February 2020

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Message From The President
Every year in February we celebrate Presidents’ Day. Some of us are old enough to remember when we actually had two holidays in February – Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday. Back in the day, it was hard to forget that Washington and Lincoln were two of our greatest presidents. After all, their portraits hung over the blackboards on the front walls of nearly every elementary school classroom in America!

Presidents’ Day also brings to mind that Buffalo has a rich history related to American presidents.

Before he was elected president, Grover Cleveland served as Erie County’s sheriff and as Buffalo’s mayor. Interestingly, Cleveland was elected president in 1884, lost his reelection bid to Benjamin Harrison, and then four years later won back the presidency from Harrison. He is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.

A visit to the Theodore Roosevelt National Historic Site on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo will give you another fascinating glimpse into the history of the American presidency. In September 1901, six months into his second term, William McKinley was assassinated while attending the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt traveled to Buffalo and took the oath of office in the home of Ansley Wilcox, a prominent Buffalo lawyer and Roosevelt friend.

Lots of interesting history here in Buffalo!

I can’t help but think of our own rich history here at Weinberg Campus. Our roots go as far back as 1915, when Woodrow Wilson was president. Recognizing the growing need for services for seniors, our first program, The Daughters of Israel Jewish Old Folks Home, was built. Moving to a new location in 1924, when Calvin Coolidge was president, the home was named for Rosa Coplon. And in 1993, when Bill Clinton was president, our beautiful campus came into being and our impressive array of services continued to grow.

Think about it – we’re into our second century. There aren’t a lot of organizations that can say that. We can be proud of our heritage and confident that we will be here for those who need us well into the future. 

Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact me at rmayer@weinbergcampus.org or 716-639-3311 ext. 2468.
What's New
The Loving Symbols of Valentine's Day
While the roots of Valentine's Day date back to Roman times, the first mention of St. Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday appeared in the writings of Chaucer in 1382. Today it is often celebrated with expressions of love to family members, friends or a special someone with flowers, candies and other tokens of affection. Here's a list of a few all-time favorite Valentine's Day symbols.

1. The red rose is considered to be the signature floral favorite, indicating love and passion. It is thought to have begun in the medieval period of courtly love when knights would give roses to their maidens.
2. Hearts pierced by Cupid's arrow symbolize the vulnerability of handing over your heart to your beloved, running the risk of rejection. 

3. The piercing arrow comes from none other than the winged cherub, Cupid. Legend has it that the naughty little angel, with his quiver of arrows, flies about, striking unsuspecting individuals on Valentine's Day, causing them to fall in love with the next person they see.

4. A pair of cooing lovebirds symbolize doves that mate for life.

5. The giving of candy, in particular chocolates, is perhaps the single most popular Valentine's Day gift - boxed and bowed in velvet-lined boxes with satin ribbons. This tradition is thought to have been made popular in the 1840s during the Victorian era by British chocolate manufacturer Richard Cadbury. This was the same time period that made lacey Valentine cards popular.
Resident Musician Celebrates 99th Birthday
"Only do what makes you happy," says Jeannette, Weinberg resident since 2014.

That sounds like very good advice! Jeanette recently celebrated her 99th birthday at a family party with her children, grandchildren, and many close friends.

We sat down with Jeanette to find out what keeps her going.

Jeanette pictured in the dining room with
Environmental Services employee, Nadia.
What memorable moments stand out in your lifetime?
When I got my first job teaching music at West Seneca. I conducted over 50 sixth and seventh graders at Kleinhans. I don't have a tape of it, but it's in my heart.

Tell us more about your musical background.
I was giving violin lessons by the time I was 13 or 14 years old. I used to walk to school with my hat, my violin, my books and my lunch. I was a sight! Music is my life. I played in an orchestra in Florida when we used to winter there.

Now that you’re “wiser,” what advice do you have for others?
Only do what makes you happy.

What keeps you going?
I like living!

Happy birthday, Jeanette! Thank you for sharing your memories and advice!
Love Is In The Air At Weinberg Campus
Valentine’s Day has long been a special occasion to celebrate the ones you love most—and for the residents at Rosa Coplon Living Center, this year is no exception. For the fifth year, the skilled nursing home will celebrate the “sweethearts” in its program, a tradition started by Activities Director Jan Treinin. “It gives us an opportunity to celebrate our couples as couples, embracing the spirit of love,” says Jan.
The event was so well received that it became a Campus event three years ago, celebrating each couple with a special dinner, music, dessert, and a photographic keepsake to remember the event by. This year, couples will dine on a mixed salad with steak, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus, and enjoy cannoli, chocolate covered strawberries, and beautifully baked cupcakes for dessert. They will even be treated to romantic entertainment, courtesy of a traveling violinist and Friends of Harmony singing group.
Our Valentine’s Day celebration also serves as an important reminder of how couples can stay together at Weinberg Campus, even if their care needs change, allowing them to visit one another and enjoy activities or a meal together. “This is one of our favorite events,” says Amy Hashemi, Director of Residential Services.  “To see each couple together, sharing in a beautiful toast with champagne glasses and a gourmet meal with romantic touches like flowers, dessert, and music—you can just feel the love between each of them as they share their love stories.”
This year’s celebration will feature 40 married couples, and even include couples who have found love right here on Campus, an important example for the entire community, according to Jan. “The couples serve as role models for our younger generations, proving that once you find your ‘soul mate’ love endures all of life’s trials and tribulations.”
Behavioral Health Services Partnership Expands
Weinberg Campus is well known and highly respected for its wide array of services to seniors in Western New York, and we are continually looking for ways to improve services for our residents at all levels of care.

It is widely accepted that good mental health can help lead to better physical health and a longer, fuller life. It is also understood that it is common for residents in long term care settings to experience a variety of difficult emotions. Knowing this, Weinberg has had an ongoing partnership with CHE Behavioral Health Services to provide behavioral health support for residents living in Rosa Coplon Living Center, Weinberg's skilled nursing home. Our goal has been to improve the quality of life of our residents by assisting our care teams in achieving the best possible person-centered care practices. We strive to do everything we can to enhance the emotional well-being of our residents.

Seeing the value in this partnership for our Rosa Coplon residents and staff, we thought there was an opportunity to expand CHE’s services to our assisted living facilities. After reviewing the results we have seen at Rosa Coplon and meeting with CHE staff, we decided to introduce CHE’s behavioral health services to Dosberg Manor and Garden House. The new program began in January.

“We are so pleased these valuable services are now available as an added benefit to our residents,” said Dana Notaro, Administrator of Dosberg Manor and Garden House. “Dr. John Lee, our staff psychologist, has already begun receiving referrals. And we are providing additional training for our staff to help them support the behavioral health needs of our residents. This is another example of Weinberg’s commitment to continually enhance the services we provide.”
Four Employees Receive $250 Service Award
Congratulations to quarterly High Five Award winners who were presented with a certificate and a $250 bonus. Winners were selected by a committee based on nominations from their supervisor, coworkers, residents or visitors. The award gets its name from its five criteria for selection:

1. Customer Service beyond daily expectations.

2. Teamwork & Collaboration to solve a problem or help others.

3. Innovation to improve quality of life, work smarter, be more effective.

4. Initiative to complete tasks without being asked, solve problems.

5. Integrity to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
Olena Bowen, Housekeeper
Olena shows exceptional customer service 24/7. She goes above and beyond for her residents and staff. Each day her work does not go unnoticed. Her work ethic is among the best. Every walk-through inspection is perfect.
Christie Earnst, Head Cook, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Christie covered four positions due to a shortage of cooks over two weekends. She performed the work and went above and beyond without complaint.
Timothy Hicks, Maintenance
Tim works hard everyday to make sure his building is in top shape. He takes responsibility for anything that needs to be fixed, repaired or cleaned in Garden House. He shows great respect to the management team in all departments.
Anthony Horton,
Food Service Worker
Anthony is always there to help and goes above and beyond. He is well respected by the residents. When he is working it’s a pleasure to be there.
Assisted Living Offers Personalized Support
Susan, Resident Care Coordinator, and Triscella, Personal Care Assistant at Dosberg Manor
Forgot to take your blood pressure medicine? Having trouble fastening those darn tiny buttons? No worries. Weinberg Campus offers five levels of assisted living ranging from light assistance to 24/7 supervision.

Individualized support is complemented by our beautiful, welcoming environment, rich social activities and three freshly prepared meals each day.

Respite care is also available for caregivers who need a temporary break.

Contact Anna Jacobi to learn more about Assisted Living options. 716-639-3332.
Featured Events
Valentine's Day Social
Feb. 14
2 p.m.

Enjoy live musical entertainment from
Terry Savastano
Monthly Activities For Residents
New Employees January 2020
Kimberly Aytch , LPN, Garden House
Cory Bloomingdale , RN, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Adam Field , Physical Therapist, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Pamela Glenn , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Joshua Helak , Occupational Therapist, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Sharleene Herbert , LPN, Dosberg Manor
Jazmine McCloud , PCA, Dosberg Manor
Khyna Mendoza-Bustos , RN, Unit Manager, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Stacy Mottorn , CNA, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Shaela Patterson , LPN, Garden House
Trevor Ransom , RN, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Sonia Robinson , HHA, Garden House
Saryna Sayles , RN, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Scarlett Stewart , RN, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Bianca Taylor , PCA, Dosberg Manor
April Whitcomb , Occupational Therapist, Rosa Coplon Living Center
Krystian Williams , HHA, Garden House
"I’m happy to be an employee at Weinberg Campus. I like working with other coworkers and helping the residents as much as I can. The residents I’ve met so far are really sweet and seem to like me already. I also like the clean and comfortable working environment." -Personal Care Assistant, Dosberg Manor
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Roxanne, LPN, and a Garden House resident select a book from the onsite Book Fair.
Residents show off their baking skills.
Resident pauses for a picture with her Home Health Aide, April.
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