Weight No More - hypnosis seminar series
It's been years since I've offered
a hypnosis series on any given

Now, with the convenience of Zoom,
it's a perfect time to re-establish
that tradition. 
Weight No More:
weight management
3-week series
Do you want to create better
eating habits and incorporate
more exercise into your daily

Hypnosis can be extremely
effective in reinforcing your
commitment to lifestyle changes.

Free yourself from the excess
weight and develop healthy
patterns before heading into
the holiday season.

You will enjoy one trance per
session and learn several NLP
(NeuroLinguistic Programming)
self-help tools to help you make
steady progress toward your goals.

When: Wed Nov 4 &11 & 18, 2020
Time:  10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
BONUS : Free hypnosis mp3
included ($12.00 value)
Preregistration and prepayment
are required.
Tickets: $65.00 for the series 
Click on the Paypal button 
HERE to pay. Checks also
accepted - call for details.
After payment is processed, your
Zoom link, mp3 and seminar
materials will be emailed
to you.
Contact Kathryn:
The seminar will be recorded.
If you are unable to attend,
register anyway and you'll
receive the class recording,
mp3 and class materials.

Weight Management Tip

If you are looking to cut calories,
you might start by cutting your food
into smaller pieces.  

In a STUDY done at Arizona State
University, 301 students were given
either a whole bagel or the same
bagel cut into four separate pieces.
Twenty minutes later, both groups
were treated to a free lunch. The
students who ate the bagel cut into
four pieces ate roughly 25% less
of their free lunch than the students
who ate the uncut bagel.

Upcoming Seminars

Nov 17 : Intro to NLP
Nov 19 : Great American Smokeout
Nov 30 : Relax, Sleep Soundly

NeuroLinguistic Programming is
my favorite non-hypnotic tool to
help create rapid changes on all
levels: mentally, physically and
emotionally. Learn several fast
methods to shift your state. Bonus
mp3 hypnosis audio included that
has an NLP technique rolled into it.

Seminar calendar of events
Staying Centered
on Election Night
THIS is where I will be
hanging out on election eve.

Monthly Audio Sale

All mp3s in the Behavior
Modification category are
on sale for $10 until Nov 30.
See all titles HERE .

ZOOM Client Sessions

I am now seeing clients on
ZOOM. Call to schedule a
time that is convenient for you.
781-340-2146. Skype and
facebook messenger video
are also available.

To Your Very Good Health -


Name three ways how you can
make today even more enjoyable
than you thought it was going
to be.

~ Robert Holden
psychologist, author
Kathryn McGlynn Hypnosis