January 2020

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Message From The President
At halftime of the Bills game last Saturday, I was thinking about what I wanted to write in this first message of the new year. The Bills were up 16-0, well on their way to winning their first playoff game since 1995, 25 years ago! The first sentence would be easy: 2020 is going to be a great year!

Well, that didn’t work out. So in my post-game funk I started thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

I did a little research. The average resolution lasts about two weeks. One report even pinned it down to the second Friday in January. Sound familiar? Failing to accomplish our resolutions, which happens more than 80% of the time, is typically attributed to establishing unrealistic expectations and lack of time.

But what if we choose to do something small and easy, but lasting? And what if that “something” had immediate positive impact, for us and for others? Here’s an idea: Every time we interact with another person we can ask ourselves this simple question: What can I do right now that will help this person have a better day? The question is an easy one to ask ourselves. And the answers can be easy, too: a smile, a kind word, a word of encouragement, a sincere acknowledgement of a job well done, a heartfelt thank-you. We can even ask the question directly to the other person: “How can I help?”

When we look at the reasons why most resolutions don’t work out, this idea solves them. It’s realistic and it takes very little time.

Perhaps this simple resolution could become our standard way of interacting with each other at Weinberg Campus. I hope you will join me in giving this a try – with our clients, our residents and their families, and with each other as employees.

2020 will, indeed, be a great year.

Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 716-639-3311 ext. 2468.
What's New
How To Stay Safe From Colds & Flu This Winter
While getting a cold this season may seem inevitable, it doesn't have to be. Viruses are most common during the winter season, but if you take the necessary precautions, it's possible to avoid winter bugs. Follow these steps to give yourself the best chance of staying healthy this winter. 

1. Get Your Flu Shot

Flu cases in New York State are now widespread and growing. If you missed the Weinberg Campus flu clinics earlier in the season, it's not too late to get your flu shot. The flu shot will not only make it significantly less likely that you'll catch the flu, it will also lessen the severity of your symptoms if you do happen to catch it. For healthcare workers, it's very important to get the flu shot to protect the people you care for. You can get a free flu shot under most health insurance plans, so take advantage and get vaccinated as soon as possible every year. Ignore anyone who tells you that they caught the flu from the flu shot. It's impossible to catch the flu from the vaccine as the virus inside the shot is no longer active. Do remember that it takes two weeks for the flu shot to be effective so if you catch the flu right after the shot, it's likely you caught it from another source before you were able to build up an immunity. 

2. Keep Your Hands Clean

Wash your hands frequently. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag so that you're able to kill viruses even when there isn't soap and water nearby. While you can't keep your hands clean at all times, it's important to be aware of when you're in a high-traffic area and sanitize accordingly. When you've made a cash transaction with a cashier or after a trip to the grocery store, you need to pull out the hand sanitizer and keep germs at bay. 

3. Get Enough Vitamins 

Eating a nutritious diet will do wonders for your immune system, which will help you fight off illness. Ask your doctor about taking vitamin supplements. Vitamin D, fish oil, and vitamin C may be beneficial during the cold and flu season. 

4. Use a Humidifier

Keeping a humidifier in your living room or bedroom is a great way to moisten the air keep your airways from drying out and prevent illness.

5. Don't Shake Hands

Most people know to avoid touching a sick person but many don't realize you can spread illness while being entirely asymptomatic. People are still contagious with the cold and flu during the incubation period. This means people are spreading viruses before they even get their first sniffle. Some people can also be carriers for illness without ever catching it themselves. Play it safe and if you do shake hands, be sure to wash them before eating or touching your face.

Don't fall victim to the cold or flu. Make sure you're doing everything you can to prevent illness by following the simple tips listed above. And if you do feel under the weather, be sure to contact your doctor for treatment. We hope you have a healthy winter!
Update: Transition To Elderwood
The process to transfer ownership of seven Weinberg Campus entities to Elderwood continues. To date, three out of six required approvals from the New York State Department of Health are complete.

In a recent article, Buffalo Business First reported that Elderwood spokesperson Chuck Hayes, vice president for marketing and communications, said, "We're continuing to work toward finalizing the acquisition of the Weinberg Campus and expect the deal to close sometime in 2020, pending approvals from state regulators."

Elderwood is a quality operator with a strong track record of success. The transition will include Forest Creek, Meadows, Dosberg Manor, Garden House, Rosa Coplon Living Center and Weinberg's two home health care agencies.

Employees, residents and family members will be kept informed as the process progresses. In the meantime, questions can be directed to Bob Mayer, President & CEO, at [email protected] or (716) 639-3311 ext. 2468.
Keep That New Year's Resolution
Millions of people around the world make New Year's resolutions; however, only a small percentage of individuals are successful at keeping those resolutions. Good intentions and wishful thinking will not ensure your success. Nevertheless, by adhering to a few simple principles, you can greatly increase your chances of achieving favorable results.

Planning - Take your time and choose resolutions that are both uniquely suited to your needs and practical for your lifestyle. Compile a list of potential commitments, then select one or two prospects that enliven you. The important factor here is selecting appropriate resolutions, not rushing. And you don't have to decide by New Year's Eve - you can make a resolution any time of year!

Be realistic - Don't set unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you've never walked more than a mile, you shouldn't expect to finish a marathon without adequate training; instead, set manageable goals. Small steps taken consistently will equal big results over time.

Expect setbacks - If you experience difficulties along the way, give yourself permission to try again. You can't change behaviors or habits overnight. Remember: Nobody is perfect; therefore, do not punish yourself for missteps.

Rewards - Positive reinforcements will strengthen your determination and increase the chances of a successful outcome. So, instead of waiting until you've achieved your New Year's resolutions completely, give yourself little rewards along the way. You could buy yourself a new outfit, enjoy a special dinner, or purchase a book you've been wanting to read.

Ask for assistance - Take the opportunity to enlist help from a friend, spouse, or family member. Having a support system is beneficial when your motivation is low. Explain your goals to them and ask for assistance. In fact, you could team up with someone and hold each other accountable. Never underestimate the power of teamwork.

Track your progress - Keep a journal of your progress, including failures and successes. Nothing provides motivation better than documented results. Moreover, if you do suffer the occasional setback, you can take notice of behavioral patterns that thwart your progress.

New Year's resolutions can be a pleasurable way of making changes to your lifestyle. Best of luck in 2020 on achieving your goals!
Stay Sharp With Activities & Social Events
Whether you're interested in aerobics classes, singing with the Weinberg Warblers choir, art, baking or outings on the town, each community at Weinberg Campus offers a wide range of activities for residents, their friends and family members to enjoy.

"Activities are the best way to keep your mind and body young," says Dana Notaro, Administrator of Dosberg Manor and Garden House. "Our activities personnel carefully plans entertainment, events, and daily activities for a variety of interests and abilities," Dana adds. "We hope that all of our residents will join us and take advantage of what's available - and we're always open to new ideas!"

Contact us for additional information at (716) 639-3332 or  [email protected] .
Featured Events
 Achim Lecture:
Health of the Feet & Legs
presented by Dr. David Davidson
Feb. 9, 10 am - Noon
Meadows 2nd Floor Lounge
Monthly Activities For Residents
New Employees December 2019
Roxanne Caleca , LPN, Resident Care Coordinator, Garden House
Ina Coon , Housekeeper
Mary Cummings , Community Health Nurse, Rosa Coplon CHHA
Stacey Givan , RN Unit Manager, Rosa
Jhonatan Harrington , Housekeeper
Elizabeth Lane , LPN, Rosa
Raija Manns , LPN, Resident Care Coordinator, Garden House
Joann Matthewson , RN, Rosa
Courtney McDonald , CNA, Rosa
Adaysha McDuffie , CNA, Rosa
Elianys More , CNA, Rosa
Michael Price , Controller, Finance
Milytssa Rivera , CNA, Rosa
David Rote , Housekeeper
Jess Rouin , LPN, Rosa
Michelle Simoneit , RN, Pace Clinic
James Stewart , CNA, Rosa
Mieasha Walker , LPN, Rosa
Dana Zientara , Case Manager, Dosberg

 Dana Zientara joined Dosberg Manor as Case Manager following Hope Sanotonocito's retirement. Welcome Dana!
Photo Gallery
Festive Activities At Dosberg Manor
Celebrations Galore!
Left to Right: Warblers, Salvatore's Outing, Garden House Food Service Team
Happy New Year!
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