August 2019

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Message From The President
August at Weinberg Campus is the month for one of America’s favorite summer pastimes—picnics! What could be better than enjoying the outdoors with a slice of watermelon and fresh corn on the cob?

We are looking forward to our resident family picnics on August 27. We hope you’ll join our relaxed atmosphere where family, friends, residents and staff are invited to come together, socialize and enjoy the camaraderie of eating a casual meal together. We appreciate the opportunity to mingle with residents, thank them for their trust in us and meet their family members.

We are also pleased to host our annual employee picnic on August 28. To acknowledge our hardworking and dedicated team members and celebrate togetherness, we have a delicious catered meal planned, along with a variety of raffle prizes. We thank all of our community supporters who donated raffle prizes that will be used to provide a small token of appreciation for our employees.

For more information about picnic times, locations and how to rsvp, please view our activities calendars on our website at .
Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact me at  [email protected]  or 716-639-3311 ext. 2468.
What's New
Improve Health & Safety At Home
Each year three million older adults are treated in emergency departments around the U.S. for fall-related injuries. One out of every five falls causes serious harm. 1 For some, a bad fall may make it difficult, if not impossible, to return home during recovery, which then leads to an expensive hospital stay, rehabilitation or even nursing home care.

Falls and other common injuries that happen at home do not have to be catastrophic. Home care nurses can help to reduce the risk of injuries through evidence-based prevention techniques.

Registered nurses from the Weinberg Campus Certified Home Health Agency are offering free, in-home safety evaluations for adults ages 65 plus. The evaluation includes a basic 30- to 60-minute home safety assessment, falls prevention guidance and recommendations to improve health and safety in the home.

“Many patients prefer to recover at home. Home care programs like Weinberg’s not only prevent injuries, but can help people recover should an illness or injury strike,” says Pat Graff, Director of Home Care Services. “Home care can be a convenient, comfortable and economical option for many people, and we're happy to help residents of Weinberg Campus as well as individuals who live at home in Erie County.”

The Weinberg Campus Rosa Coplon Certified Home Health Agency has proudly provided quality home care to residents of Erie County since 1987. Our professional team of registered nurses, aides, therapists, social workers and dieticians deliver personalized care, while working closely with each individual’s physician.

Skilled nursing services include:
  • Disease management and teaching
  • Care after an illness, injury, hospital or inpatient physical therapy stay
  • Medication management and teaching
  • Wound care
  • Care coordination
  • Infusion therapy

In addition, the following support services are available:
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy
  • Nutritional support from registered dieticians
  • Home health aides
  • Medical social work

All major insurances are accepted. To schedule a free home safety evaluation, call Stephanie Crafts at (716) 639-3311 ext. 2417 or email [email protected] .

1 Source: CDC senior falls statistics and recommendations
27th Annual United Way Day Of Caring
United Way Day of Caring is the largest one-day volunteer event in Western New York. Each year thousands of volunteers roll up their sleeves and work together to make a difference in our community. And Weinberg Campus will host about 100 community business volunteers on August 21st from 9 a.m. to noon.

" We look forward to this positive event every year," says Dana Notaro, Administrator of Dosberg Manor and Garden House.

This year's theme is "Weinberg Woodstock" and includes planned activities for volunteers and residents, including
live "Woodstock-style" music, tie-dying, beaded jewelry making, tambourine making, photo booth, and more!

All activities will be held by the Dosberg Manor entrance and the outdoor gazebo.
Exemplary Employees Receive High Five Award
Weinberg employees have the unique opportunity to enhance the quality of life for our residents, clients and family members. And when employees go above-and-beyond in their jobs, Weinberg Campus believes they deserve a reward!

As part of our Campus-wide employee recognition activities, the High Five Award is an exclusive honor for employees who demonstrate exemplary customer service, teamwork & collaboration, innovation, initiative or integrity. Anyone on Campus – including residents, staff, family members and visitors – can submit a nomination . Visit the Human Resource office for a form or submit a nomination online at .  

Up to four employees and one manager are chosen by a committee quarterly to receive a monetary bonus of $250. Congratulations to the following recipients!
Melissa Humenski, Site Supervisor, Greenwood Residence
Melissa goes above and beyond her job description to not only train all employees but to provide exceptional care for the residents at Greenwood, Weinberg's transitional residence program in West Seneca that provides services to adults ages 55+ with mental health issues.
Theresa (Teri) Jaszcz, Homecare
Teri is a crucial part of our Homecare team maintaining our medical records, and she has outstanding customer service skills. When one of our nurses called from a patient's home and needed a piece of medical equipment, Teri volunteered to drive the item to the patient's home.
Colleen Korte, CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
A long-time CNA on 1AB, Collen is a compassionate hard worker and wonderful team player. She makes time to learn her residents' needs and preferences. She's always willing to help others and she follows through on her promises. She loves to learn and applies new skills to her residents every day.
Hope Santonocito, Case Manager, Dosberg Manor
Hope is a strong part of the management team. She has been helping with aide interviews and mentorship, has filled in for other managers when needed and assists with training new leaders. She has a good way of approaching staff and is also praised by families for the help she provides.
Robert (Jim) Wardlaw, Environmental Services Worker
Jim has been a vibrant, welcome presence in Rosa Coplon since we first encountered him as family members in 2016. He does an impeccable job as a carpet technician and has creative solutions. He knows residents by name and is never too busy to ask, "How are you doing?" Jim's dedication is further evidenced by his decades of service at Weinberg.
Reduce Workplace Stress For Better Health
Feeling stressed at work? If so, you're not alone. A recent Gallup Poll on stress, worry and anger revealed that 55% of Americans said they experienced stress "a lot" during the day, up from 46% in 2006.

In the workplace, stress can affect your attitude, relationships with colleagues and work performance. Although a modest amount of stress is normal, high levels of stress can be dangerous to your health and may contribute to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression.

But there are ways to help manage stress. Ann Marie O'Brien, R.N., national director of health strategies, UnitedHealthcare, shares the following tips that may reduce your workplace stress and get you back on a healthy track performing at your usual best.

1) Talk to your boss. Consider having an open discussion with your supervisor about the stressors associated with your work responsibilities. Ask if there is an opportunity for additional skills training or support to make it more manageable and better aligned with your interests and skills. Also, check with the Human Resources office about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which may provide counseling and other resources.

2) Brush up on your time-management skills. We've all had days when it seems impossible to get everything done. In some cases, poor time management is the reason we feel this way, which then may trigger stress. For your next work assignment, talk with your supervisor before getting started to plan realistic goals, priorities and deadlines.

3) Grow your support network. If you have a close colleague at work, talk with that person and explain your work stressors and brainstorm possible solutions. If you don't, then reach out to friends and loved ones. It's important that you don't isolate yourself after a stressful event.

4) Focus on yourself. If you're feeling stress, a simple treat such as going to a movie, enjoying your favorite meal or just getting away to take a brief walk can give you time to unwind and recharge. If you cannot get a handle on your stress, talk to your doctor. She or he may recommend a counselor who could help you find other ways to help reduce or manage the unhealthy stress in your life.

Looking for more ideas? For your physical and mental health, combine exercise with a well-balanced diet, O'Brien said. Some employers offer gym reimbursement programs such as UnitedHealthcare's Gym Check-In, have onsite workout rooms, and encourage walking meetings and well-being challenges like taking the stairs.

Weinberg Campus & Hospice Buffalo:
A Partnership Offering More Support When Needed Most
When under hospice care, Weinberg Campus and Hospice clinicians work together to address every aspect of a resident's illness, with emphasis on reducing symptoms such as pain and discomfort. This strong collaboration focuses on quality of life and includes a full spectrum of care: medical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual.

Family and loved ones also benefit from Hospice Buffalo's extra guidance and support. Recognizing the range of emotions that surround this difficult time, a diverse group of experts, including social workers, expressive therapists and spiritual care counselors, will offer additional education and emotional support to both the resident and their family. Hospice care is covered by Medicare for six months and includes 13 months of grief support.

In partnership with Hospice Buffalo, Weinberg Campus makes it possible for residents and families to spend quality time together when it matters most. Together, we strive to provide the right care at the right time, and to honor residents' wishes.
Do you have questions about hospice? Feel free to ask to speak with a Weinberg social worker who would be happy to answer your questions and discuss options, or contact Hospice Buffalo directly at (716) 686-8000.
Letter of Thanks
Below is a note from a Weinberg Home Care Services patient regarding Almond Nolan, RN (left) and Teresa Willms, LPN.

I just wish to express my appreciation for your staff led by case manager Al Nolan. They all were wonderful and very professional. I especially want to mention Teresa Willms. She was terrific. Thank you!
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Monthly Activities For Residents
Welcome New Employees
July 2019
Johnnae Abrams , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center           
Symeria Bibbs , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center 
Alexis Cothran , Second Cook                     
Clare Crook , Onboarding Coordinator, Human Resources                             
Skye Davis , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center        
Ta'tiayna Harris , HHA, Garden House     
Michael Hicks , LPN, Rosa Coplon Living Center    
Rashekeh Hilson , LPN, Rosa Coplon Living Center             
Andraya Johnson , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center           
Tiana Kerr , Food Service Worker                              
Derrick Owens , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center               
Destani Parks , PCA, Dosberg Manor       
Jasmine Peterson , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center          
Cynthia Rich , Senior Counseler, Greenwood      
Elizabeth Riddle , Physical Therapist, Rosa Coplon Living Center  
Sarah Schaefer , Occupational Therapy Coordinator, Rosa Coplon Living Center  
Natasha Scott , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center 
Chelsea Snyder , Medical Information Coordinator, Clinic     
Dazane Taylor , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center 
Brenda Toe , Food Service Worker                           
Shemika Trent , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Tomescia Weissinger , Food Service Worker
Ajahnae Williams , CNA, Weinberg Campus                         
Shanna Wood , Director of Patient Services, Dosberg Manor
Meet Clare Crook
Weinberg Campus is pleased to Welcome Clare Crook to the Human Resources team as HR Onboarding Coordinator.
Prior to joining Weinberg Campus, Clare worked as a recruiter for StaffBuffalo where she gained experience recruiting for a variety of organizations and healthcare companies in Western New York, with a focus on human resources, counseling, and healthcare placements.
Clare received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University at Buffalo's School of Public Health and Health Professions.
"Weinberg Campus is a beautiful combination of a lovely environment, inspiring employees, and welcoming residents." says Clare. "The most important part of recruitment is creativity and changing things up every day. It's not just about placing people, it's about getting the right candidate engaged in the right jobs where they can be successful. I'm here to support new employees, be here for them and listen to their needs as we build trusting relationships together."
When Clare isn't working, she volunteers as a dance instructor and helps teach hula hooping at Delaware Park. She also enjoys creating wire-wrapped jewelry.
Clare invites you to stop by the HR Office and say hello. She can be reached at (716) 639-3311 ext. 2423 or  [email protected] .
Photo Gallery
The Spirit of Buffalo
Forest Creek, Meadows & Dosberg residents are ready for a boat ride.
It was a beautiful day on the Spirit of Buffalo.
Residents catch the flagship of Buffalo at Canalside.
Food & Fun
Residents enjoy breakfast out at IHOP.
It's slurpee day! What could be more refreshing on a hot summer day?
Activities Director Lauren Kennuth and young volunteer Olivia distribute snow cones.