As we come together as a congregation once again, it has reminded us of the many things for which we’re grateful. For that reason, we’ve decided to celebrate a Season of Gratitude here at St. James’s. 

 For starters, we’re grateful for being able to worship in person again—with no restrictions (Not to mention having the option of worshipping online too.)
💗 We’re grateful for the company of friends old and new.
💗 We’re grateful for our beautiful church—and the abundant blessings from God
we celebrate here.
💗 And we’re grateful for every single person who has supported our church family throughout
the pandemic.
 During these past 15 months, your generosity has been essential to this special place. And we’re thanking everyone who donated not just your treasure--but your time and talents too--despite the challenges of the pandemic. Because of what you gave, we were able to reopen in a healthy place financially, spiritually, and in all other ways.
 During this special Season of Gratitude, we’ll be thinking about all the things we’re grateful for. We invite you to do the same--and to share those things with your fellow parishioners. Stay tuned for more details about our Season of Gratitude

And, of course, thank you.
Monday, May June 14th
Community Yoga, Beginner: on pause for June
Community Yoga Level 1: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
contact Sarah Eck

Wednesday, June 16th
Communion in The Garden: 5:30 pm
A short communion service in the Memorial Garden.

Thursday, June 17th
Men’s Bible Study Breakfast: 7:30 am
contact Drew Lichtenberger 

What’s on Summer Vacation?...And what’s not?

These groups will continue to meet during the Summer:
Brown Bag Book Club
Men’s Bible Study Breakfast
Community Yoga 

These groups will NOT continue to meet during the Summer:
Women’s Bible Wisdom Bible Study
Living Faith Bible Study 
Tuesday’s Readers
Lectionary Ladies

For more information, go to the Calendar at 
This week's eChimes features
  • Share the word of God
  • Baptisms are back
  • Communion in the garden
  • Join Parish Retreat wait list
  • Help us say "Hello" on Sunday mornings
  • Stephen Ministry is here for you
  • Scholarship Opportunity
  • Help us research our history
  • Adult Summer Camp
  • Passion Play 2022 Cruise has an opening
  • St. James's App is back
  • Amazon Smile
  • Subscribe to YouTube
  • The recently deceased
  • In Our Prayers this week
Our Summer Plans
Raise your voice.
Share the word of God. 

Now that we’re having Sunday services again in our lovely sanctuary, we find ourselves in need of more volunteer lectors (especially over the summer season). So for all of you not-so-shy folks out there, please consider the joys of leading the congregation in the reading of the lessons. 

If you’re interested, please contact Mary Brown, Executive Assistant to the Clergy, via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 804-355-1779, ext. 313. Thanks so much!
Baptisms in the church are
back starting in August

We’re very excited to announce that, based on the new Diocesan protocols--and the reopening of the sanctuary--baptisms will once again be offered as part of our worship services on Sunday mornings in August, October, and November. 

Please contact Becky Page at or a member of the clergy for more information about scheduling your child’s baptism.
Communion in the Garden
 is a special way to spend a Wednesday evening.  

Standing in the shade of four towering Crepe Myrtle trees, more and more people are showing up each Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm for a short but meaningful Eucharistic service in the Memorial Garden. In addition to communion, there’s a reading, a homily, and warm fellowship. Come join long-time parishioners, young families, teenagers and everyone in between for a few minutes of peace, learning and communion with our Lord. 
WOW! The Fall Parish Retreat, scheduled for October 22-24 at Shrine Mont, is completely booked up. Thanks to everyone who signed up so quickly. This may be the fastest we’ve ever sold out a Parish Retreat. 

If you registered, expect to get information about the event in the near future. 

If you would like to join the wait list, click here.
Calling all friendly cookie bakers!
Help us say “Hello!” every Sunday with homemade cookies.

Every Sunday throughout the summer we’ll be setting up a welcome/hello table outside the church where people can touch base and have questions answered about upcoming events, like the Fall Parish Retreat.

If you’d like to volunteer for this welcoming ministry (including baking cookies!) sign up here. No limit. Volunteer as much as you’d like.
Other News
For those times when you need support, Stephen Ministry is eager to help.
Over the last year, nine members of St. James’s trained to become Stephen Ministers. They’re eager to provide caring, encouraging, Christian support for anyone experiencing difficult times, including you.

Difficult times can mean a lot of things—like dealing with the stress of the pandemic, But it can also include other things like grieving a loss, being ill or unemployed, or maybe it’s a sadness you just can’t shake. Whatever it is, our Stephen Ministry is here to help.

Find out how to receive free confidential, Christian care by contacting our clergy or our Stephen Ministry Care Receiver Coordinator, Jane Dowrick,
College Scholarship Available for 2021-2022 Academic Year

Funding for the Scott-Taliaferro Scholarship is given through the generosity of Mrs. Thomas Branch Scott, Jr. and Lucy Nelson Taliaferro in memory of their parents and grandparents, and Dr. and Mrs. Richard Michaux.
The Scott-Taliaferro Scholarship was created to provide financial aid for the undergraduate college education of St. James’s members. The scholarship awards are based on need and service to the community.

Applicants must submit a personal letter which includes the objectives or purposes for pursuing a college education, financial need and any other sources of funding, a description of family (e.g. number of household members), and a description of service efforts (e.g. church, community, and school). Only one recipient is allowed per household.

Please submit application letters to John Conrad--Junior Warden, c/o Mary Brown, St. James’s Episcopal Church, 1205 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23220. Letters may also be submitted electronically to [email protected].

All application letters are due by July 1st
You can help us uncover
St. James's rich history. 

Do you have research or writing skills? Are you interested in the racial history of St. James’s and wondering how you can help? Our Racial Justice and Reconciliation Formation Team (RJR) is beginning Part II: Reconstruction & Post-Reconstruction (1865-1900) of our parish history project and would love you to join our ministry.

The work will include combing through records and documents in print and online from your home and/or at libraries and museums. We’ve already uncovered fascinating and revealing information about our history—and we look forward to learning even more with your help.
High schoolers and adult parishioners are welcome. 

Contact Alice Tousignant if you’re interested and/or have questions.
Summer Camp for Grownups is an adventure for the soul too. 
Summer Camp for Grownups is a four-day event at Shrine Mont that features all things you’d expect from a camp-style experience for the “mature set” --bonfires, swimming, golf, hiking, swimming and shopping. 
But it also features a learning process called the 12 Practices of The Habits of Heroes, which utilizes a multi-sensory method of voice/music/visuals for following the three parts of the Journey of the Labyrinth. The man who created the program, the Rev. Jeff Patnaude, assistant rector at Grace Kilmarnock, will be on hand to bring the program to life. 
The event is from July 17 - 20. To register or get more information about for Summer Camp for Grownups, go here. There will a second event in the fall too, from October 3 - 6.  
THE PASSION PLAY 2022 Cruise has an open cabin. 

A group of St. James’s parishioners are taking a Viking Cruise to Oberammergau and one of the cabins has become available. The group will see the world-famous Passion Play and then cruise the Danube, from July 17-24, 2022. Interested?

Call Melinda Davis (201-803-4788) or Dave Johnson (804-310-4688) ASAP. This is not a church-sponsored trip.
The St. James’s App
is back! 

Want an easy way to watch the Sunday service on your phone? There’s an App for that. Want to read the eChimes, view the calendar or watch past sermons on your tablet? There’s an App for those things too. The St. James’s App has been updated and it’s ready to make your life easier. You can see the bulletins for the services, refer to the book of common prayer, even make a pledge. Click on your preferred button to download our app.
Support St. James’s without it costing you a penny. 

There’s an easy way to support St. James’s while you’re doing something else. When you're shopping on Amazon, go to, instead. Once you’re there, designate St. James’s as the program you’re supporting, then a percentage of every purchase you make on Amazon will go the church. Easy-peezy. 
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Parishioners who passed away recently

Thomas M. Miller (passed away 6/9/2021)
We commend Tom to God’s love.

If you would like information on how to reach out to the loved ones of the deceased, please do not hesitate to contact the church office. 

Click here to see the names of those we're remembering in our prayers this week.

We do our best to keep this list current, but if you want your name added or removed, please contact Mary Brown or call her at 804-355-1779, ext. 313.

Do you have our App?
You can always find the eChimes at