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Second Sunday after the Epiphany
Second Sunday after the Epiphany
Saturday, January 19, 2019
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New Organ
Hear it for the first time this Sunday! 

Our new Johannus Ecclesia D-470 organ has arrived and was  installed this week by Gerald Oehring & Associates of Omaha. This Sunday is the first time to experience our new organ with joy and excitement as we celebrate worship together!

Sincere  thanks to Vaughn Scarcliff, Les Woodward, the Conn's, Buzz Atkinson and many others for helping to get our church ready for this wonderful new instrument.  And also thanks to the people of Resurrection who quickly came together to contribute significant funds to acquire this new organ.  Thanks be to God!

This Sunday, January 20 

The Necessity Pantry in-gathering is this  Sunday, January 20.  Requested donations include t oothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, Women's Depends (L & XL), men's and women's deodorant, denture cleaner, canned soup, cereal, and seasonal clothing.  Monetary gifts are also appreciated.  Last year Resurrection members contributed $877 in cash to the Pantry!!
The Epiphany Season

The Epiphany season is four to nine weeks, lasting from the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan. 6) through the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The length of the season varies each year according to the date of Easter.

The gospel stories of this season describe various events that manifest the divinity of Jesus. The coming of the Magi is celebrated on the Epiphany. The Baptism of our Lord is observed on the Sunday after Epiphany. The gospels for the other Sundays of the Epiphany season describe the wedding at Cana (this Sunday), the calling of the disciples, and various miracles and teachings of Jesus. The Last Sunday after the Epiphany is always devoted to the Transfiguration. Jesus' identity as the Son of God is dramatically revealed in the Transfiguration gospel, as well as the gospel of the  baptism of Christ.

We are called to respond to Christ in faith through the showings of his divinity recorded in the gospels of the Epiphany season!

A little History and Tradition:
The general topic of the Epiphany and the season that follows is Jesus' manifestation of Himself as God. (The word epiphany is Greek for manifestation, and we use it to mean realization.) In most churches, Bible readings and sermons during this time of the year deal with Jesus' identity.
In the eastern Church, Epiphany commemorates the Baptism of Our Lord. In the western Church, Epiphany commemorates the star and the arrival of the wise men, and the following Sunday is the Baptism of Our Lord.

Epiphany (the day) began in the eastern Church as the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus Christ. As the celebration of Christmas spread eastward, Epiphany changed to its present meaning. Some Oriental Christians have not yet acquired Christmas. For them, Epiphany, which they celebrate on January 6 of the Julian calendar, continues to be the celebration of the Nativity.

For lectionary purposes, the Season after the Epiphany begins on the Epiphany, which is January 6, and ends on the day before Lent. The eastern Church calculates the date of Easter and the length of Lent differently from the western Church.  The purpose of the liturgical calendar is to relive the major events in Jesus' life in real time. To fulfill the requirements of Leviticus 12:2-8, Mary had to present Jesus at the Temple and offer a sacrifice. According to Luke 2:22-24, she did just that. If Jesus was born on Dec. 25, then this would have occurred on Feb. 2. Therefore, Feb. 2 is known in the historic church as The Presentation or The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple.   Roughly speaking, the western Church consists of Protestants, Catholics, and Anglicans. The eastern Church consists of the Eastern Orthodox churches, the Oriental Orthodox churches, and the eastern-rite churches affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

I am always enlightened when I review our roots and history. I hope you are too after reading!

Blessings,   Fr. David +

What_s Happeninng
Saying "good bye" to the Lingrel family
A framed picture of Resurrection will be given to the Lingrel's as a gift from the parish when they leave later this winter. The picture is in the narthex for everyone to sign on the back along with a card.

"Souper" Bowl Party
 Join us on February 3 to watch the big game at the Simpsons!   Arla and Bob have opened their beautiful home for a football celebration. A flyer and sign-up sheet are in the narthex.

Evening Eucharist Service
The new Evening Eucharist Service will begin Sunday, February 17 at 5:30 pm. The service will be followed by a bread and soup fellowship reception. 
Annual Meeting
One service only at 9:30 am 

The Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 10  following one service that will begin at 9:30 am.  A pot-luck brunch will follow the meeting.  Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share.

Nominations for Vestry are now closed.  The deadline for nominations was the end of December. Three candidates have expressed their interest to serve: Gabe Conn, David Henson and Elaine Marshall. Bios will be published and made available for the congregation to read that express their desire to serve.

We will hold a Ministry Fair during the fellowship after the Annual Meeting in the undercroft. All ministries are asked to prepare a poster presentation to advertise their ministry and to promote participation and raise awareness for the whole parish. More information will be forthcoming.

For BackSnack Program 

The Outreach Committee is looking for help with the BackSnack program

Harvesters Food Network
Volunteers are needed to pick-up the large empty bins from Thomas Ultican Elementary School and return them to the church on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday each week during the school day.  The bins are an awkward size, but not too heavy, and can be stacked and fit in the back seat of most cars.

Additional volunteers are needed to deliver 3 heavy packed bins to the school (usually on Friday morning.)  This requires an SUV or truck and strength to lift the bins.   If you are able to help, please contact Pat Carle at 228.5312.
Friday Night Fun
Game Night on January 25 

Join us for free family fun every Friday evening at 6:30 pm through February 1, 2019, at the Church.  Bring a friend!

Next Friday event is Game Night on January 25.  Bring a snack to share and a game to play. Many other games will be available to play (for all ages.)

January 25 - Game Night
February 1 - BINGO
See David Swant to help 

If you can scramble and cook eggs, fry bacon, stir-cook, flip pancakes and would enjoy some friendly fellowship while you do it....you are invited and encouraged to help out with our First Sunday Breakfasts Although this has traditionally been a ministry of the men of the Church, ladies are welcome to participate as well.  

David Swant has been coordinating and facilitating this incredible fellowship ministry and needs additional help.  More folks are needed on the several teams that divide up the calendar year to make this ministry possible.  Please consider volunteering!
Monday, February 4 at 7 pm 
Holy Fools

Finding Faith through Fiction Book Club 
will meet next on  Monday, February 4 at 7 pm in the undercroft at the Church.  This month's  reading is Holy Fools  by Joanne Harris (she also wrote Chocolat!)

In the year 1605, a young widow, pregnant and alone, seeks sanctuary at the small Abbey of Sainte Marie-de-la-mer on the island of Noirs Moustiers off the Brittany coast. After the birth of her daughter, she takes up the veil, and a new name, Soeur Auguste. But the peace she has found in re-mote isolation is shattered five years later by the events that follow the death of her kind benefactress, the Reverend Mother.

Important events and dates

Sunday, January 20:  Necessity Pantry In-gathering
Monday, January 21:  DOK at 7:00 pm
Sunday, February 3:  Souper Bowl party at the Simpsons (sign-up)
Monday, February 4:  Finding Faith Through Fiction Book Club at 7:00 pm
Tuesday, February 5:  LunchBunch at Bean Counter Cafe at 11:30 am; 
Sunday, February 10:  Annual Meeting (one service only at 9:30 am)
Sunday, February 17:  New evening Eucharist service at 5:30 pm