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Weighing is a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers, as informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate.

With so many livestock producers now choosing us as better 4Tags, we're often asked about weighing, reading, dosing and handling.

As a result we're now working with all the best brands to bring you every solution, option and accessory delivered directly to your holding.

More importantly we're here to answer your questions. With video consultations available no matter where you are. We can show you every product and compare it live and in person.
The benefits of weighing animals include:

  • Measure feed conversion to maximise yield by monitoring weight gain over time.
  • Monitor animal health.
  • Reach animal weights prior to mating for better reproduction rates
  • Determine weaning weights
  • Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
  • Evaluate animal breeding performance for genetic selection

Using a scale head as a data collector suddenly it's possible to automate all your animal handling. Recording tag ID's with a hand held or fixed panel reader, weights and weigh gains, treatments and now automate dosing/drenching with the latest in high tech guns from Te-Pari.
This month we're offering a combo packs to get you started or if you're already weighing and want to improve your systems why not call us to discuss brand and model variations.

As we offer all the best brands we're able to provide impartial, expert and practical advice whatever your needs. Don't buy anywhere else until you've asked about our "Best Price Guarantee".

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