Unwanted weight gain
How our friendly bacteria help us stay slim

Why one person gains weight and another stays slim, despite similar calorie intake is influenced by multiple factors including genetics, psychology, exercise, food timing and sleep quality - read more

The influence of gut health has gained scientific credibility as it has been observed that as weight increases, our gut bacteria change to a more inflammatory (bad) pattern - read more. 

Poor gut health effects digestion and absorption food and has several consequences for weight gain:

  • Increases whole body inflammation so the body enters a defence mode, storing more energy >>
  • Reduces joint health so exercise is more uncomfortably >>
  • Effects sleep causing fatigued in the day reducing motivation to diet and exercise >>
  • Increases hunger hormones encouraging us to eat more >>
  • Interferes with oestrogen levels, increasing menopausal symptoms including weight gain >>

As part of a weight reduction programme, strategies to improve the gut microbiome should have a greater role. This would including increasing intake of probiotic foods and reducing processes sugar and artificial sweeteners and even considering taking a good quality supplement