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Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

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Father David Lynch +

In my readings in preparation for this week's scripture review and sermon prep, I came across this commentary on Jesus "calming the storm" in Mark. I commend to you this brief but focused writing as it relates the scripture to the difficulties of living in our world today. As we struggle with finding truth from the media, and the endless events that cause us frustration, fear and uncertainty, we want to be able to turn to our faith for answers. All too often even finding answers from scripture is hard to discern, and hearing the same old verses, of "trust in God", keep the faith" or "don't lose hope" just don't seem to cut it, for calming the storms in our lives. I do believe that there are answers in scripture, and in our commitment to our faith, and we have to work at realizing it every day. Blessings to you as you digest the following article.
Beautify Church Grounds
A big thank you to our Gardening Angels for their hard work planting flowers and plants on the parish grounds that will flourish and edify our beautiful Church!

The Necessity Pantry at St. Michael's in Independence is asking for help the second Tuesday of each month from 4:00 - 6:00 pm and the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to Noon.  All pantry items are now stored on the first floor of the church, so there are no steps!

Monday, July 2 at 7 pm
The Finding Faith through Fiction Book Club will meet on Monday, July 2 at 7 pm to discuss this month's selection is "The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton. 

During a picnic at her family's farm in the English countryside, sixteen-year-old Laurel Nicolson witnesses a shocking crime, a crime that challenges everything she knows about her adored mother, Dorothy. Now, fifty years later, Laurel and her sisters are meeting at the farm to celebrate Dorothy's ninetieth birthday. Realizing that this is her last chance to discover the truth about that long-ago day, Laurel searches for answers that can only be found in Dorothy's past. Clue by clue, she traces a secret history of three strangers from vastly different worlds thrown together in war-torn London-Dorothy, Vivien, and Jimmy-whose lives are forever after entwined. A gripping story of deception and passion, The Secret Keeper will keep you enthralled to the last page.
Photos to be taken on Sept. 7 and 8
We have contracted with Lifetouch to create a new pictorial directory for our parish! 
Portraits will be taken on Friday, September 7 from 2 pm to 9 pm and on Saturday, September 8 from 10 am to 5 pm.
Each single/family will receive a free 8 x 10 portrait and a pictorial directory.  We want everyone's picture in our directory.  Save the date!!
Sign-up now in the narthex         
Chicago We have 20 tickets for the 8 pm, Sunday, September 16 performance of the Broadway musical "Chicago".  The tickets are in Level 6 and cost $29 each.
Please sign-up in the narthex if you would like to go and make your payment to the Church for the tickets.   
Saturday, July 28 at 11:00 am Deacon Jim Cummins

The Daughters of the King - Grace Chapter is hosting its annual luncheon on Saturday, July 28 at 11:00 am at the Church.   The luncheon is open to all ladies and their friends - please sign-up on the bulletin board by July 14.  Attendees are asked to bring a can food/dry good for donation.   Gentleman who would like to hear the speaker are invited to attend at 1:00 pm.
Speaker:   Deacon Jim Cummins - K2K Director
Mark Your Calendars
Important events and dates
See the  on-line calendar  for updates 

Thursday, June 28:  Vestry Meeting at 7:00 pm
Monday, July 2:  Finding Faith Through Fiction Book Club at 7:00 pm
No Vestry Meeting in July!
Saturday, July 28:  DOK Luncheon at 11:00 am; Speaker at 1:00 pm