Sunday, March 4, 2018
Weekly Services and Events:

Sunday Services
8am Rite II Holy Eucharist
10:30am Rite II Holy Eucharist

Join us
Parish Breakfast - 9am in the Parish Center
Sunday School - 9:30am All Ages
Tower Time - After 10:30am Service (Church Lounge)

Lenten Supper Wednesday Nights 6:00pm in the Parish Center
Christian Education - Lent 2018 - Becoming Disciples (Read More)

Wednesday Services
8:30am Day School Eucharist 
5:30pm Healing Eucharist

Soups in Lent
Thank you to our Soup Chefs This Week - 2/28
Ruth Cook -Roasted Cauliflower
Kim Allemand - Gumbo
Susan Beaudin - Pasta Fagioli
David Rottmann - Smoked Brisket Chili

Soup $5 per person, conversation priceless!
We are looking for one more
Soup Chef for Wednesday March 7. During Lent we share soup and bread together on Wednesday Night - Please   click here to sign up if you can bring a pot of soup to share or please call the church office.
Becoming Disciples
Lent 2018
Christian Education
Sunday Mornings:
On Sunday mornings, we will begin at the beginning. How can we think about our own discipleship without studying the original disciples, the 12...or is it 13? Stories from scripture, combined with early written histories, as well as local legends, provide the best picture we have available to sketch out biographies of Jesus’ original followers. Andrew, James, John, and even Judas have stories to tell us. We will hear them, this Lent, on Sunday mornings. 

Wednesday Nights:
On Wednesday Nights we will go one step further. We will think about what it might mean to be and become disciples ourselves. It IS the call of the Gospel, but not one we always take very seriously. Jesus did not die and rise for us in order for us to try to be nice people, good parents, or fair in our business dealings. He came that we might seek the abundant life which is only available to those who truly attempt to do his will and continue his work. It is a challenge, of course, but it is also the most lasting joy that we can find.

A Holy Lent:
Finally we encourage you to make a special effort to attend Christian Ed. during Lent. It makes a great down payment on the promise we make on Ash Wednesday, to observe a Holy Lent, and our observance makes the celebration of Easter much more joyous when it comes.    
Paws for Books
The Scholastic Book Fair will be open Wednesday February 28.  Half of all sales will benefit the SJEDS Library. Thank you to SJEC for always being so generous with your purchases, usually making up 10%-15% of the total sales.
Campus Beautification Day
Campus Beautification Day has been rescheduled for Sunday, March 4. It will start as soon as church is out - around 12 noon. Many hands make light work, and having lots of helping hands will make this a breeze. If you would like to attend, please email  Church Office or call so we can have a head count for lunch.
Fundraising Success for Benefit Party
We are pleased to announce that we recently sent a check in the amount of $2,500 to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church & Outreach Ministries from money raised at the Outreach Benefit Party. The remaining funds raised will go to other outreach efforts such as Sulzbacher Center and Church Without Walls. A Big Thank you to Charlotte Logullo, Laurie Reese and all their volunteers for their hard work planning and making this event a huge success! Well done y'all.
Wednesday Program

Wednesday 2/28
We will share our highs and lows of the week and play The Kindness Game to find out what our service project for March will be. We will also change things up a bit and rather than reading a story from our Bible, we will play some Bible Trivia on teams and test our knowledge of the things we have learned so far this year! Our latest Blessings Jar recipient will share the contents of their jar and a new friend will get to bring it home. 
Sunday 2/25

Sunday 3/4
Story: The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17)
Lesson Focus: God tells us the rules.
Activities: We will read and discuss our story for this week and see how many of the commandments we can remember on our own. We will also complete our Kindness Project for the month by writing "Happy Notes" to post around our church and school campus!

"Burying the Alleluia."
Youth Happenings
Youth Wednesday Nights - Bring a friend!
C​an I ask that?
Really? Can I ask that? We will be tackling some BIG questions. We can stop splashing in the shallow end and jump in deep!
Bring $5 for dinner at 6pm for Parish Supper and come to the Lodge at 6:30pm - 7:30pm for ???'s

Youth 7th Grade - 12th Grade
Summer Mission Trip
Puerto Rico Mission Meeting on Sunday, March 4, at 11:30am. Plan to attend if going on mission. Hear details on flights, itinerary and more fundraising.