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Thursday, July 9, 2020

10:30 am Sunday service outside on lawn
Sunday, July 12, 2020

Holy Eucharist Rite I at 8:00 am on-line   Church on the Lawn

Holy Eucharist Rite II at 10:30 am i n-person outside on the church lawn and also on-line

Virtual Fellowship at 9:30 am
Meeting ID:  938 3901 9363
Password:  849460
From Fr. David+
The longing for fellowship is foremost on my mind. As churches and every other organization of people struggle to open safely around the world, I am reminded of the importance of being physically together in community. Not seeing you, not hearing your voices, not being able to participate and be present to tell our stories, baptize our new Christians, provide healing and solace to our sick and injured and recovering, ...all things for what it means to live in community, ...I am saddened to my core.
Ministering for people involves all our senses. Not being able to discuss issues in person, provide guidance when there are differences of opinions and show you by my actions and physical nature, my emotions and all other visible feelings, I struggle, to say the least, in being your pastor. I pray every day, many times a day, for your safety and protection, and especially for the time when we feel comfortable enough to take the risks to come to church in person. In the midst, not only of this pandemic, but in the mire of the protesting for equality for all people, challenges for our law enforcement agencies and not the least of which our social-political divisions and differences, we may find it difficult to know what our faith tradition stands for, not just as Episcopalians, but as individuals who want to know truth.
Because we are "physically" apart, it is too easy for anyone to assume things that are not true, to imagine difficulties that do not exist, to potentially think that because no one will notice, it could be a good time to leave this congregation based on ill feelings due to the current events and misinformation.

An emergency meeting was called by Bishop Martin Field on Thursday to get the opinions of all the clergy and members of the Diocesan Council and Standing Committees to provide guidance regarding if and when to open our parish doors for services. This was prompted by the decisions made in the Diocese of Missouri (St. Louis) to close ALL church doors indefinitely based in the resurgence of the covid disease in their region.
The current policy in place for our diocese is for the clergy of each parish to publish to the Canon of the Ordinary any plans to open their church for services following the CDC, State and local community guidelines. This has led to several church openings requiring strict adherence to wearing masks, observing social distancing and stating in their plan how the church and all resources will be cleaned, and how safe practices following the current guidelines will be followed. This has allowed churches in communities with minimal cases of disease and death, and those communities with declining cases of disease and death, to be responsible for making the decision to open and follow documented safe practices for worship.
The discussions at this meeting showed to me that decisions were varied based on the demographics of this pandemic as described above. In most cases churches have found alternative ways for conducting "church", many electronically, in the parking lot or church yard and others by making the decision to meet in person. The common statement made by those churches who are meeting in person is that their attendance is less than one quarter of an average attended service on that church's best day. Several other clergy identified a consistent and in some cases, a resurgence of new people participating in their modified worship programs.
This information tells me that where churches have opened and made available "in-person" worship, people are making choices based on their comfort levels to participate.
There is no question in my mind that if we opened our parish this Sunday with an assurance that all safety measures were to take place, we too, would have a small showing of people willing to risk exposure in this uncertain time. This, allowing for individual choices and decisions to do so, based on comfort levels.
Here is the key and most significant part to all of this discussion. We can indefinitely keep the doors to Resurrection closed and continue with our current offerings of modified worship, until at which time there is a tested antibody, or vaccine available and being used to protect against and treat this covid virus. With the uncertainty of when that could happen, I remain cautious with any decision to open our doors for "in-person" worship. Setting the date of September 13th is a soft decision based on the conditions as that date comes closer. Setting that date does put the wheels in motion to prepare our church building to be ready, physically and with the appropriate measures for how to personally keep safe.
I encourage prayer from all of you for what the future holds, for guidance and perseverance, and for reassurance that Christ is in the midst of all of this. I am so thankful to all of you for your patience and fortitude and for the work you continue to do to reach out to others, write letters, make phone calls and in other ways to remind all of us that we are still a parish community that is alive and spiritual in our faith. May God continue to grant us by grace the knowledge of love and presence.                      
Fr. David+

Pour a glass or cup of your favorite libation, log on to your electronic device and share in Zoom fellowship with your Resurrection friends at 9:30 am this Sunday. ZOOM

We are now capable of broadcasting to both our parish Facebook page AND YouTube. To access  Resurrection's You Tube channel you can type in Episcopal Church of Blue Springs, MO in the "search" box on the You Tube site and it will take you directly to the channel. Once on the channel you must "subscribe" to get live video. 

Ian McIntosh, husband of Joyce McIntosh, and both long time and well-loved members of Resurrection, will celebrate his 90th birthday on July 22. Ian has Alzheimer's and coupled with the stay-in-place recommendations and the inability to venture to most anywhere, both Ian and Joyce are quite secluded. How wonderful it could be if we surprised Ian with a deluge of birthday cards?  Please consider sending Ian your birthday wishes at  441 Stageline Road, Apt. 272;  Hudson, WI  54016.

In our recent Vestry meeting we agreed to set a tentative date of Sunday September 13 to reopen the church for services.   Because we plan to continue broadcasting, we plan to only broadcast the 10:30 am Rite II service beginning on that date. The 8:00 am service will be available for those who desire not to be part of the broadcast as a parishioner.   Safety remains our utmost priority in all of our planning. Please stay tuned.

The re-opening planning team is interested in your suggestions and concerns that you would  like addressed before you decide to come back to the church building for services. Please email  Richard Conn at  randgconn@sbcglobal.net  with your comments and ideas.
Men's Group July 16 at 6:30 pm
The parish Men's fellowship group is invited to the Biggs' ranch for food, libation, swimming and a chance to just "shoot the breeze" together (following the COVID virus guidelines of course)
Date: July 16th
Time: 6:30 pm
Specifics: Bring sandals or shower slippers to wear around the pool along  with towel, bathing suit, etc... Bring your own meat to cook on  the grill and a beverage to share!
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