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Message from the Rector

Many years ago, I heard a truth about the Christian faith that has stuck with me—a truth that grounds what I believe at the foundation of who I am and how all of God’s people should act: “You can’t be a Christian in isolation. Our Triune God serves as a model of how we are to operate. God is not isolated. God is a Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer; whatever! The key is that they are constantly working together—influencing each other—and are in relationship with each other.” 

Historically, the Sunday after Pentecost is Trinity Sunday. If I were preaching this Sunday I would preach about the importance of relationship. Our God, in who our God actually is, is relationship…our God is love. Foundationally, our God is our example of who we should be foundationally—a people centered and focused on relationship.

But, I’m not preaching this Sunday. In hopes to promote our fundamental call to relationship and need for one another, we are lifting up the younger ones among us in our community for our All Saints Parish Youth Sunday. This Sunday, our lectors, prayer leaders, acolytes, and preacher will be represented by our youth! Some highlights in service:

  • Aeowyn Fields will be preaching at both the 8am and 10:30am services
  • At the 10:30am service, Voices In Praise youth choir will be singing throughout the service
  • Our graduates will be recognized

My hope is that this Youth Sunday kicks off a renewed sense of how important our youth are in this community—reigniting a relationship we are called to... a call to foster and grow in order for us to live out our call as true Christians. I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday.

Andrew +

P.S.- This Saturday, don’t forget to support our long-time partner, Project ECHO Homeless Shelter, by participating in their annual fundraiser this year with an Empty Bowl Ice Cream Social on Saturday, June 11 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Tickets are $20.00. For details and tickets click on this LINK!

Let's support Project Echo and join them for fun, food and fellowship! Get your tickets today

The lections for this Sunday are available online http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearC_RCL/Pentecost/CTrinity_RCL.html

8 AM:

For those not attending in person, the 8 AM liturgy is live streamed on our Facebook page. You may tune in at 8 AM by clicking on this link:  


The bulletin may be found just below. [Please note: unlike our 10:30 AM service on Zoom, the 8 AM service is not interactive. You will be able to view the liturgy and the sermon, but will not be able to see or speak with the other viewers.] 


Link to our 8 AM bulletin >>> BULLETIN

10:30 AM:

To join the 10:30 AM service by pc, laptop or smart device, click on this link:


If you are asked for a password, enter 014954

(You may join directly through the Zoom app by entering the Meeting ID: 715 310 766 and then the Password: 014954)

To join by cell phone (audio only)

Call in number: 1-301-715-8592 When asked for the access code, enter: 715310766#  When asked for the password, enter: 014954#

To join by landline:

Dial: 1 301-715-8592   Meeting ID: 715 310 766  Password: 014954


Link to our 10:30 AM bulletin >>> BULLETIN

Weekly Healing Service – Wednesday June 15 at 10 AM


The weekly Wednesday Healing Services continue via Zoom and in person beginning at 10 AM. Your healing Service bulletin and zoom info can now be found in each prior week's newsletter. BULLETIN

By pc, laptop or smart device, click on this link:


If asked for a password, enter 015568

cellphone (audio only)

Dial 1-646-558-8656   

access code 479413263#

password 015568# US 

By landline, dial

    +1 646 558 8656  

Then enter the meeting ID and password when prompted to do so

Meeting ID: 479 413 263

Password: 015568

This week's Worship Leaders will be mostly represented by our youth

If you would like to be a Worship Leader at either service, please contact Deb Watson at sdswatson@comcast.net.

Worship leaders for June and July

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ECW News:

Our regular business meeting will be held before the presentation, starting at 9AM on June 18th (in person for the first time in more than two years - WOOHOO!). If you are interested in finding out what the ECW is about and what we do, we would love to have you join us early for our regular meeting. 

If you are just interested in love languages and fellowship, join us around 9:45 for coffee and snacks before the presentation begins. If you have any questions, contact us at allsaints1692ecw@aol.com

Be sure to RSVP before June 14th>>> HERE

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Evensong June 25th at 7pm

This is a virtual service on our Zoom platform. Here is the link:

By pc, laptop or smart device, click on this link:


If asked for a password, enter 015568

To join by cellphone (audio only)

Dial 1-646-558-8656   

When prompted, enter the access code 479413263#

And then the password 015568# US 

By landline, dial +1 646 558 8656  

Then enter the meeting ID and password when prompted to do so

Meeting ID: 479 413 263

Password: 015568

Calvert Hospice Volunteer Training

June 11, 2022

8:30 AM - 5 PM

Burnett Calvert Hospice House

4550 Sixes Road

Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Join in a comprehensive training that will prepare you to volunteer at their organization. Volunteer opportunities include: visiting with patients in their home; helping in the main office; working with children at Camp Phoenix; and working at the Shoppe for Hospice. Learn more at calverthospice.org/volunteer

For questions, please contact:

Amanda Peterson CDVS

apeterson@calvert hospice.org or

410-535-0892, ext. 4003

Birthdays In June

5– Hope Sayles

7– Genny Nesslage

23– Katie MacDonald

24– Glenn Iona

24– Tom Pierce

25– Kim Laurie

A very happy anniversary to Bill & Judy Seversen

Please remember each and every one on their healing journey.

Gordon Adams

Judy Seversen

Mark Pierce

Catherine Grover

Trinna Miller

Sue Pierce

Bobbie Yates

Alice Adams

Inez Boone

Gary Brown


Philicia Collins

Jason Cross

Ersky “Butch” Freeman

Jackie Pope

Annie & Andre Henderson

Corben & Michael

Michael Freeman

Dennis Laurie

Joe Lewis

Sharon Powell

Sharon Denise Powell

Elizabeth Heidzig

Audrey S.

John S.




Virginia Guilford


Michael & Corben

Danny Shupe

Dan Busch

Those who face mental health challenges, Wanda and her clients, those experiencing homelessness, caregivers

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