I hope you are well and enjoying the summer!

This is just a quick letter as I just wanted to let you know about a new course I am offering.....

I have found that many of my clients are finding it difficult to lose weight because of their general eating habits, and although our sessions help, I wanted to provide a more focused approach to dealing with these habits, and setting up positive new ones.

  Weight Loss - A Mindset Approach
This is a three session course with the option of additional sessions.

  • Understand how and why your unwanted cravings and eating habits have become hard wired into your brain
  • Learn how to adjust your thought patterns, break habits and change them for something better
  • Discover how this process can be easy and stress free
  • Take home helpful notes and self-awareness tasks and put changes and strategies into practice immediately
  • Enjoy calming, motivational hypnosis and a CD to keep

No weigh-Ins, not prescribed diet - this is not about calories or will power!

There are six places on each course, and it costs £80. If someone wants to do the course and knows five other people who want to do it too, they will get their place for £50!

For further details contact me and I can tell you more.
If you know someone who might find this course helpful - feel free to forward this to them!

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Best wishes
Ros Knowles
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
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