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Saturday, June 15, 2019 Trinity Sunday
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Church Yard Sale
Thanks for all your hard work

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Church Yard Sale and to the many people who worked the event -  including picking up donations, sorting, organizing, pricing and selling.

More than $3,200 was raised for the church. JOB WELL DONE!!
St. Michael_s
Bring your donations tomorrow

The Necessity Pantry, sponsored by St. Michael's of Independence, is a joint outreach ministry of the Episcopal Churches in eastern Jackson County. 

Special needs for June include onions & potatoes, men's & women's deodorant, Depends sizes L & XL, toothbrushes and toothpaste, canned food and cleaned seasonal clothing.  Used, clean plastic bags are also needed to be used for distributions.   Monetary gifts are always gratefully appreciated.
From Fr. David+ Fr. Lynch _

While I am away please enjoy this message from Fr Jay Sidebotham.

Fr. David+

A parent recently told me of a conversation with a child on the way to church. The child, who could think of many things he'd rather be doing, was balking at attendance. He said to his parents: "I don't understand why we have to go to church. It's just he says stuff and we say stuff and he says stuff and then we say stuff. What's the point?" I wondered how many children of all ages think that about church.
I recently preached a homily at a service. For a variety of reasons, it was important that the service not go on too long. At the door, a friend, with a wink, congratulated me on my sermon. "Great sermon. Seven minutes, four seconds" I was commended for brevity, not profound theological insight or compelling challenge. Shucks.
When this cranky priest hears folks complain about services running long, I confess I wonder what would be a better use of one's time. I wonder about the ways we regard worship as consumer product, something meant to please us (or else). Why do people pull a u-turn in the grocery store aisle when they see me and haven't been to church in a while? A voice shouts (in my head): I didn't go to seminary to be a truant officer.
It's all got me thinking about how we approach worship. I'm a firm believer in worship 24/7, in church and outside of church. Barbara Brown Taylor calls it worshipping at the altar of the world. 

I've also come to realize that folks sometimes regard church attendance with the enthusiasm of a trip to the dentist. Often folks approach worship as if they are doing God a favor by stopping in. Folks sometimes judge church as entertainment, similar to a trip to the theater or movie or concert. If entertainment value is the basis of comparison, church will fall short. 
Early in my ministry, a wise mentor told me I needed to do two things in worship:
1. Keep worship to an hour.
2. Leave people more hopeful than when they came.
I've worked on both, and I do hope that the worship experience will not be terminally boring, that we can honor people's busy lives. But I also have had the experience of worship, especially when visiting churches of other traditions, and in other parts of the world when worship went on with a glorious indifference to the clock. In those times, I have often found an encounter with the Holy One that was deeper, richer, more joyous.
As we think about religious observance, why is it that so many folks tolerate church at best, a duty not a joy? Why do they scoot out as early as possible? Why are so many drifting or running away? There are many reasons, and many things we need to work on for sure. 
I confess as a priest that there have been times when I have been bored with liturgy I have been leading. That can only mean that I was boring people as well. As presider, I have taken for granted the awesome privilege, the amazing grace that we can come together to encounter the Holy One. I have often been distracted in worship, running through a to-do list in my head while mouthing words, hardly present to the moment. What would it mean for us to come with expectation that we might actually meet God, and that we might actually be changed in that encounter?
A priest I admire has this routine on Sundays. He gets to church well before the first service. All alone, he spends about an hour in the church in preparation for worship. He goes to the narthex and prays for the ushers. He stands in the pulpit and prays for grace in sermon delivery. He moves to the choir loft and prays for the musicians. In the sacristy, he gives thanks for the altar guild and prays for their work. He sits in the pew and prays for congregants who will offer their prayers and praise. In other words, he is elevating expectation for the encounter in worship.
That's his approach. What's yours? We can each find our own way to honor the great gift in being called to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Whether our worship is happy-clappy, rock and roll, ancient Anglican chant, contemplative silence, all provide opportunity to encounter the living God, to pray and praise and then to be sent into the world ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven.
Is there a better thing we could be doing with our time?
-Jay Sidebotham

You Can Make a Difference

If you are interested in assisting in either the nursery or Sunday school, please contact Fr. David.   There will be no Sunday school through the summer.  All children are welcome in church at all services and we w ill work to have a nursery avail able for families. 
Bunks Across America
Next meeting is Monday, July 1

The Finding Faith Through Fiction Book Club meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm to discuss a new book.   Looking ahead, here are the planned readings for the next couple of months:

July 1:  The Alpine Betraya l by Mary Daheim
August 5:  The Leisure Seekers by Michael Zadoorian

In  The Alpine Betrayal  editor-publisher Emma Lord finds  out that running a small-town newspaper is dangerous. When a local girl, Dani Marsh, returns to Alpine a star to shoot a Hollywood film, the tension in the air is so thick it crackles. Then at the annual Loggerama, Dani's former husband goes berserk and is later found dead. Reporting on on all the goings-on as the editor of the ADVOCATE, Emma begins to suspect that neither she nor the sheriff is getting the real story. Emma's nose for a story leads her straight into trouble.
A Spiritual Retreat for all Lay and Clergy
Episcopal Cursillo Ministry
  • It's an opportunity to grow in faith and in spirituality
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus and how we can serve Him
  • Experience living and sharing with others in a loving and caring Christian community and realizing that this can be extended into our own environment
  • A continuing community that gives support and encouragement to help Christians carry out their Baptismal Vows
The Episcopal Cursillo Weekend includes a time to experience living in a supportive Christian community that  includes fifteen talks, five meditations and a Eucharist every day.  Cursillo Weekend is not a retreat. It is an opportunity to meet clergy and laity seeking to strengthen our faith. It provides an environment to experience the reality of the gift of God's love through shared prayer, individual meditation, worship, study, fellowship, laughter, tears, and unconditional love. 

Please contact Fr. David if you have questions or would like to participate.
Donations being accepted

BCP Holy Bible NRSV
New prayer books and bibles are needed for our sanctuary and programs. Our goal is to buy 40 new bibles in a translation that is consistent to our tradition (NRSV with Apocrypha) and 20 new Books of Common Prayer to replace worn books and to have books in reserve for teaching and programs so we won't have to take books from the pews. The c ost per book is $18 for the BCP and $15 for each bible. Donations will be recognized with a bookplate sticker in the front of each book.  
Upcoming Events
Nourish KC, Monday, June 17
Resurrection will assist Nourish KC beginning at 10:30 am..

Daughters of the King, Monday, June 17
The DOK will meet at the Church at 7:00 pm.

LunchBunch on Tuesday, June 18
The LunchBunch will meet at Tiff and Jay's restaurant in Lee's Summit on Tuesday, June 18 at 11:30 am.  All women of the church are invited to attend.

June Vestry meeting date changed to June 19
The Vestry will meet at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, June 19

Service in the Park, Sunday, June 30
Joint Service and potluck in the Park with All Saints Lutheran on June 30 at 10:30 am

Necessity Pantry
Needed items include disposable razors, toothpaste and brushes, men's and women's deodorant, canned soup, cereals, feminine depends and pads S-M-L sizes and seasonal clothing.  Monetary gifts are also gratefully accepted. 

Save Best Choice labels and Boxtops for Education
Please clip and save Best Choice brand UPC labels and the Boxtops for Education for Resurrection.  Collection containers are located in the Narthex.

No Wednesday evening Bible Study during the summer.