Weeklyish Round Up: Surviving Week 3, ScoutCon and More!
  • Shining Waters Keeps Surviving the Great 8 Challenge
  • What's On for ScoutCon: Week of May 9 -15
  • Senate Speakers Series
  • Council Voting Representatives Nominations Now Open
  • Group Commissioner Opportunity: 5th Richmond Hill
  • First Aid Trainers: This Survey is for You!
Still Alive! Surviving Into Week 4

Way to go, Shining Waters! We've been off to a truly amazing start to our Great 8 Challenge, even through a totally virtual program. Youth and families have shown creativity and problem solving throughout. Let's keep it up!

Don't forget:

  • upload your photos and section's participation details every week on the submission form
  • share your adventures on social media. Tag @scoutscanada and use the hashtag #survivewithles.
  • Having a hard time figuring out what to do? Please reach out! We have LOTS of ideas to get you going! (email your support people, nicole.donadio@scouts.ca or programsupport@scouts.ca and make sure check out the google doc warehousing plenty of ideas!)

Shining Waters Quick Facts:

  • Week 1: Far Out Feast! 667 youth participants
  • Week 2: Tarp Troubles: 575 youth participants
  • Week 3: Moose on the Loose!: Please remember to upload your submission.

What About Crests?

Look no further than this link to our Great 8 Challenge Crest FAQ

What's on for ScoutCon: Week of May 9-15 2021

Skills Night: Emergency Skills
Tuesday May 11th, 8 pm

It's National Emergency Medical Service Week. Come hang out with the Med Vents, as they talk about: Emergency Preparedness, Natural Disaster Planning, First-Aid and the Med Vent program.

Scouter Training: There's an App for That!
Thursday May 13th, 8 pm

There is an app for this and apps for that! Let’s uncover the power of our smartphones beyond Snapchat filters and Buzz Feed quizzes. We will explore different apps that are sure to enhance your adventures. We will look at everything from All Trails to What three words and even some stargazing apps. This session will allow you to play hero scouter. Instead of insisting youth get off their phones at a meeting, you will leave encouraging them to use their technological resources.

Scouter Training: AdventureSmart - Hug-A-Tree
Saturday May 15 at 5:30 PM

Keep calm and hug a tree, or just don’t get lost in the first place. Teaming up with AdventureSmart, we will give you the skills and knowledge to teach youth:
1. How to not to become lost in the woods.
2. What to do if they do become lost.
3. How they can help searchers find them.
The Hug and a tree session is mainly focused on Beavers and Cubs or Anyone with less outdoor experience. It is also a perfect stepping stone for those wishing to take the upcoming AdventureSmart- Survive outside course.

Senate Speaker Series with
SWC CYC Jason Gingrich

The Scouts Canada Senate Speaker Series continues with its fourth session in May.
Join Jason Gingrich, Council Youth Commissioner from Shining Waters as he hosts a session on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion on Monday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m. EST.
Jason will be by joined Senator Ratna Omidvar, Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard and Senator Marc Gold who will share their extensive experience in progressing values of diversity, equity & inclusion in Canada and internationally.

Thank you to all the youth and Scouters that have attended our previous sessions; we hope you continue to enjoy these events.

As featured Senators will be sharing their personal views in each interview, their opinions will express their own perspectives and are not representative of the Senate of Canada.

Remember to submit your questions through the registration form.
Nomination time is here!
Would you like to be a Council Voting Representative at Scouts Canada’s Annual General Meeting repping SWC? Or do you know someone who you would like to nominate? Nominations are open until Tuesday, May 25, 2021.
Click on the Nomination Form or FAQ for more details.
Opportunity: Are You 5th Richmond Hill's Next Group Commissioner?

Are you ready for the next chapter of your scouting journey as a Group Commissioner? The wonderful scouters and youth of 5th Richmond Hill are on the look-out for their next GC!

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please email nicole.donadio@scouts.ca.
Special Survey: First Aid Trainers

If you are a trainer of first aid with an organization other than St. John Ambulance, we'd like to hear from you! We've built a survey to find out more about you.

The survey is to help build a first aid training team for our council. Please do take the time to read and submit your response.

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Have a great time survivin'!

If you need help or have any questions, please reach out to your RM or GSS, or Program Support - programsupport@scouts.ca. Or me, Nicole - nicole.donadio@scouts.ca
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