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December 2015
This was to be our "greatest hits of 2015" issue, but we have postponed that in favor of discussing more timely nutrition issues that have garnered much attention as of late.

Nutrition, like the rest of the world, can be a scary place sometimes. We hope 2016 brings peace to the planet as well as your relationship with food. Joanne and I wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
"Real" Science


Intuitive eating is often misunderstood, even by a New York Times Magazine author who completely missed the point. Read More  

He Said, She Said: Weight Watchers


Between their business deal with Oprah and the launch of their new "Beyond the Scale" campaign, Weight Watchers has been all over the news in recent weeks. Following are our thoughts on the matter.
He Said
A magician once explained to me his secret: misdirection. He gets you to fixate on his right hand so you entirely lose track of what his left hand is doing. Weight Watchers uses ads emblazoned with their " Because It Works" slogan to capitalize - literally and figuratively - on your desire to lose weight while they hope you forget to ask for their definition of "works." Read More  
She Said
On the show, Oprah was giving such high praise to Geneen Roth and her book, saying how she was inspired to "never diet again" and that this book was a life-changing read for her. So that brings me to the present day. Really, Oprah? What happened? Because the last time I checked, Weight Watchers is a diet. Read More
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Practice News
Sports Nutrition Talk  

Jonah will be talking with the Needham High School boys swim team about sports nutrition later this month.

If your religious organization, company, team, practice, club, or other such group would like one or both of us to come and deliver a free talk on nutrition, let us know
Recipe of the Month
Pumpkin Mac and Cheese


Ellie Krieger has a great mac and cheese recipe on which Joanne has put her own spin.


Check out both Joanne's version as well as Ellie's original!

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