April 20, 2020
Classroom Assignments
Class assignments will be made in May for the following school year. A committee consisting of the resource teachers, enrichment teacher, counselor, and principal will have the responsibility of determining class assignments. The committee will meet with teachers of each grade level in order to determine class assignments. Parental requests for particular classes/teachers will be accepted only if given in this form including the reason(s) for the request. Requests from parents will be given consideration as one of the many factors that help to determine class assignments. Factors the committee will consider in determining class assignments for students are: 
1. Academic needs 
2. Learning styles 
3. Social needs 
4. Distribution of boys/girls 
5. Special needs 
6. Church representation where possible 
7. Written parental requests and reasons 

Here are the teaching arrangements for the 2020-2021 School Year
Kindergarten: Diane Krommendyk, Sheryl Slegers
1st Grade: Mary Beth Breen, Ardene Huisman
2nd Grade: Maria Noteboom, Jennifer Noteboom
3rd Grade: Sheila Van Den Brink, Josie Vander Stoep
4th Grade: Laura Joustra, Melanie Witt
5th Grade: Jennifer Mills, Jo Ellen Harvey
6th Grade: Randy Hilbelink, Rachelle Oordt
7th Grade: Karlyn Brunst
8th Grade: Kim Lee, Matt Van Schepen

Follow this link to the class requests form, or email Erin Driesen for the link at  edriesen@occhristian.pvt.k12.ia.us

Hot Lunch
Thank you to all of the families who participated with the hot/cold lunch through the OCCS the last few weeks.  Unfortunately we are no longer going to be putting meals together.   We apologize for the change of plans. All our students can still get meals through the public school at this time. Please check out the MOC program! This is a great way to get free lunches for your children!  
The Spotlight newsletter for February and March is available to read online. You can find it on the website under 'News & Info', then 'Spotlight'. You can also use the attached link to find it: OCCS Spotlight
From the counselors
As our at-home hours continue, perhaps your children are struggling with big emotions and behaviors. Big feelings are normal for many of us right now, but if you find that your kids are "stuck", please reach out for support. Ms. Smidt and Mrs. Michelle can be contacted by email or phone. Also, on the Online Learning Portal web page, there is a link with local counseling resources as well as 24 hr/day, 7 days/wk hotline numbers. May you feel the blessings of a supportive community!

Library Books
We have a way to order books from the library! Use the attached link to submit a request:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PL6mRVW2-W3INXOcltFSaPfK1rHGyPifRFgw29ZC_Dk/edit?edit_requested=true    

The books will be available for pickup at school on Monday when the regular pickup/drop off of school work takes place. You may also return books to the library at the same time. Books will be quarantined for a time before being distributed again.

Dordt Girls Basketball Camp
The Dordt University Women’s Basketball program is planning on hosting basketball camps again this summer! Use the link to find out more information: Dordt Basketball Camp
Pop Can Trailer
At this time, we will stop the collection of cans/bottles and will be putting the trailer away as long as we feel it is necessary.
Check out the OCCS blog at http://occstigertalk.blogspot.com/ .