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Grow in God's grace. Love with all our heart. Serve with all our strength. 
A Word from Pastor Tom
Dear Friends in Christ,

Recently the Dallas Morning News reported on the release of 65 year-old Ceasar Ronavaz from Medical City McKinney after being treated for Covid-19 for 103 days. At several points during his long journey, medical professionals feared that Ronavaz was near death, but each time he pulled through. Ceasar credits his nurse Celeste Giannelli for a turning point in his recovery process. After spending 60+ days in his hospital room, she sensed that Ronavaz desperately needed a break. Giannelli wrapped Ceasar in blankets and wheeled him outside to bask in the sunshine and fresh breezes for a few minutes. That experience helped Ronavaz realize “how beautiful life is. It’s an awesome thing. Being outside reminded me how much I care about being alive.”
Even in the midst of our current challenges, the story of Ceasar Ronavaz and Celest Giannelli is a reminder that seemingly little things can be life-altering. They can remind us of the best gifts of God. Maybe a stroll about the neighborhood, or a prayer walk in one of our lovely area parks, or a moment by an open window to breathe in fresh air can be a reminder of the ever-present Holy Spirit at work in our lives. Or perhaps attending RISE UP outdoor 8 a.m. worship some Sunday or indoor blended worship in the Sanctuary beginning October 25, 9:30 a.m. may be a reminder of “how beautiful life is” in God’s presence. Of course not everyone is able to regather in these ways, and so we will continue to offer inspiring online worship (just seeing the children’s ZOOM choir this past Sunday online was an awesome moment for me! Thank you, Abbey, Henry, Kenley, Camille, Campbell, James, Mami, Austin, Cooper, Lizzie, Grayson, Macy, Deanna and Anastasia!!).
Whatever it is for you, we can experience life right now. Jesus prayed it best - This is eternal life: to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you sent” (John 17:3). We will explore this prayer more this Sunday – but until then, I pray that you might take a moment to bask in the radiance of God’s sunshine and presence and experience the beauty of life today.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Tom
P.S. Just a reminder that our next phase of regathering will begin October 25. In short:
  1. Due to popular demand, we will continue to RISE UP outdoors at 8 a.m. as long as weather permits
  2. Also beginning at 8 a.m., prerecorded Traditional and Modern services will be available on the FUMC and Elevate Facebook pages respectively (prayer concerns shared through the chat feature will be prayed for by staff and our prayer team throughout the week)
  3. In person Sanctuary blended worship at 9:30 a.m. will be also available via live stream so persons can also worship remotely via the FUMC Facebook page. NOTE: in-person services require mask-wearing and pre-registration (for our planning and communication in case someone tests positive for Covid-19). Thank you in advance for helping us provide the safest and most sustainable worship experience possible. 
P. P.S. As we continue our faith journey toward dismantling racism in all of its various forms, our Church and Society Committee is seeking to gauge interest in congregational activities designed to assist us in this endeavor. Would you please take a moment to fill out this brief questionnaire? https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CWWVXKG
Join us for Online Worship
this Sunday,
October 18

Jesus' School of Prayer -
"THE Lord's Prayer"

John 17:1-3; 6-11; 15-26
9:30 am: Traditional Worship on Facebook Live
11:00 am: Elevate Modern Worship on Facebook Live

Remember to click on LIKE to let us know that you are participating.
We encourage you as an individual or a family unit to dialogue
more about the sermon through this helpful curriculum guide.
8:00 am: Rise Up Worship
(please register by midnight Friday)

Note when registering use either Firefox or Chrome browser. You will click NEXT twice, and then REGISTER to complete the process. You will then receive an email thanking you for the registration.

In-Person, Indoor Blended Worship ...

resumes on Sunday, October 25 and will be also available via live stream so persons can also worship remotely via the FUMC Facebook page. NOTE: in-person services require mask-wearing and pre-registration (for our planning and communication in case someone tests positive for Covid-19).

Registration will be open weekly from Sunday through Wednesday. You will receive a confirmation and a ticket (email will come from eSPACE). Please have the ticket available (via phone or paper) for check-in on Sunday morning.

Please read this important document to see what to expect.
Click here to watch the October 11 Traditional service or
click here for Elevate service.
Weekly ZOOM Meetings

Pastor Tom's Bible Study - Wednesdays at 10:30 am. "Dynamite in Small Packages." Click here.

Children's Learn and Sing - Sundays at 10:30 am. Click here.
(Beginning October 25, new time will be 10:45 am.)

Adult Bible Study - Wednesdays:at 5:30 pm. Click here.
Student Ministry - Middle School & High School at 10:30 am. Click here.
(Beginning October 25, new time will be 10:45 am.)
This Week
Bible Sunday

This Sunday, October 18 is Bible Sunday! If you are in 3rd grade this year we will have a Bible for you. There are a few different ways that you can receive your Bible.
  1. You can register to attend the Rise Up service and receive your Bible in person.
  2. You can have your Bible delivered to you.
  3. You can come up to church after the 11am service to pick up your Bible.

Please let me, Ms. Kathy kbraem@fumccoppell.org, know which option you would like so I can prepare for that day.
Families, mark your calendars! 

We are excited to announce that our next WOW worship service, will be held on Sunday, November 1, at 3:30 pm on the patio of the Ministry Center (weather permitting). Families will have the opportunity to worship together in person or virtually. If you choose to attend in person, families are asked to bring chairs or a blanket to sit on, to wear masks and to social distance from other families. This is a worship service that is geared specifically to families with children that will include special music, activities, and a message that is kid-friendly! It’s a great way to spend some time with God and your church family! All families are welcome to join us!
Worship Notes
Frequently Asked Questions

Several questions were received through the comments section of our recent survey.
Here are answers to the most common questions:
Why is there just one service?
Guided by our medical professionals and regathering team, we wanted to do everything in our power to ensure that once we began to regather again for worship in doors, it would be a safe and quality experience. From our research, we believe that our largest room (Sanctuary) could best accommodate the numbers of people who elected to initially regather in person. By focusing our resources (person-power and financial), we have been able to equipped the sanctuary with a new air purification system that will address concerns with aerosol spread and provide a quality live-streaming experience for those who wish to worship remotely. Our next step will be doing the same in the Ministry Center, insuring a safe, quality Modern worship experience as well. Until then, we will offer a blend of traditional and modern elements in the Sanctuary. 
How will singing be handled?
The one service will be a more blended service offering both hymns and praise songs with an ensemble playing. The conference guidelines regarding singing are that we not offer congregational singing, but we are not going to discourage you from singing along or humming, as long as you have your mask on. Special music will be offered live and recorded.
How will communion be handled?
We will offer prepackaged communion on the first Sundays to those individuals’ in-person and drive through communion to all after the service has completed. For the near future, we will not offer communion by intinction.
Will there be a nursery available?
Right now our Director of Children’s Ministries is evaluating all the protocols to be able to offer nursery care and it is our hope to offer a Nursery in the very near future. That said, children are welcomed and hopefully will be a part of the service. They bring an excitement and vitality that we need. Children’s time will still take place, just with the children seated with their families.
Modern Worship?
Again, we hope to offer an in-person service soon. Once we have equipped that space with similar purification equipment and make sure our protocols are working, Modern Worship will be our next step.
When will Learning Groups be allowed back in?
Our adult classrooms are not very large and with the physical distancing recommendations, we cannot accommodate very many in attendance. Our Trustees approved preparing our larger classrooms where we can offer in-person and Zoom at the same time, allowing a larger group to participate as well as those that are out of town.
Will the Outdoor Worship continue?
At this time the plan is for the 9:30, in-person service to replace the outside service, especially with the cooler weather and time change approaching. It also requires additional volunteers to staff all the stations and sound demands. We will monitor this closely though and bring back outdoor worship if necessary.
Will we have to wear masks?
As a way of insuring that persons that are even more vulnerable are welcome, Bishop McKee has required that congregants properly wear a facemask at all indoor worship services. At this time, all those on the chancel area will have on clear masks leading music and preaching.
Will online worship continue?
YES! We are committed to continuing to provide an excellent experience online. We will be pre-recording both a Modern Worship Service and a more Traditional Worship service going forward. We have made a significant investment in equipment to be able to livestream and we are reaching people from literally, around the world. The biggest challenge right now is figuring out how to minister and be the church to all of these worshippers.
I do not have a Facebook account, can you offer services another way?
You do NOT have to have a Facebook account or profile to watch the service. When the email goes out you can just click on the link and it will allow you to participate. We are also exploring other venues to offer our online services.

Additional Questions please contact the church office, 972.462.0471
Adult Ministry
For those of you that may like to know more about FUMC Coppell, her history, DNA, Methodism, vision/focus for the future, and opportunities for spiritual growth, this class is the NEXT STEP for you.

This brief but informative prerequisite for church membership will look at Methodism from the prism of how it fits into Christendom, along with Methodist distinctives, and then we will explore more fully FUMC Coppell and what makes her unique – history, mission, vision and how you can be involved in moving the church forward as a disciple of Jesus Christ. At this time the class will be on zoom and be led by Pastors Beth, Sumesh and Tom.
Sign up by clicking on this link and the zoom link will be sent to you.
Learning Groups and Life Groups

During this time of social distancing and building closure, many of the groups are meeting by zoom, or outside at a place that can accommodate the social distancing in relationship to the size of the group. Please contact the following people to find a group that will help you develop in your faith as a disciple of Christ:

Learning Groups – Terry Settle, sasharags@aol.com
Life Groups – Steve and Julia Moomau, steve_moomau@yahoo.com
Student Ministry

More information and links can be found in this week's
The Table is in person this week!

We will still be meeting outside the Ministry Center, mainly on the patio, starting at 4:30 with games, and 5 for dinner/hangout time. The message will be at 5:45, and you can join on Zoom or watch on Instagram (@fumccsm).
What to bring:
-A chair or blanket to sit on
-Water Bottle
-Bug Spray
-Wear a mask
We still need some yard's apart hosts! Your host spot can be in the front yard, back yard or the driveway! Also if you'd like to host from 5-6 (or 4:30-5:30) instead of 4-5, you can do that too, just let us know in your sign up comment.

Stephen Ministry
Are You Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue?

Are you feeling exhausted from all the disruptions to life brought on by the pandemic? Are you or someone you know struggling with challenges like . . .
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Anxiety over health
  • Grief due to many different kinds of losses
  • Tension from juggling work, childcare, and schooling
  • Financial strain or job loss
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Other unexpected life challenges?

If so, you don’t have to face it alone. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support.

A Stephen Minister will meet with you privately—by phone, by video chat, or, if safely possible, in person—to offer care and support. It’s free and completely confidential. For more information, call our church office (972-462-0471).
October Mission of the Month is designated for Christ Foundry. Located in Dallas, this mission is the second largest Spanish-language United Methodist congregation in the United States. Our church is one of 8 partner North Texas United Methodist churches that support Christ Foundry and help to feed the hungry and unemployed of their surrounding community during the pandemic.
To support this mission, make checks payable to FUMC with memo “Christ Foundry” or you can TEXT 2 GIVE. Text FUMCC to 73256. You will receive a link and simply follow the instructions.
Coppell Cares Weekend Backpack Program

We need volunteers to help assemble and pack the weekend backpack food items. Click here to sign up. If you have a group that would like to volunteer on a different day or time, please contact Julia Moomau at julia_moomau@yahoo.com. Questions? Contact Sally McCurdy at sallymccurdy@verizon.net.
Austin Street Center team is in crucial need of volunteers for our weekly teams. Once a month you provide 24 sandwiches, 24 hard boiled eggs, and 24 pieces of fruit. Three times a year you travel to Austin Street on a Saturday morning to deliver breakfast. This is a wonderful and very rewarding family opportunity to serve. If you can help with all or any of the volunteer tasks please contact Fawn Marshall at fawniece@gmail.com.
Caregiving Heroes
The mission of Caregiving Heroes l is to provide support and education to family and friends in our community who are assisting loved ones with aging or other concerns. We do this by providing valuable local resources, understanding and compassionate support.
If your loved one is or has been in a facility during COVID, your voice has a chance of being heard - please complete the survey below about visits to LTC facilities. This is your chance to have input into advocacy for visiting your loved ones in facilities!
The Texas Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is asking for feedback from visitors on expanded visitation in long-term care facilities. Responses will be shared for purposes of advocacy to restore a resident's right to visitation.
The survey includes 22 multiple choice and fill in the blank questions. The survey will close on October 31, but they are requesting responses as soon as possible.