Weight No More - hypnosis seminar series
We are heading into the holiday season.
Be prepared to manage your eating
habits. Let hypnosis easily help you
develop healthy patterns.
Weight No More:
weight management
3-week series
Do you want to create better
eating habits and incorporate
more exercise into your daily

Hypnosis can be extremely
effective in reinforcing your
commitment to lifestyle changes.

You will enjoy one trance per
session and learn several NLP
(NeuroLinguistic Programming)
self-help tools to help you make
steady progress toward your goals.

When: Tue Oct 12, 19, 26, 2021
Time:  10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
BONUS : Free hypnosis mp3
included ($12.00 value)
Preregistration and prepayment
are required.
Tickets: $65.00 for the series 
Click on the Paypal button 
HERE to pay. Checks are also
accepted - call for details.
After payment is processed, your
Zoom link, mp3 and seminar
materials will be emailed
to you.
Contact Kathryn:
The seminar will be recorded.
If you are unable to attend,
the class recording, mp3,
and class materials will be sent
to you.

HINT: When this series ran late
last Winter, there were multiple
bonus gifts.

Upcoming Seminar

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Date: Thur Oct 21, 2021
Time : 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Tickets : $30.00
BONUS : Fr*e.e hypnosis mp3

Learn simple techniques that
can help to change the signals
of discomfort. By changing your
relationship with pain, you can
change the sensory experience
of pain.

More details on calendar of events
Painkillr Appr
One of my newer favorite hypnosis
trainers is Freddy Jacquin from the UK.

He is brilliant as well as generous.

HERE is his fr.e*e Painkillr app.
(Yes, I spelled it correctly.)

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize for medicine was
awarded a few days ago to two
scientists whose research about
on how to reduce chronic and acute
pain associated with a range of
diseases, trauma and their treatments.

For years, I have personally and
professionally worked hypnotically
with these - especially with perceived
temperature - to reduce pain signals.
We will cover that in the Pain seminar.

Monthly Audio Sale

All mp3s in the Physical
Pleasure category are on
sale for $10 until Oct 31.
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ZOOM Client Sessions

I am now seeing clients on
ZOOM. Call to schedule a
time that is convenient for you.

To Your Very Good Health -


There is no treatment tool I know
of that is more powerful in helping
people control their bodies, their
feelings and their lives than hypnosis.
~ Ron Eslinger, Captain, USN, Retired
RN, Senior Nurse Anesthetist, Senior
Nurse Executive, Hospital Executive Director
Kathryn McGlynn Hypnosis