 2nd Tuesday (4-6 pm) and the 3rd Saturday (10 am - noon) of each month.  Call Pat Carle to help.
Put This on Your Calendar

Save Best Choice labels and Boxtops for Education:
Please clip and save Best Choice brand UPC labels and the Boxtops for Education for Resurrection.  Collection containers are located in the Narthex.

Bible Study every Wednesday afternoon at 1 pm in the Undercroft.