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From the Garden

It's easy to forget the 'zen' a garden brings to you.  To some, it may sound a little loony, waxing ecstatic about the joy of working in the dirt, weeding a certain spot or pruning an unruly shrub.  But it really does bring a sense of harmony to your soul, and a sense of accomplishment.

All too often, the rush of the day dominates our minds.  We hurry through our tasks with blinders on, oblivious to things around us, even the obvious complexity of the plants beneath our feet. 

Tom Carruth  




"Roses are interwoven circles of beauty; colorful, from the palest yellow or lavender to intense red or the deepest purple.


I cannot, as an artist capture their fragrance in a painting, but I can paint a delicate single rose, or a bouquet of roses in a  form that can only appeal to the eyes."




Joanna Mersereau  




Honey Dijon
Honey Dijon



"What a delight it is when, of a morning, I get up and go out to find in full bloom a flower that yesterday was not there."


                    Tachibana Akemi







"What we see depends mainly on what we look for. "


John Lubbock
British Statesman








"There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence."


Ralph Waldo Emerson


Strike It Rich�
Strike It Rich�




"To fill a garden with roses is like filling a vase with flowers - only grander. "



Lydia Plunk

Writer - Gardener
Rose Garden 




"I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden." 

Ruth Stout





Happy Gardening!

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Garden Thoughts

Climbing Iceberg around gate 

"The flowers
are nature's jewels,
with whose wealth
she decks her
summer beauty."

George Croly

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Garden Thoughts

Rhapsody in Blue 

"Of all the ingredients
we employ in the
 creation of a garden,
scent is probably the
most potent and the
least understood.
 Its effects can be
either direct and
immediate, drowning
our senses in a surge
of sugary vapor,
or they can be subtle
and delayed, slowly
wafting into our
stirring our emotions
and coloring our thoughts."

Stephen Lacey

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